Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Medical records rarely get forwarded

I confirmed today after some journals were mailed to me, that despite some drs. Not believing me, I was indeed diagnosed with non epileptic seizures around 2009 in Maryland.

I do still have seizures that ive never mentioned to the Arizona drs.

Journal daily

You lost everything

Homelessness means I've lost virtually every material thing I ever owned.

Eventually, I came to terms with it and decided: "you still have your story"

Nothing else matters but to make sure it lives on even after I'm gone. That's been my obsession for 17 years.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Journal daily

Roi and mom

Beautiful! Roi finds out that his dad in prison is a loving, talented and amazing man after all.

Quote of the night

"The wildest thing I ever did was leave Indiana!"

(As far as mistakes made after 94, one of the biggest mistakes I ever made was leaving Indiana)

On oxygen

"Many girls who grow up having to fend for themselves do end up on the streets"

Jamil and Fayes true story