Tuesday, December 27, 2011

"A Grueling struggle to remain bathed and keep clothes laundered"


Remember I recently blogged about how Mountain town men are often filthy, smell bad , don't shower, etc.? I was at the grocery store trying to buy a newspaper and the guy in front of me, whose jacket was layered in at least one layer of dog fur leaned into the money order to fill it out. When he was done I could clearly see that the  m.o. was covered in mud!

"Pigpen" without the blanket!

The clerk handled it in a very compassionate way explaining that she couldn't accept it in that condition and would he like another one.

My first reaction was "Gross!" Then I quickly recalled that many of these guys can't afford a place to live, live in tents and likely have a very tough time finding showers or laundromats............

The U.S. is in pretty bad shape when I'm meeting more people who are homeless then are housed.

7/28/11 "Journal Entry from Mountain Mold Motel"

A prior guest/guests of this fleabag motel where I spent 9 nights put the following bumper stickers on the frig. One says "Bankrupt America" and has the design and colors of Bank of America.

Another bumper sticker placed on the frig reads: "www.blancobasura.com" (i speak spanish do you?) It means in English "white trash"

You can only imagine what it was like to live at this motel and the sorts of other folks who might live here too!

Friday, December 23, 2011

I'm back

Someone broke into my email and locked me out of my blog!

  But I never stop writing. I've been busy going to specialists and waiting for test results.  If it weren't for the ice, wind and cold  I could walk to 2 of my docs, and my nurse practitioner.

Anyhow, "they" thought I had cancer but when the biopsy results came back it turned out I do not.     Believe it or not, the concept of cancer did not scare me.  In fact I had decided (just in case)  not to do chemo. In Barbara Ehrenreich's book "bright sided" I learned that she's not a fan of chemo either. 

I've received some 3 new diagnosis over the last 2 months. I am having big trouble with my lungs, as the 4 people below me smoke very heavily.  I can't identify what they are smoking but it's definitely more then cigarettes.  Chronic bronchitis sinusitis and pleurisy.  I'm required to go for breathing treatments.  ;(

I've inherited my birthmother's lung sensitivities.   She is also a non smoker but is tied to oxygen and only 66 years old. 

 I've been largely bedridden with different problems, including complications from a procedure I had to undergo. Nonetheless, I have still managed in the month of Dec. to get treated at a nice restaurant (by a woman of course, men here are more broke then I am), go see the movie Hugo, the play Nickel and Dimed, and the local Christmas parade.

I also sang for 1/2 hour with the city's "big deal" choir!

I have had my apt. broken into and worse; but I cannot go into details electronically.

Oh by the way,

"Merry Fuckin' Ho!"

Friday, December 2, 2011

"Cranky? Want PA Dutch Egg Nog?"

Sadly, and shockingly, I discovered that my local grocery does not sell PA Dutch liqueur egg nog. The stuff turns me into a "crazed alcoholic" ;) ;) (just kidding) from the time it appears on east coast shelves before Thanksgiving until the time it just dissapears after New Years.

Why in the world sell a product that good, get us all addicted, and only have it avail on the shelf for 6 weeks! Heresy, I tell you!

I considered blogging on "The dumbing down of America" or my other theme "Rude Ass Society" but instead I'm blogging about this , which reall isn't all that unrelated when you consider how the rude ass society just encourages you all the more to take a swig of liquoric egg nog! (Plus the last 2 days have been hailing raining and snowing. I don't even have a bloody t.v.!

I need SOMETHING to do wouldn't you say?!