Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Crying Indian - full commercial - Keep America Beautiful

My first reference to what a Native American might look like. Everytime I'd see him cry on the commercial, Id cry! Now, and since 4/11 I've been living amongst a large population of Native American Indians. The most shocking thing to me when I moved here was to see that so many of them are morbidly obese. My ref. to Indians, this commercial, taught me that "native americans are not overweight!" Does this commercial bring back memories?

Coca Cola Commercial - I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing (In Perfect H...

This one is for YOU, Margie and Leah!

PSA - you mind very much if they smoke

A fellow rider said hello to me today at stop even though it was pretty obvious i didn't feel much like socializing...............My response to him was

"Are you planning to light up?"

"No, I don't smoke" he replied.

Second and third hand smoke still deeply affect my life. Folks get on the bus all the time immediately after having had a ciggie, and not only do they reek, but they stink up the entire bus. But, for the most part, we don't have a right to ask folks not to smoke outdoors, unfortunately. Sometimes, I'll say: "Is there any chance you can have your ciggie just outside the shelter, away from where I'm sitting? because I have asthma."

99.999 % of the time the smoker is more then happy to oblige. Most of us never forget ad jingles even if many decades have passed. this a.m. i could hear this tv. jingle in my head, i had to find it on you tube, then share it here on my blog.

Do you remember it?! Do YOU smoke?

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"Are You my Mother?"

I had to pick up a fewthings at Mal-Wart recently, and I bought my first book since living in Mountain Town. I purchased: "Are you my Mother?" by Dr. Seuss. I can recall walking through the campus of the University of Maryland in about 87 and seeing this book in someone's car. I thought: "Yeah, where are you mom?" The book really resonates with me (and I'm sure most adoptees) in a way Seuss could never have imagined!

Because the first 25 yrs of my life if I saw a woman about 20 years older then me about in public, who looked like me; I'd think, "Are YOU my mother?"

In May 89 I would begin my search (no computers) and I'd find her 3 weeks later!

"When Ex-cons have Baptist funerals"

My friend treated me to a newspaper the other day. As a result of buying the paper i discovered that my lovely warm full of life acquaintance died. She was my age. I think you'll enjoy this vignette about her, Dee.*

I was living at the Dye Inn from June 1 thru July 17th. In June I was visiting Leanne's room when I met Dee.

Leanne* had the door to the hotel room open (l. has a mutt that i really bonded with named stormy*) when a freshly washed, soaking wet white dog ran in! The dog stunk! Seconds later Dee, came in and said "I'M SO SORRY THAT......"

L replied: OMG it's Dee! It's so great to see you!"

Dee-(dee and l. embraced)

Both are very very talkative, not listening really to what the other said. Initially L. said: "This is my beautiful and amazing friend Elana."

Turns out that D. just got out of the same women's prison as L. They exchanged memories and stories that i found fascinating as I never knew female ex cons before. I know better then to ask about their crimes, and i get a kick out of the fact that women bond deeply in prison. I found D. to be feisty, sassy and very very warm.

D, L, and myself have all had hard lives, but I'd describe all of us as still very warm. Everytime I run into D. out in public she hugs me. This last time i saw her she said her life is finally looking up. She's living with a rele. rent free and working as a housekeeper which she loves. She said I'm saving x dollars a week!

Even though if you asked D. what my name is she would not have remem bered. But the last time I saw her she was full of life and happy about her new beginning.

I will go to the funeral and introduce myself to her family as well as share the dog vignette, minus the ex con talk!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Police - Roxanne

Since this song came out what 20 plus years ago, it has run through my head probably 2000 is definitely one of my faves to hear and perform.

Blondie - Rapture

Blondie - Heart Of Glass

Love the disco ambiance in this video. Looks like I'll be performing some Blondie in March downtown!

Whitney Houston The Greatest Love of All Lyrics

Every time i heard this on the radio i'd cry. This is one of the songs I'll perform downtown in March.....................

"Was she a 63 baby like me?"

Of course i shocked to hear about Whitney and even more surprised to hear she is my age. I'll have to look up her birthday. I don't know if she actually penned "There's a hero" but if she did, that seems like a song penned by someone who will not commit suicide. I think it will be a while before they find out. The combination of pills alcohol and a bathtub make it sound intentional. Perhaps without doing those things in water I might not think it was intentional.

There are 6 singing contest in march and I plan to tackle at least one Whitney song.

rip whitney.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rufus & Chaka Khan - Tell Me Something Good

i OWNED this 45 record as a child, and it got played until it wore out. There is a grocery store i like to go to that seems to play all of my old 45 collection! I like to sit in the deli and just jam to the old school tunes there!

Chaka Khan - I feel for you


Street life-Randy Crawford

This is the version I love.

The Crusaders - Street Life

Now that I'm using this new blog format, of telling u what is going on in my life, then posting the song that goes thru my head synchronistic to the event, I am really enjoying this, i hope u do too.

"life on the streets" "i did not have sex with THAT woman"

It was about 1994, when I realized that one doesn't have to be homeless to be living "on the streets." iF YOU are forced to walk, and take public transit in most anyplace in u.s. you are most certainly "LIVING ON THE STREETS!"

Thinking about my 10 months in Mountain Town, at least 2 men that I met "on the streets" tried to convince me, (a complete stranger,) that they did not commit "said crime."

I.E. When I was living at the "Dye Inn" it didn't take me more then a few days to find out that even the manager of the hotel was on probation. He told me about said crime and then went into a long monologue , his side of the story, indicating that he absolutely did not commit the crime he was accused of. hE went on to say:

"When people come to mountain town they think they are going on vacation, but when they leave I guarantee you they WILL be on probation!"

(I will never forget this as long as I live!)

I think, why are you revealing to me that you are an accused criminal? You don't know me, so why do you even care whether or not I PERSONALLY do or do not believe that you commited "said crime!"

Today, there was a man at the bus stop who I know lives at the "Crazy 8" (the public housing complex I live in just got named by me today!) Subsidized rent in the section 8 program( I interviewed him just like a good journalist would do!

Asked him "How long have you lived there , are yu happy?"

He said "18 months. I'm not happy because every roomate I've ever had has been crazy. He went quickly into monologue mode, not caring what I say or think about what he says. "So there was this woman in my house and she is butt ugly (oh, and what are you Prince Harry?!" You are a far cry from handsome yourself, mister! I think to myself.) and she took off her underwear and she yelled "rape"

"I did not rape that woman" the man purported.

Me-"Have you formally been charged with rape?" I asked.

Him-"I don't know"

Me-"Well, there's nothing to contest. If she did the rape kit, and your semen was in her body then you lose!"

(he completely ignored didn't HEAR me) I repeated myself. I said "they cannot convict you without the evidence, did she do the rape kit"?

blah blah blah......I said, "if you are a criminal then y are you here at this bus stop with me?!"

"Because my court date hasnt come up, there are lots of accused crims. on street who are walking around! and I'm telling you she is hideous."

elana-"Well, how did she get in your home?"


ELANA (OH GOD HELP ME i think to myself.)

As we boarded the bus I said, "good luck with your court case."

He thanked me, and I cut off eye contact on the bus, and found a friend to engage with so I didn't have to talk to him anymore.

I am


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Jaycee Dugard Interview: Diane Sawyer Speaks Candidly With Survivor

I feel a strong connection with Jaycee for many many reasons, and I have thought of her multiple times a day since her rescue was publicized. I am a survivor too whose story for the most part has never been shared in public. I left MD in April 2011 and went far far away in the hopes of escaping a very violent situation......... I can't believe I'm still alive quite frankly.

I also strongly connect with her lost 18 years in that my first homeless experience was 18 years ago in 1/94 and life was never ever normal again after that first episode.

I don't own a single piece of jewelry any longer and I'd love to buy the "seeds of hope" necklace that Jaycee wears and is associated with the pine cone she had with her when she was abducted...........................

I Shot The Sheriff Eric Clapton Best Performing

"I taught the sheriff" (but i did not teach the deputy!)

A few days ago I was speaking with a guy on the chatline. After about 20 min I said

me- "So what job keeps you up all night and asleep all day?"

him- "If I tell u it will scare u off"

"Try me" I said.

"well, I'M the SHERIFF!"


him-"wHY?" hE said. "I shit, pee and fuck just like everyone else!"

I taught the sheriff that there ARE male prostitutes. I told him that my acquaintance here in Mountain town, got too sick to work (he has fibromyalgia) and prostituted for a few years "because it beats starving."

The sheriff told me that he had no idea that women pay for sex! (Not a topic I spend a lot of time thinking about!)   I used to own a book entitled "Working Girl, Working Boy."  It was a guidebook for male and female prostitutes or anyone who wants it (i kept it as a souvenir) on how to safely prostitute in AUS! published by the "Prostitutes Collective of Australia."

Friday, February 10, 2012

Book/ "The World of Our Fathers"

This book I signed out of library made me wish that Santa had brought me a kindle for xmas. It's about the Eastern European Jews immigration to America. It was a wonderful trip through the imagination as I imagined what the trek was like from the Ukraine to us for my ancestors.

My friend's ancestors were mentioned which was exciting,(Blaustein) and even my 1/2 sister's married name showed up many times.

I became stymied by the length of the book, 700 pages, and was unable to carry this on my back in my backpack so i had to return it well before it was due. I recommend this book for hx. buffs, especially those with any Jewish heritage.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Jackson Five - Dancing Machine | SOUL TRAIN

My goal is to perform this song this month at Karaoke. It's probably the 45 that got the most airplay of all in my 45 box.

The Ojays - For The Love of Money LIVE, 1974!!


99 red ballons - Nena

Love Nena. this song always reminds me of renate, from austria who taught me that babies between certain ages respond more to the color red then any other, so hannah always wore red shoes!

West End Girls [Original 1984 version] - Pet Shop Boys

too sleep deprived to genuinely blog or even answer emails. enjoy

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Player "Baby Come Back" 70s Dance

I know I know and I hope to come back soon. I know you miss me. I have been 85% homebound by fibromyalgia, and post lyme. Also had a brief hospital stay. But I hope to be posting more soon.

AEROSMITH - Back In The Saddle (Live)

Well maybe not back in the saddle, but i'm on my way there at least................................enjoy. you know i am t he human jukebox!