Sunday, December 28, 2008

"La Pew Prison"

It feels exactly like prison. I've had to call the cops 4x a day on my neighbors for noise pollution. I can't have my own independent thoughts or even sleep. The other day, 2 of my male neighbors "assaulted" a female neighbor. Hard lessons learned in the ghetto. I realized in this case how important it was for me not to get involved becuase my focus has to remain on keeping my own self as safe as possible and trying to out before this place kills me.

I've been going from one illness to the next, for months. I consider abandoning the apt, and think about what would fit in the car. I only have one offer of a very temporary place to go, very tentative with very unclear conditions, out of state. One thing is clear. My home IS killing me; again me very rapidly. I can see the black circles that remain under my eyes, I feel very very weak, and the lines are forming more rapidly all the time. Can you imagine trying to job hunt under these condtions? Every week I find more vandalism on the car.

My neighbors are all high, and behave like caged rats. Alliances form, alliances shift; and I carefully have to watch my own behavior. (which doesn't imply that I hang out so much as it does that I'm forced to walk thru halls and elevators) I realize it's just like those shows you see on t.v. of the insides of jails and how they all interact with one another. Even the inside of our apt. bldg. looks like jail, as does the insideof our apts. especially after a while. You can hear people's pee going into the toilets, you hear all the fighting 24 hours a day, all the slamming doors, all the sex............................everything. What a trap subsidized housing is. At first you feel so lucky that you got it, then you realize it that it's a living hell.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


FLEA Market







"Job Hunting=Torture/"Meet the old boss, same as the old boss!"

Everything reminds me of a song, and after I stopped in person to a temp. agency today, I couldn't help but to be reminded of the fabulous classic rock song "Meet the old boss, same as the old boss." I didn't know who sang it, so when I came to the library I googled it on you tube and watched it. Pete Townsend of The Who. Awesome video, he smashes his guitar at the end of the video, which seems like a perfect thing to do after a day of job hunting!

It really does feel like I'm interviewing with the same people over and over again. Today I stopped by this temp agency, unplanned on my way to the library because I saw a sign for it. For years now I've wanted to learn word and excel and it's been impossible because of my focus on survival. The fact that I have a medical secretary certificate from 1981 is virtually useless unless I can keep my computer skills up to date. You need a reliable car and decent computer skills with few gaps in your resume as well as a fixed safe place to live if you want these temp agencies to keep you busy.

It doesn't seem to matter that you're motivated and professional. I walk in there and this receptionist is far more interested in taking phone calls then talking to me. She is barely coherent and I quickly realize that if I want a straight answer I'll have to call the agency and ask for a manager because she isn't going to give me a straight answer. But the first thing she said is that: "we don't take walk ins"

In the old days, I was the sort of person who always made the best impression in a face to face interview as opposed to with a resume. That was my strong suit. Interviewing. That was where I shined. And now, with my resume gaps, to just send in a resume, well, I feel I'll be overlooked. The other thing that I find maddening about job hunting , especially with office work, is that many/most, want you to fax the resume. It costs about one dollar to fax a resume. If you don't have car, you have to take a bus to a place like kinkos and spend one dollar on each resume. Again, if you have resume gaps, no employer is going to notice your resume.

I asked the receptionist if I can snail mail my resume. "You'll have to go on-line." she replied. (Well, that's not a clear yes, or no I think. There's no guarantee that the website will have an email address on it)

Me-"May I have your email address?"

Recep-"Well, each employee has a different email address so it would depend on the position of the person"

Me-(Boy this is really feeling not worth it anymore)

Me-"May I have a business card please"

There are the business cards.

I see about 8 business cards. Each one has a different email address on it. I say to her, that was what I was trying to get you to tell me...............................



o.k. this job is 2 hours a day and would require about a 36 mile a day commute. But if she pays mileage and 18 dollars an hour or so, it might be worth it, right? It's for a nanny job. Again, I've probably had some version of this conversation hundreds of times.

Mother-"Are you working now"


Mother-"Are you looking for full time work?"

(That's a trick question. The right answer is no. They don't want you to look for other work. They won't hire you if they think you might leave them.)


Mother-"How long has it been since your last job"

Me-"2 years"

Mother-"why so long"

Me-"I didn't have a car, so no one would hire me"

Mother-"But you aren't going to be able to keep your car"

Me-"I'm planning to keep my car"

Mother-"But you won't be able to afford to keep your car one what we pay you"

Me-"What do you pay"

Mother_"10 an hour"

Me-"Do you pay mileage"

Mother-"5 dollars a day for gas"

Mother-"I don't want to hire you if there is a chance you are going to take a better paying job.....................................

(you've gotta check out pete townsend's "meet the old boss video on you tube")

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"Family" are the ones you run into at the mall"

Crazy isn't it. That the only way you learn about "family" is if you happen to run into them at the grocery store or the mall. Remember the piece i did over a year ago? "Yellow rose for friendship , red rose for love?" Well, I ran into my cousin at the mall today, (my adoptive mother had instructed her (my cousin) not to tell me of her (my mother's) "exact"whereabouts) and I asked about that aunt (Lil) that I wrote about on my blog. And what do you know? She passed away this past September. You can see my name referred to in an obituary ( that I didn't even know existed......................just go to and put in quotes "Lillian Werden" then click on obituary. Apparently my aunt was an actress, but I don't recall my parents going to, or taking me to any of her shows as a child, which I think is a real shame and not real supportive is it? Anyhow, needless to say, I was not invited to the funeral.

By the way, I asked my cousin if my adoptive mother was at the funeral and I was told no. I asked if she still lives in Illinois. No. She moved from Illinois, to Nevada, and now lives in Pennsylvania. But I don't know her new last name because shes remarried. When I was having this reunion with my cousin at the mall today, ironically enough, the song that was playing in the mall loudspeaker overhead was:

"I'LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS, IF ONLY IN MY DREAMS!"...........................................

Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving eve/ thanksgiving morning at la pew

So, it's weds. night, and I'm watching some show that talks about common fires that are started on Thanksgving day. They say that one common fire is started by people who deep fry turkeys. (I've never heard of or had a d.f. turkey)

So, I'm thinking that there are probably heaps of people in my bldg. who deep fry turkeys, and I'm thinking about how incompetent my neigbors are and for a few seconds I fear fire.

Thanksgiving morning

I'ts about 7:45 a.m. and I awaken to what initially sounds like my alarm clock. After a few minutes I realize it is the bldg's fire alarm again. We have had to "evacuate" many, many times. But most of the time if my white noise generator is on (I use this day and night due to severe noise pollution) I don't hear the fire alarm. I'm not happy. I consider calling office to see if it is a real fire, but they aren't in on a holiday.

I grab my tennis shoes a light coat, and run down the hallway toward the stairs. (I'm on the 3rd floor) I do smell smoke. I consider for a few seconds what I own of value and that would be, mainly, my journals.

As usual only about 6 people evacuated. There are 160 apts. And as usual I am extremely unimpressed with the Balto. city fire dept. When I first got down the stairs I went through the main lobby (where there is a deafening alarm) and then outside, for which I am not dressed. I am wearing very think cotton long underwear and my tennis shoes are untied. No time to tie them in a fire. Anyhow, I am the only one who bothered to go outside. There are 3 or 4 sitting in the lobby, casually. I don't mess with small talk or hellos. I came back inside and the firement arrived. They seemed very casual. They asked the people in the lobby (i didn't answer any of the questions and wonder why the fire dept. needs so much help from the physically and mentally disabled to fight their damn fire) a lot of questions and for a lot of help.

I do not feel that my life is in very good hands. The fireman asked:

-where is management?
-where is the maint. man?
how do I reach the maint. man?
which apt. is the fire in?

one turned to the other and said

"do you think we should tear the apt. door down?"

I said exactly one sentence that was geared to no one in particular as the fireman left the lobby. Only my 3 neighbors heard me, or so I thought.

I said: "We should not have to help them fight fires"

Oh yes we should my neighbor said angrily to me. A cop came from around the corner and yelled angrily in response to what I said, but geared his comment to my profoundly retarded neighbor.


I can't remember what else he said but it really pissed me off that he's yelling at me, gearing it to this retarded man and implying that I had no right to voice an opinion.

More fireman arrive and cops arrive. They are so casual about this whole thing that after 20 minutes I ask:

"Are we allowed back in our apts?"

"I believe so." said the cop. Didn't sound like a convincing or well informed answer, so I take the steps instead of the elevator, and think it's really weird that so few people leave their apts.

The verdict to all this? Someone burned their sauerkraut. The whole thing leaves me sour. It takes me a long time to go back to sleep. I felt that most upset by the cop that yelled at me. And I thought: Yeah, what motive does he have for being nice on Thanksgiving day? He has to work!

Friday, November 21, 2008

"The La Pew Laundry Rooms"

You've seen me blog on this issue before. There are approximately 10 washers in the bldg. We were down to one that gets my clothes clean. The last 3 times I've washed clothes, a tshirt ended up covered with grease, one ended up torn, one ended up with blood stains, and the grand-daddy of experiences? Do you have a strong stomach or do you want to leave now and go turn on your favorite t.v. program instead of read this? you do have that option you know.................

My neighbor left his wet clothes in the one washer that "works" when I went to remove them I noticed that there were some kind of foreign objects left in the machine. AFter removing all of the clothing I took out the foreign objects? What were the foreign objects?





"Almost to the exact day, 11/95"

I never in a million years thought that this process of trying to create a normal life for myself would take years upon years upon years upon years, but sadly that's exactly the case.

In 11/95 (the letter is posted on my blog somewhere or another) I was living with an elderly man in Randallstown named Aaron with mental illness and I feared he might kill me. I reached out to a church whose members had never even met me before. They were the Unitarian Church of Baltimore city, and I told them that I needed emergency housing.

One of the members put me up for about 3 months. (I did pay rent.)

Now, 13 years later, I'll again be turning to a group of strangers (different group) to see if I can get out of La Pew..........................................

About a month before I bought the car, I began to fear owning a car at my residence, as I fear it would be vandalized. That fear did come to pass. It's been vandalized more than once. I'll call it light vandalism, but it has lowered the resale value of the car. I can no longer park the car in my assigned parking space overnight. Our bldg. has these "worthless" safety meetings once every 2 months which I occasionally go to. The tenants go and chatter through the meetings not really hearing each other. I mentioned that cars were being vandalized and that I'm terrified to come home after dark, or leave the house after dark. The leader said: "that parking lot is getting deadlier and deadlier every day. They need more lights out there."

(Management isn't going to put more lighting out there as they have never listened to any of our safety concerns")

Perhaps many in my bldg. have resigned themselves that they are too poor to move and they are stuck there for life. But living this way is destroying my health, and I will not ACCEPT la pew as my destiny..................................

Friday, November 14, 2008

"when your home makes you sicker and sicker"

In a situation like this, I have to keep shifting my priorities almost minute by minute. Sometimes my priority was on getting a car, sometimes it's on job hunting, sometimes it's on seeking a safe home. And of course by setting up that donation site on my website I was in theory working on all things at once. (no, i never made a penny)

At the moment I feel that my priority should be on getting out of my apt. Yes, I do need to keep paying my rent, unfortunately, but my intuition is such that I am getting more and more seriously ill, the apt. situation is aging me rapidly and literally killing me. I am going to stay in a hotel for one night tonight to get away from the noise and crime and get some mental clarity and maybe some sleep?

I have placed an ad on craigs list to see if any one (don't worry, I'll use good judgement) wants to do a road trip of sorts someone who hates balto as much as I................................

The latest on the car is that it worked for 24 hours. Now the check engine light is on 24/7 again. The car will make me worry constantly, yet, I can't stress enough that it is a worlds better life than public transit!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Approximately day 14 and beyond ownership of "new chevy"

So, I go to pick up the chevy from my mechanic, but I have the funny feeling that the car won't have been repaired properly. He , "Nate" is supposed to repair the ignition (he didn't), check the engine light that is on all the time (he hasn't noticed), the abs light, and the battery light that are both on intermittently. He hadn't noticed either.

So, when I pick up the car, I leave the lot, and I notice that the key is still getting stick in the ignition. He says: well, I repaired the exhaust. I''m thinking: "huh?" I had no idea that was even an issue" but I'm glad that I didn't have to pay for it, as that was under warranty. The long and the short of it is that by having a new key made off of the "vin" I ended up not needing any kind of major ignition work.

Well, next morning when I go back to the dealer, they imply that I'm some crazy lady that must be seeing things and that if all these lights were really coming on, then Nate would have noticed it. "This isn't a bumper to bumper warranty lady"

However, 2 of the persons working there implied that it was. And the paperwork that I received implied that it was. A couple if my friends implied that I should go with my gut and stand up for myself. That's tough. Especially since I'm so sick, and consumed with my health and the sh.....going on at la pew.

I realized on Tues. that I only had 3 days left on warranty..........................I headed out to Pulaski Hwy. (and nearly got killed on the hwy. maybe i'll tell you about that sometime) because I was forced to use the mechanic that my dealer has a contract with. Quite frankly I didn't know what kind of stunt the dealer would pull. But I have great news. I went with my gut and it turned out that my car needed a tune up and an alternator. So I saved about 250 dollars!

Had I waited until after warranty period, I might have not had the money.

All together I drove 47 miles got horribly lost and even ended up on 95 north with no cell phone......................I won't be using that mechanic again because it's too long of a drive.

I never used to find driving terrifying but roads and highways are terrifying now. I asked myself what's different than from 10 years ago.

Well for one thing, statistically the number of drivers on the road has exponentially increased. People are doing more than double the posted speed limit. 99% of drivers feel that I have no god given right to make a left turn and that I should make my left turn blindly so that they don't get slowed down from their destination point. This is just an example. If human character is a direct reflection of how drivers are treating each other on the roads, then most people really are scum. Well, after the age of 9 years old that is!.........................................That's why I work like nannying brings me so much joy, kids are just a different animal all together!

Friday, November 7, 2008

I wrote this on 11/3 "The latest at La Pew

Remember the maintenance men who regularly stole from me from 6/05 to about 7/08? One left and was replace by another who then got fired. Now that one who got fired struck me as pretty scary as well. I was afraid to have him in my apt.

That one that was fired was replaced by another was who I wasn't afraid to have in my apt. But I just found out that he was also fired because he has a long criminal history. So as far as I can tell if you want to increase your chances of getting hired as a custondian or maintenance man here at La Pew I advise you to heef up your criminal record/resume.

11/7 update

Twisted update/irony

O.K. folks, I have a very sad and scary update. Sad and scary for me that is. 1 p.m. afternoon after we are all basking in Obama's win and I see the old maintenance man in the yard! WHAT THE FU--?! YES! THEY HIRED BACK THE ONE THAT STOLE THE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS OF STUFF FROM ME! so I am back in major crisis again, having to hide my belongings around the house, and such. And I have just discovered (but I don't know who did it) that another book of new stamps has been stolen from my apt.) So, I've got to up my housing search again.....................................................

"My thoughts on President Elect Obama/(Putting the way i feel (my health) aside)

I'm going to draw from my notes from the last few days here.......................

First of all I am absolutely elated! As I do an overview of my adult life here is the way I see it:

I waited and worked, 28 years to get out of poverty and still waiting,

11.5 years of waiting and list applying to get into section 8 housing,

and 8 years of waiting, multiple list applying and 2 lawyers to win social security disability.

For the most part, I feel that my hard work effects little to no change in my life.......................

but that was not the case on November 4 for me and millions of Americans because on November 4th

I cast my vote at 2 p.m. and 9 hours later










Monday, November 3, 2008

"I rarely, rarely talk about my health on this blog"

Because I'm just not comfortable doing so most of the time. By most accounts, I probably should not go back to work. But I will. I simply have no choice. I have a car to pay for. I want to be productive. I have a whole array of terrifying symptoms. I've been tracking my symptoms daily in writing for almost 15 years. I told my dr. I wanted to show him the list, he didn't ask me to see it, so he still doesn't know about the whole thing. One of the symptoms right now, is that I look like I have chicken pox (but I don't because I've had it before)

I went to minute clinic (in the cvs pharmacy) the other day and the nurse said something very weird......................

I described the spots: And I asked her if she wanted me to take off my sweater; she said:

"Don't show me anything "indecent!"

I just sat there for about 10 seconds having no idea what to do. Then I pulled up my sweater and showed her my stomach. She said: "Have you changed laundry detergent lately?" "No" I said. I told her that I can barely stay awake and that my lungs are inflamed my throat is sore (my joints are always very painful, and weakness is very common for me)

She said, "Probably you have lyme disease"

E-"I've had lyme in the past, but my doc said that my lyme went away"

Nurse "It looks like it's come back, you know, I have lyme"

"I don't want to take a throat culture. What do you want to do"

E "What do you think I should do"

Nurse "You should have your dr. test your blood"

E "So be it, I'll have him do that on Tuesday"

"Spectacularly Beautiful Baltimore, A feast for the eyes to see"

what did elana just say! yes you heard me right! BALTIMORE IS GORGEOUS THIS TIME OF YEAR! I can't get enough of it. Even just driving on Northern Parkway I don't even want to blink for fear of missing a leaf. I know every year doesn't get this beautiful, and most years I miss this since I haven't had a car for 2.5 years. Now, I don't like to be cold, but I have always appreciated autumn and can remember sucking up the beauty of the leaves on the walk to Deer Park Junior High School as a child. In the 2 weeks that I've had the car I've made about 4 trips to parks that I could not make when I didn't have the car. I still have some mechanical concerns about the car, but it is running..............................

If you are in the Northeast, are your eyes enjoying the palettes? I'm thinking about people who for one reason or another move to California and talk about how they miss the change of seasons.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown"

Did you know I was a comic book collector as a kid? I remember one of my professional aspirations was that I wanted to be a cartoonist for a living!

Anyhow, I've always been a huge "Peanuts" fan. What an intelligent cartoon! The kids have such real precocious vocabularies! Last night on abc they ran one show that I guess they first ran 35 years ago or so............

"It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" (certainly you remember this classic, don't you?) A couple of years ago, I sat in Borders and read a big book with lots of pictures that had to do with the making of the Peanuts strip, who the characters were based on, and then interviews with the children who did the voices of the characters! Sally, Linus, Charlie, Lucy, etc.

Last night on "G.P. charlie brown", one cool quote that Linus made was:

"There are 3 things I've learned never to discuss with people; religion, politics, and the great pumpkin!"

I noticed last night how beautiful the background music was for that particular show, (as well as the next show which I had never seen "You're not elected, charlie brown") If you saw these 2 30 minute shows last night, did you notice how beautiful the music was, and how intellligent a cartoon this is?!

For the 2nd show "You're not elected............." Sally said to Linus:


"Part 2/ Not getting there/ my new/used car"

Nate-"Go there and don't let them make a copy, they have to make one from scratch using the vin #"

I go immediately there. As I'm trying to find the right part of the dealership to use, an employee intentionally throws himself into the plate glass window, make a loud noise, I grab my chest and scream. he laughs. Then he comes out of the shop.

He looks at me and says:"Oh, I"m sorry, I thought you were somebody else"

I ignore him and don't say anything. He was hoping I'd say "no problem" but I'm thinking you asshole.........................

I go to the restroom and then find the correct part of the dealership to discuss the key problem. That same man who intentionally scared me, (thinking I was someone else) came to the counter to supposedly "wait on me" (lucky me, to see him again)

We'll call him Kevin.

Kevin-"I'm sorry, I thought you were another employee, her, he pointed"

E-I still don't say "no problem" which is upsetting to him. I wait for someone to say "may I help you"

There are about 5 male employees and one female. Although her hair is the same color as mine she does not look like me.

Finally Kevin asks if he can help me. I explain that my mechanic has asked me to get a key made, but absolutely not off of the original. He says: "Your key doesn't work at all?"

I'm wondering why he is pressing the issue, when I've made it clear not to use that key.

E_"My mechanic told me to absolutely not copy it"

You're going to need proof of ownership of the auto. I realize that all of that paperwork got left at home when the car was in the shop. I asked if he can call the dealer to ask them if I own the car. The whole process takes about 10 or 15 minutes. They ask me to drive home to get the paperwork.

I come back 1.5 hours later after I eat. I go to the service counter.

Instead of asking how they can help me, the one clerk says: "I hear you got quite a scare earlier. K. tried to scare you. Another employee chimed in on the issue. No one seems interested in helping me.

"Well, he's a moron throwing himself into a plate glass window to scare me, but don't tell him I said that"

So, I give the woman the papers and initially it doesn't seem I have proof enough. Finally she finds what she needs.

I go to step out to the car and plan to return.

A man (seemingly also an employee) was sitting in the customer wait. area, and said something incoherent to me on my way to the car. "You got a sheep out there"


"You got quite a sheep out there?"

E-"I still can't hear you.

"You got quite a scare out there by our employee didn't you?"

I ignore him and keep walking to my car.

"Well, you have a nice day"

E-"I'm not leaving"

"Well, have a nice day anyway" he said again.

The dealership makes me 2 keys, costing 30 dollars. I show them that even with the new key, there is still a problem. The woman employee lectures me on how I have to fight for my rights to have safe car. She doesn't seem to get, that I am fighting.

So, the abs light, the engine light, the battery light, and the key still won't turn in the ignition, I'm still worried about getting stranded, and I'm going to have to go back to nate by 9 a.m.

In 2 more weeks, I won't have to go thru the dealer anymore, but hopefully in 2 more weeks, I'll have a safe enough car that I can begin interviewing!

The stress of this is unbelievable.

"Day 13 car ownership and it still hasn't been repaired properly"

The stress of this is all consuming. I cannot go back to work until I have a car I can count on.

Remember the dealership told me as long as I come early in the morning, I can drop the car off (and they will send it to some mechanic for repair) The don't comprehend what problem I'm having with the ignition as it is intermittent, and they haven't experienced it directly. But I'm a very clear communicator and that should be enough.

I don't have a ride to the dealership so I'm prepared to waste another day if I have to, just get the damn job done and get it done right already. The ABS lights and battery lights have been coming on and staying on for long periods. Friday the 24th, I arrive at the dealership before 9 a.m. as requested. The clerk tells me that he doesn't recommend that I leave the car on a friday as I might be without it allweekend, as the mechanic may have to order a part.

Elana (E)-"This is true, but even if I do have it over the weekend there is no chance it won't leave me stranded"

The clerk (dealer, 2 of them have the name tom, and there are 4 male workers there one is the owner) looks at me puzzled still unsure of how this ignition problem could leave me stranded.

Tom-"O.K. It's up to you on whether you want to come back on Monday or not"

E-"Alright, I'll come back on Monday, early in the morning." (I have no reason to believe this car to be a lemon, by the way)

Saturday, Oct. 25

I leave the house around one in the afternoon with a list of things I want to do. I start up the car after a few ignition tries, and then go to pull the car out my parking lot. I hear a loud banging when I put my foot on the brake, and feel a loud banging under my foot. I'm terrified, so I leave the car parked all weekend. I can't take a chance with something brake related. The dealership is closed on weekends, so indeed I'm without the car for the weekend.

Monday, instead of my driving the car to the dealer as I said I would do I'm forced to call them up and ask for a tow.

Tom-"Are you absolutely sure this car can't be driven. We don't have 75 dollars to just throw away on towing a car. If you're wrong about the tow, do you plan to pay the 75?" "Have you attempted to drive the car on the main road?"

E-"Of course not, I'm terrified to drive it" (If I drive this car and total it, or kill myself or someone else, then who is liable I reason)

Tom-"Our tow driver won't be available until after noon. So we'll call you back around that time."

It's 10 a.m. and my phone rings. "It's tom, and I"m downstairs by your car can you meet me?"

E-"Yes, I'll be right down."

I get down there and Tom and Mike are there. Tom asked if he could have that list again. He said I know you've already made a list of problems but could you make it again. (I'm very worried that they aren't going to communicate the problems clearly to the mechanic, and my fears came true) I make the list again

-can always get key out, or key turned in ignition
abs and battery light are on and off intermittently
brakes are banging

Tom-"We'll call you in a few hours"

E-(Does that mean it will be done in a few hours I wonder?)

It's 10/26 1 p.m. and no one has called me yet. Have they repo-ed the car I wonder? You know my luck, don't you readers? I call the shop and get voice mail. I leave a message

This is E. Snyder, and I'm wondering if the car will be ready today, and whether or not you'll be bringing it to me or if I have to go get it.

They called me back at 3, and said that it's ready, but there is no time for me to get a cabback to the shop. So, I tell them I'll come and get it the next morning. They give me the address where I am to go. I realize that is the mechanic I used to use when I had my Sable. That at least is a good thing.

So, It's 10/29, and I take a cab to the mechanic. Iask the mechanic: "So you got the ignition problem fixed?"

Nate-"What ignition problem?!"

E-"The one they brought it in for. I can't always get the car started or get the key out"


e (I am really angry about being jerked around now) I shouldn't have to jiggle it, and plus, sometimes it gets me more than 10 tries to get it turned over"



Nate-"O.K. take it to get some keys made and see if that works"

E-"I've made 2 trips to HOme depot like the dealership told me to, and they have not made a key that fits yet."

Nate-"Home depot? why would you go there? You don't go to home depot! You go to the chevy dealership!"

end part 1

Sunday, October 26, 2008

"Is the glass half empty, or is the glass half full?"

I've been consumed with worry/fear re: the car. The night after Dan test drove it (saturday 9 days ago) it started making noises that worried me. I've continued to struggle with getting the key to turn in the ignition. Sometimes I have to try 10 times or more. Ive been terrified that the car will leave me stranded.

Friday morning I brought it in for them to fix the ignition and diagnose why the battery light and abs light are going on and off. They said bring it back on monday, or you'll be stuck without it over the weekend. I replied well even if I do have it over weekend, it could leave me stranded. He looked puzzled which means he still is not grasping what problem i'm having with the ignition.

Yesterday, I went to leave for the day, and there was an extremely loud banging when I step on the brake. I had to turn the car around and park it for the weekend. Tomorrow morning I have to ask them to pay for the towing, etc. and repair everything.....................I dread dealing with them. Only one of the four is nasty to me, but 2 of the 4 don't fullly seem to believe me.

I was so careful to make sure I was buying from somebody reputable. 3 acquaintances have said to me that it sounds like i got a lemon. However this dealership did include a "car fax" report with the car, and claim that anything reasonable is under warranty in the first 30 days. The dealer doesn't have a mechanic on site, they send it out to be repaired... which disallows me to communicate directly with a mechanic which i think could make a big difference, re: the ignition problem.

so eager to begin moving toward a normal life. Not ready to declare this car a lemon.........................

Monday, October 20, 2008

"I found a car"

But I'm not out of the woods yet. Remember I told you that I contacted my last auto mechanic? (for my mercury sable) And he referred me to an independently owned dealership that he swore would work with me. (I'll believe it when I see it)

I was waiting on my friend Dan to go with me as he was a mechanic years ago, and I was a bit afraid to go alone (as I believe most women are) But he was out of town, and I didn't feel like waiting any longer. So, I took a taxi cab to this dealer on Thursday. I was nervous and worried about alot of things, but I wasn't worried that I'd be taken advantage of because of who had referred me.

It wasn't too bad. There were only 3 cars that I qualified for, and I knew which one I wanted immediately. I test drove it 16 blocks, and said this is the one I want. I put 1700 down. The 3 workers in the shop treated me very respectfully on that day.

I bought an American made car, 11 years old. It looks very beautiful, and initially I thought it ran nice, but I didn't know what to look for from a mechanical point of view.

I got it home, and parked it in a residential area near my house. The key wouldn't come out of the ignition! (All the things I had managed to worry about that wasn't one of them) I looked around the neighborhood to see if someone might be able to help me get the key out.

In this particular residential block, I had no fear of asking a stranger to help.   So, I asked this one kid of about 14. His mother started giving me advice on how to get a key out. Her advice didn't work. Another boy of about 16 helped me get the key out.

The mother threatened to tow me if I park in her neighborhood! I found her comment to be deeply disturbing! I said to her, "If it's true that I need to live in this block to park here, then why aren't there any prohibitive parking signs?" I was really furious. I called the city the next day to make sure about the rules for that block, but I just got voice mail and never got a return call.

I thought it would be safer to park in the residential area then in my park. lot, given the characters that live in my bldg. Especially considering that the last day I had my rental car in Sept, it was badly keyed up by someone,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and I suspect a female tenant in my building!

Anyhow, I did 3 more stops Thurs. night, and nearly every time I couldn't get the key out, or had a hard time turning the key to get it started. I kept asking strangers for help. I knew the dealership was due to be closed on Fri. So, I called the dealership on Sat. to see if I could bring it back in, but my intuition stated that they might give me a hard time if I go back.

Dan, came out and looked at the car on sat., sprayed graphite in the lock, and was 85% sure it would solve the problem. (Again he used to be a mechanic years ago) It did not solve the problem. After we took it for a test drive the key got stuck while he was driving. He said that the key/ignition problem's source is actually the steering wheel or the gear shift.

When I went to the dealer today, they gave me a pretty hard time. They reamed me for not putting any references on my application!  A bit late for that, isn't it?  They knew before I ever came in there that I didn't have references.

The first 3 employees said that there has never been a situation where a customer had to return the car in the first 30 days for repairs.I told them that I have a witness to the problem.   They went and got the owner and he sarcastically said to me: "If he's a mechanic, then why didn't he fix it" "If you knew you had a friend, then why didn't you put his name down as a reference?"

"If you have someone to take you back home then feel free to leave it now. Do you have a ride back?" (We'll send it to our mechanic, but we'll do it very begrudgingly)

They showed me the so called "trick" to getting the key to work. This does not comfort me!   One of the nicer employees said that I can bring the car for anything I want in the first 30 days!   I did figure out the "trick" for getting the key out, but I still sometimes have a hard time getting the car started (turned over that is) I'm real nervous. I'm even nervous that I might leave this library tonight and not be able to get the key to turn over. These guys don't know how scary it is to be a woman with no mechanical knowledge driving a car she has to worry about.

So, I told them I don't have anyone that could bring me to the shop, and I made it clear that I"m not a troublemaker. The owner must have more closely looked at my appl. after the sale, and not liked that I didn't put any refs. When Michael took it for a test drive, I told him that I don't have any financial refs. He said, "It's not financial refs that we want. We just need to have someone to call who can help us locate you if you miss a payment. But as long as you make your payments we won't need any refs"

E-"I made the mistake of using my birthmother for a ref. once on one of these appl's and she reamed me for it"

He laughed.

Anyhow, I dread being treated that way by the owner again, but I'll just be consumed with worry if I don't get the problem totally repaired...............................A sucky dilemma.

With a car there's hope. Without a car, there's no chance of a normal life.

Monday, October 13, 2008

"Can the time tick any slower?"

My ex auto mechanic said that he could probably find me a car. He asked if I could afford 100 a month payments as you recall. He said he'd do some research for me and that I was to call him back.

He referred me to a dealer that he says will work with me. When I mentioned to the dealer that Nate said I could do 100 dollar mo. payments, the dealer said: "No that's not true. I don't have anything for under 200 a month" He invited me to come take a look. I hope to bring Skip with me who used to be an auto mechanic.

So, at this point I have the dealer at his word only that he'll work with me. At my current income 200 a month is huge, (because you also have gas, and insurance) but if I had a car I could probably get hired fairly quickly. As you recall, Nate advised me not to buy a 1700 dollar car but to use that as a down payment.

I told a friend today that most Americans would become suicidal if they lost the use of a car. He agreed.

Suzie Orman surprised me today on the Oprah show (she did a show called: "What can you afford") When she told the nurse who needs an suv so she can be safe after dark as a nurse, suzie said: safety is of the utmost for a single woman, I'm approving you for the car.....................

I'm pleased to hear her say that because by no means is it safe or practical to be without. Also, 2 teens were carjacked at the Timonium lightrail today.............................AND THEY HAD A CAR!

So, I 'll see if that dealer will approve me, and if he doesn't then I'll have no choice but to turn to ebay and the like.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

"Getting There"

I'm waiting on word from my last mechanic, he's trying to find me a car that I can afford.

In the meantime, I just had another very traumatic experience on the #3. I was on my way to Fells Point Festival last Saturday, and I wasn't sure where the closest point where to get off for Harborplace. I try not to ever ask the drivers as most don't want to help.

I asked a woman on the bus and she told me to get off at the stop right after her. She got off at Lombard and St. Paul. So, I rang the bell and nothing happened. I mean, the driver didn't stop. I started to panic. I said, "driver, I need this stop"

No response

DRIVER, I NEED THIS STOP! I say louder, even though I know he heard me the first time.

At this point we've gone another 8 blocks or so. He stops the bus, but not at a bus stop. He turns around and starts screaming at me!


I thought, I must be alone on this bus, he'd never scream at me like this if there were witnesses. I turn around and there are at least 10 others who witnessed this. Altogether he went about a mile past where I rang the bell, which was really frightening to me and made me feel like a hostage. (Ironically, there were 2 cop shows on t.v. this week, and the theme in both shows was that hijackers tooks over the plane, did you see it either show? I thought to myself while watching the shows that I know exactly what it's like to feel like a transporation hostage. I nearly always feel like a hostage on public transit)

That experience overshadowed the whole day. The only way I know how to get to Fells Point from Inner Harbor is to take the Water Taxi. It's been about 8 or so years since I've been on it. There used to be 2 or 3. The average price back then was 3 dollars.

This time it was 9 dollars! I was stunned! A 300 percent increase! (right?) It only took 10 minutes to get to Fells Point. I mentioned the high price to a couple of people at the festival and they said that they think it's because of the Water Taxi deaths in about 03 or 04. The theory is that insurance costs have gone up, and now Water Taxi is a monopoly, so they can get away with charging 9 bucks. (You can't buy a one way ticket, you just have to buy a day pass) One of the deaths was a Purdue Grad who just got married. I can't remember if her husband died or not. Anyway, being on the water was very calming to me. I've always loved water. The girl next to me said that there is another 90 minute boat ride that you can take for just 15 dollars, leaving from Harborplace. Sounds like fun, if only there was a safe way to get to the Inner Harbor.

I was stunned at how huge the Fells POint Festival was, it just went on for block after block. I wonder if they have a website. Anyhow, if you don't know much about Baltimore, I'll tell you that Fells Point has a very interesting history. If you like history, then I recommend that you google "Fells Point History"..............

I ran into some acquaintances who were running the Libertarian booth, and they offered to take me home thank goodness.

"I love the cynicism here"

Baltimore Sun, 10/10/08

by Peter Hermann

The article is entitled: "taking the measure of homicides" Mr. Hermann noted exactly how many police supplies Baltimore bought and wondered if the "supplies" such as criminal tape were any indication of how much crime we have. Neat article, I hope you enjoy it. I can't remember the exact link however, i think it might be

Thursday, October 9, 2008

"What would Suzie do?"

Well, I've been car shopping for 27 months now. Car and safe home shopping are something I do 7 days a week. Nearly every conversation I have, I end up mentioning that I need a car. One day I'll tell you about all the offers I've had over the last 27 months for a car that didn't come thru.

In the past few days I've looked into police auctions, ebay, dealerships, craigs list, private owners and I've even called up people who told me a long time ago to contact them if I ever come up with any money. So, I called Les, from the chatline, who gave me his # 11 months ago and told me to call him if I ever come up with 500 bucks. So I called him today and he said he sold both auto dealerships that he had. And another guy from the chatline started a used auto store in march, so i looked up that #, and that's gone out of business too. I tried to join ebay, but they gave me a confirmation # that I had to type back to them,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,they said "that isn't the # we gave you, therefore we can't give you a membership. And I called about 5 dealers and asked them if they have anything on their lot for 1700? Most said no. One said he had an "85 volvo for 1500" It terrifies me to drive older cars, but since I don't have good credit I'll never qualify for an auto loan I figured. I sure don't want a 23 year old car.

When I called that particular dealer, I was looking at an ad that said "cars under $300" I told him which ad I was calling about and he screamed "that is not what that ad was supposed to say, that ad was supposed to say $3000, and they haven't corrected it"

So, once he said that he told me about the volvo. Then he said, "I'm busy can I call you back" I said, well when you call me back, leave a message on my machine telling me the cars that you have for under 2k. So, he leaves a message on my machine listing 2 cars that are "more than you want to spend" and then, he gave a 500 dollar higher price then before for the volvo, forgetting that he had already quoted 1500. I thought, this guy sounds like bad news.

Today, someone on the chatline said that they called up their old mechanic to see if they had anything for sale. I thought that's a good idea, as I do trust my last mechanic.

Today I called him (Nate my last mechanic) and asked him if he knows where I can get something for 1700. He said, anything under 3k is going to be a piece of junk that you'll have to keep dumping money into. I explained that I can't pass a credit check. He said, "can you do payments of 100 to 200 a month on something?"

"Well, I said, I don't know if you've ever heard of Suzie Orman, but she's a financial guru, and she would advise me against "making payments" since I don't have work.

N-"I've never heard of Suzie, what do you mean don't make payments since you don't have work?

E-"Well, I'm not employed"

E-"My annual earnings are only 7k"

N-"MMm. then you can't afford any payments can you?"

E-"Suzie would advise against it, but I'll consider it"

N-"Doesn't most of your money go to rent?"

E-"NO, I only pay 100 a month for rent"

N-"I have an idea for you, give me a night to think and brainstorm and call me in the morning. I think I have a car for you.................................."

Monday, October 6, 2008

"serious car shopping starts today"

I know better than to get too excited about anything in advance, given my past horrid luck in life. But I'm "praying" that I can find a car that is reasonably safe, that will up my employability, give me some much needed freedom, allow me to leave the house after dark- increase my personal safety tremendously, give me a much greater chance of finding residence in a safer area and improve my quality of life significantly.

"Something positive happened to York Road"

Last Saturday, Towson threw a parade for Michael Phelps, Katie Hoff, and a paralympian whose name I have forgotten. I've loved parades for as long as I can remember.
I can remember photographing the Westminster, MD, Centennial parade in 1976; I still have those pictures (and they aren't too bad given the state of cameras back then available to girls)

I didn't participate in this parade but I've participated in the Charles Village Parade more than once, as well as the Baltimore International Rhythm and Drumming Society's parade.

Any day society makes a pedestrian more important than a car, is a pretty good day in my book; and York Road was blocked off to traffic for about 4 hours.

I mentioned to a senior citizen viewer of the parade, (who I see frequently in my region) that I think this just might be the only positive thing to happen to York Road in 50 years. She replied that it's probably the only positive thing to happen to York Road ever. She's been here her whole life. Brings me back to a simpler time that I would have loved to experience. The carless society. Right after the parade, kids skateboarded and skipped arm and arm right in the middle of York Road. I should have brought a camera.

A woman in my bldg. who has never ever spoken a positive word to me in 3 years, asked me if I had seen it and agreed that it was pretty exciting. Another woman who I saw in Bagelo after the parade (and who I see regularly in Bagelo) who never speaks to me, also initiated a conversation with me. Makes me think about the power of bringing the arts to blighted communities, and "inner city" schools for example, and how it excites people who don't usually get excited about much of anything.

It was only the 2nd time I'd seen any sense of community on York Road. (The other time was a safety festival, that I happened upon accidentally about a year ago on a 2 block section of York Road)

Despite the fact that there was and still is, major "PHelps oversaturation" in the media, and still is, parade watchers, and residents of Cedarcroft, Lake Walker, Stoneleigh , Rodgers Forge, Towson, are going to remember this event, with great emotional warmth, for years and even decades to come!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

"From back to front"/"Tips for the homeless or hungry"

Well, Towson University is certainly a healthier environment than my home. Here's what campus events I've been up to.

Last Thursday you may remember that I went to Cedric Jenning's talk which I really enjoyed. One thing that is very striking about campus events is that many, many of them are catered. Very expensive food, often times enough to make a meal of. This is why I titled my piece what I did.

So, for those of you (which probably amounts to zero) who are homeless or hungry, I highly encourage you to read University newspapers in the town you live in, go to the events and in many cases get well fed.

After Jennings talk (which was catered with expensive, excellent food) I went to student open mic. where there was free coffee, tea and sweets. One real pain in the ass aspect of most events is that there are lots of flashing camera lights, most likely from the University reporters.

In the case of most events the photographer shoots photos throughout the talk or performance, you feel the lights flashing in your eyes, and the photographer is not placing himself discreetly at all, so it takes your attention away from the performance. This was true with Jennings, open mike, and "Voices of Darfur" which I went to yesterday and where there was also free dinner.

"Voices of Darfur" (well, it's obvious that they are Darfur genocide survivors) started 30 minutes late but the speakers were very interesting.


This will probably really surprise you. I went to an on campus Rosh Hashanah service (Jewish new year) where at least I knew how to hold the book! I hadn't remembered whether or not I had ever attended a R.H. service initially, but then remembered I did attend one at Hopkins University in 2000. If you think it takes guts to show up at these events which are largely attended by people under 23, you are absolutely right! I don't usually speak to anyone unless they speak to me. After the service, there was an excellent catered meal. (which we paid full price for and was well worth it) I was the only non student who showed up with the exception of one boy who came with his mom. Oddly, these Jewish kids got in the food line and kept asking questions like:

"what's that food?, what's THAT food?"

Remarkably, I remembered and announced "gefilte fish!" "kugel!" There was always gefilte fish in my house growing up, which primarily my mother ate, who is not Jewish. And I believe that my father's mother may have introduced me to kugel (did I spell that correctly?) but I'm not sure, I can't really remember much about her. She was a practicing Jew who lived on Park Heights Avenue, but my father kept very little contact with her, so I didn't know her well. (this is the adoptive family I'm referring to)

Today, I went to the Speech and Debate team event which I was really looking forward to. Neither team showed up! so 2 young students attempted to rescue the event by debating with each other, and turning it into a group discussion on the Israeli-Palestine conflict. They welcomed us to join in and make it a discussion. I asked a couple of questions which seemed to get the ball rolling. There were 3 people in the audience from the Israel Palestine area who were quite knowledgeable and better communicators then the official debators.

Then at 6 I went to another event entitled: "Farmworker Justice" Easy for me to relate to the housing, health, wage and exploitation challenges and experiences of the farmworkers. Remarkably the event started on time.

Dinner was free; spuds and chicken quesadillas! Yummy!

Monday, September 29, 2008

"Getting There"

There is a heavy price to pay for leaving the house! By noon on Sun. the weather looks like it might have cleared up enough to go to Book festival. Although I tried to arrange for a ride in advance it didn't look like that was going to pan out.

I called Jack's cab service and surmised that they'd give me a hard time since I didn't have an exact address. I told the dispatcher that I wanted to go anywhere in Mt. Vernon.

Dispatch- "You don't have an address?"

E-"No. Just take me anywhere in Mt. Vernon, it' doesn't matter where."

Dispatcher-"Well, I don't know what to do for you if you have no address, so hold on"

SHe puts me on hold for about 10 minutes and I overhear her telling another employee that I haven't given her an exact address. (But wouldn't a company that's been around for decades know how to get a customer to Mt. Vernon? I guess not)

E-"O.k." "Chase and Cathedral, just get me to the corner of Chase and Cathedral"

(Maybe I should have taken a bus after all)

Dispatcher-"If no cab comes in 20 minutes then call us back"

About 15 minutes passes and my neighbor tells me that there is a cab out in the park. lot. (They are supposed to pull up under the pedestrian bridge, if they don't then we have no way of seeing them, as we wait inside the lobby for our cabs) I go out and the cabbie is about to leave. I tell him that he is supposed to pull up under the bridge. He doesn't understand English.

E-"Do you know how to get to Mt. Vernon?"


E-"Do you know how to get to my destination?"

Driver-"I don't understand"

E-"I assume you're new. " (I think about getting out of the cab right then and there, but foolishly don't) "Please go to I-83"

Driver-"What's I-83, is that 695?"

E-Oh God, I have to tell him how to get to 83 also. I see he has a gps but isn't using it.

Every 5 minutes his cell phone rings. He starts talking in a middle eastern language to his friends and each time he answers the phone he swerves the cab. I think, maybe I should just have him take me to Mt. Wash light rail, so as not to prolong this miserable experience.even though I don't feel safe at light rail either. (I put up a piece on my blog in the beginning of Aug. about my day on the light rail) I try to guide him but I don't know which exit to take off of 83. He drives me around the city for at least 45 minutes in circles lost.

I feel very scared and consider just getting out of the cab in a section of Baltimore that I don't even know, and just hope for the best. He finally calls Jacks and asks them to help him but he still doesn't know where he's going and despite my having given him a map, he types in the wrong spelling of "Cathedral" into his gps.

Everytime I roll down the window for air he rolls it back up again with his electric controls. I keep asking peds on the road if they know where book fest is. I wonder if Ill get there alive. Finally, when I think were near it, I get out of the cab at a red light. The fare is 30 dollars and there is no way in hell I'm paying it, even if I did have it. (Normally the fare would be about 15)

He starts yelling at me about where is his money? I said, I'm not going to pay you, I"ll pay Jack." I wonder if he will shoot me, or start following me. He refuses to drive away, and watches to see where I'll walk. Luckily I lost him.

A little before 4 p.m. I run into A. and L. They parked their car all the way in Hunt Valley which is 10 miles North of where I live. Around 5:30 they begin to worry that they'll get stuck at the festival because they heard that light rail stops running at 7. (Why would a major city stop their trains so early on a Sun. night?) I don't even know how to walk to light rail from that festival, but we just follow the signs. I either go with them to H.V. , take 2 buses home, or hop in another cab, which I don't think I can handle after what I just went thru.

It takes about 20 minutes or so to walk to the light rail. I don't feel safe during the walk or at the stop where a couple of guys are looking us over and making some comments. L. doesn't feel safe either. "Luckily" it was only about a 10 to 15 minute wait for a train, but we aren't sure if we got on the right train or not. I asked one of the riders just to be sure, but he gave us the wrong information. So it looks like we'll have to transfer to another train.

I see a man with open wounds all over his arms and legs try to get on the train. He looks like he's drunk, high and maybe with some disease like ms or cerebral palsy. He has so much trouble with walking and balance that I fully expected him to fall on the tracks and get run over before successfully boarding the train.

He barely makes it onto our car. He falls into his seat, his head is bobbing. His eyes are almost all the way closed. After about 2 stops, he heads for the steps supposedly to exit the car. I fear what will happen next. He falls head first into the stairwell and just lays there in the stairwell. The latino woman on the car with us seems panicked. She has a cell but doesn't know what to do. "She yells to him "are you o.k.?" Obviously not, I think to myself.

I explain to L and A how it can be dangerous to get involved at all with these people even though they need help. I think that telling the train operator would be a good bet, but I have no idea how to do that. Someone tells the man he is on the wrong side of the train to exit. Another rider says: (about the man on the floor) "he's drunk"

The man gets off at falls road but obviously has no idea where he is. He barely made it to the platform.

I tell L and A that this b.s. is a daily occurence with public transit. I explain that no matter how high gas gets people will keep paying it because no one would choose this kind of life over driving their private auto!

It's takes us an hour to get to Hunt Valley. We get something to eat at Cheeburger, Cheeburger and then A. goes to take me home. But she's lost her car keys! When she goes back to the restaurant to look for her car keys her friend tells me that A. loses her car keys all the time and that probably A. will have to call her parents to come to the mall with an extra key, and that her dad will yell at her and give her a lecture. Luckily her keys were at the restaurant and we don't have to wait for her parents to bail her out. L. and A. tell stories about they and their friends having to call back up for crisis alot.

I told them that "you space out because you can. But when you have no one to call in a crisis you learn that you can't afford to screw up!" L. disagrees with me.

I spent 2.5 hours commuting today!

Last year when I took the bus to book fest, the driver was going about 20 miles over the speed limit, ran a red light, nearly hitting a ped. in the walkway. We passengers flew out of our seats and erupted in shrill screams!

Putting a car on the road can't come soon enough.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

"I love an academic environment"

And I love fall. I've got a ridiculous amount of time on my hands so I've been keeping my eyes open to the Towson University website and university newspaper for things to do on campus. I've got to try to stay out of my apt. as much as possible.

Along my website theme of "everything is broken" here is a synopsis of what I've done over the last week and what went wrong.

I attended the university's first meeting of their mental health association with my student friend Allison. The room was over 100 degrees so everyone had to sit on the floor in the hallway of the union. We could barely hear a word said because of competing noise by a large student event a few doors down. Other than that it's a good organization that supports students with depression, homesickness and educations on mental illness.

The next night I attended movie night. There was little sound because some student stole the very expensive audio system that was needed to make the event a success. The event coordinator said she didn't understand the logic of the theft since the sound system can't be converted for home use. But I understand the logic. Baltimoreans love to destroy, vandalize and wreck anything that is going to make someone's life better. (even their own)

Then CASA de Baltimore put on an event called: "The changing face of immigration" Although interesting the speaker was 40 minutes late! CASA helps Latinos with worker rights and helps day laborers to get the wages that they deserve. About 80 students in the audience had to leave before the event even started due to the late event start. I assume the kids had to go to class. The event coordinator said that "You understand that she's late because of traffic!" Well, like I always say, that's a very lousy excuse.

Tonight I heard Cedric Jennings speak about his life and biography entitled: "A Hope in the Unseen" He was a fabulous speaker. Has a masters in social worker from University of Michigan grew up in the projects of D.C. This was the best event I've been to in the last week, but he also was 40 minutes late for his own event! Again the event coordinator said that he was running "5 to 8 minutes late due to rain!"

This stuff is very frustrating to a person like me who is early for everything and doesn't even have a car. You aren't late because it's raining. You're late because you have no idea how to plan your time.

Tonight I'll go to the University's open mic night but I don't plan to sing since I haven't performed at an open mike in 3 years. I'll just sit back and listen.

"I received the car accident settlement"

Remember the doofus driving the dodge ram who lost her brakes? I finally received the accident settlement. But I still have that grueling decision to make. Move out of the state so i can buy more car for the money (having 2 addresses is against HUD rules) or stay in MD and reconcile myself to the fact that the state has wontheir case against me (essentially fining me for my 6/03 homeless episode) and go ahead and pay off the remainder of the fine.

One of my biggest frustrations is knowing that due to poor credit I can't afford a reliable car. I must go back to what I've always done. Drive a junker and pray that it runs long enough that I can make some money!

My 92 sable broke down permanently in 7/06 and I never in a million years thought It'd be more than 2 years before I could replace it.

If only I could stop thinking about the unfairness of life. Because even if there wasn't the fine, it certainly isn't fair that rents in Baltimore county on a 1 bedroom apt. are around 950 if you want to live in a safe neighborhood. That's not fair either. But I think it's a human beings tendency to obsess about the unfairness of life. Just watch the local news. It's always relatives crying that "their friend or relative didn't "deserve" to be murdered" No-one deserves to be murdered. What a ridiculous thing to say. A life cut short is never fair.

It probably is best to just buy some car then no car at all even if it means there are no guarantees as to how long it will run since I can probably make up the fine amt. by becoming more employable almost overnight.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My you tube video

Initially, I had planned to prepare a you tube video of me singing. Although that hasn't happened yet, Laurie and Diane were nice enough to save the video of me dancing to my musical 45th birthday card!

you can try this

or you can go to you tube and then put in:

disco diva elana in quotes

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"Golf Carts as mainstream form of transit"

There was a clip on some show such as Entertainment Tonight recently on this issue. A few months ago, I was on the hospital campus in Towson and needed a ride to the bus stop. I was dissapointed and surprised when I was picked up in a golf cart. There were no seat belts and given the way people drive on the hospital campus, I did not feel safe at all. I thought that I'll never ride in a golf cart on a main road again.

Then this clip shows up on e.t. "50 thousand people a year are injured in golf cart accidents." Of course part of the idea behind the golf carts is to save gas, help the environment etcetera but they just don't have any or many safety features at all. I'm definitely against golf carts for use around town and to transport people on main roads until safety belts and other safety features are included in all of them.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"How to take out the Trash/La Pew Apts"

Here is the signage provided us on "How to take out the trash"


Please do not leave any trash in the trash room that will not fit down the chute. It must be placed inside the dumpster, located in the circle.


Press down on latch to open door.

Do not leave any trash in the trash room that will not fit down the chute. If it does not fit down the chute you MUST bring it to the dumpster. located near the parking lot.

All trash must be in bags tied and placed in the "shoot" Don't put glass in the "shoot." If you have boxes please break them down, put them up against the wall and call the office so we can have them removed.



I think the signs piss people off to the point where most people intentionally break many of the rules.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dealings with "Lemon Rent a Car" continued

So, Friday has arrived. I haven't been able to stop thinking about my bad experience with Nancy. That's me. My bad experiences with people stay like a bad taste in my mouth for hours even days.

8:45 a.m. phone rings


"Hi, Ms. Snyder it's Damon, we'll be there in 5 minutes, are you ready!?"

E-"Well, no I'm not ready, Nancy said you're coming at 9:15"

(Damon has always had diarrhea of the mouth and the more he talks the stupider he sounds. By the way, he's the manager)

D-"Well, you're in the system as a 9:00."

E-"I'm not ready, and that's not what N. put me down as"

D-"Well, we're all about customer service ms. s, we can come now, in 3 minutes in 7 minutes , whenever you want, but how do you get there?"

E-"You're kidding, I'm thinking, you've been here before.

D. typically takes no breaths, so it's like: Ms. S. "How do you get there do you go 3 blocks or 4, do you make a left at oak or at willow, don't you want me to pick you up a Bagelo? we're all about customer service as long as you're happy we're happy

E-(I'm definitely not happy) The reason I use Lemon is because I can pass they're credit check, they pick me up, and they're deposit is so small.

I go stand downstairs and worry they'll never find it

Damon sends Joe to pick me up, but doesn't tell me in advance. That's o.k. They all play buddy buddy with you. You know the sales types. Ms. S. Where will you be taking the car?!

In my opinion this is the epitome of unprofessionalism to ask the client what they'll be doing over the weekend.

Anyhow, I replied: " just the normal stuff that people who own cars do." I mentioned that Nancy had treated me horribly but that I was going to send a formal email complaint about it to the "Head of Lemon" ;) ;)

J. gives me that email address (implying that he knows that I'm capable of filing my own complaint) Apparently not.

He decides to jump the gun and file the complaint himself, without knowing the details, and he files it with the wrong person. He now is shedding his own "professional image" in a very unprofessional light. So the more these idiots speak, the deeper they dig their graves so to speak, i.e. lose me as a customer.

I could make a full time job hour after hour, day after day of sharing with you my customer service nightmare experiences, since I have so, so few positive ones!

I just wish you'd comment once in a while with customer service nightmares of your own! Say something! Are you out there?!

P.S. Great Show on channel 45


The chef goes into restaurants that are completely flopping and turns them around , making them succeed. Very dramatic, very fun.

Friday, September 12, 2008



"Hello, Lemon Rent a Car"

me-(thinking, uh-oh, i've had nothing but horrid experiences with nancy) "Nancy, do you have any cars available tomorrow morning?"

N-"Yes, what size do you need"

E" "The smallest"

N-"All we have are intermediate, so we'll have to charge you for intermediate"

E"In the past, when all you have is interemediate you normally only charge me for the smallest" (she's only been employed there for 3 months)

I can hear the anger rising in her voice.

N-"I don't know about that"

E-"That is the way they've always done it before"

E-"I need to be picked up, can you pic me up at 9?"


E-"You really don't know what your talking about! They've been picking me up for months in my nieghborhood, what do you mean, I"m out of the zone (bitch! i'm thinking!)

N-"I can assure you I know exactly what I'm doing and you are not in the pickup area, plus 9 o' clock is too early!"


N_"How about I refer you to another branch?!"

E (I'm a regular customer, and I won't tolerate that, i think)

N-"Alright, we'll pick you up at 9:15 tomorrow" she says, resignedly.

(the rest of this story is unbelievable story is coming tomorrow)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"A Burning Desire to Tell More"

I still feel that you aren't going to believe what I go thru each day and what I've been thru in the last 15 years. So, 80% of what I've recorded in my journals no one has ever had an opportunity to hear or see. But I know that Kozol, Ehrenreich and the like would find it an absolute gem. So, I've set up a website under an alias name, where I get to tell all the dark, depressing, gory details. And I can speak even more from the heart without having to edit so much. You can tell that I'm very authentic here but I make a point to not be dark all the time. On my other site, if all that happens to me is shit, that that's exactly what I'll tell you.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

"The subject of memory is very interesting to me"

Have you heard about this woman Jill Price? She was featured on the Oprah show. She's known as A.J. and has put out a book entitled "The Woman who can't forget. She has a syndrome called hyperthymestic syndrome. Poor woman hasn't forgotten anything that has happened to her or in the world since she was 14 years old. she was born in 65, me in 63. I started reading the book last night. I don't own it, I sat in Greetings and REadings last night reading it.

Diane has always told me she is blown away by my memory. Memory is a fascinating subject. Diane remembers details of us in the 8th grade, I can't. But, here's how my memory works. Last week, I was in the Boston Market. A woman turned around and I knew her face instantly.(she is 47) She said: "can anyone use a coupon" I said "Yes, and you went to rand high"

She said "yes, who are you"

I told her.

I asked her her last name



What's your first name

"Ray ellen"

"What class are you"


But my sister was 82"

her name is wendy"

"mmm i said, wendy was friends with stacy needle, who's father was friend's with my father when i was in elementary school, that's why you look so familiar.........................."


Back to the book the woman who can't forget

Quote by Jill Price

"Imagine if someone had made videos of you from the time you were a child following you all around day by day and then combined them all onto one dvd and you sat in a room and watched that dvd on a machine set to shuffle randomly through all the tracks..........................."

Another excerpt from the book

"Why is it that solitary confinement without labor is regarded as the severest form of imprisonment? It is because the lonely victim can find nothing to do but remember. And this incessant remembering has often proved more than the mind could bear.

Reverand Coe

"The Memory of the Lost"

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

"Heartbreaking News"

Well, remember how happy I was that the maintenance man had quit? Two of the maintenance men were brothers and were both burglars working together at stealing. I was pretty certain that the burglaries at my apt. would stop since H and L left, but sadly this has not turned out to be the case. I called Debbie up, (she has been storing stuff for me for 18 months due to my paralyzing fear of losing more belongings) and told her I need some of my clothes. I only wanted her to brings some jeans, but she brought back 5 boxes not really certain what was in each box. Turns out there was about 700 dollars worth of clothing in those boxes much of it irreplaceable. You'd be stunned at the first hand worth of clothing that I've bought secondhand. Well, in the last week about 500 dollars worth of that clothing has been stolen. I'm heartbroken. I had managed to hang on to some of it for 30 years. I have a "rag" t-shirt that is purple (you know, with the fringes? that has the iron on decal (in pink and green) that says "mtv" from the year mtv started on cable in like 1980) i picked it up in ocean city in 1982, and it's in pristine condition) I just realized its probably worth quite a bit on E Bay not to mention that it has alot of sentimental worth. Elise, a past housemate, gave me a hand me down t-shirt in 1987, she owned in the 70's, that said "MARYLAND FOOD COOP" It was the advertising slogan for the vegetarian sandwich shop run out of the university of maryland college in the 70's that had a cyclops sandwich on it. And a linen skirt that comes down to my ankles that is made of rainforest jungle fabric was stolen these are just a couple of depressing.

I'm so desperate to get out of La Pew, but obviously I've had no luck yet.

I've decided this time not to make a police report because they haven't helped me in the past and I am afraid to get involved with the city's broken judicial system, not to mention the fact that I don't want to put my life at more risk my pressing charges against the thief.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

"He lives 2 doors down"

I hadn't seen my acquaintance from 3 doors down in many months. That's probably a good thing because most of the men in my bldg. sexually harrass me. So, when I saw him on my hall a few days ago I told him I hadn't seen him in a long time. Normally he's kind of "fake happy" Alot of the blacks are "high on God" "high on born again Christianity" I'd like to say. But he was in a severe depression.

He said: "I've been in a severe depression for a long time" I asked why. He said because my car was stolen. I thought that sounds like a familiar Balto. story. He said it was stolen from Greenmount Ave. I asked him if they found it or not and he said yes, they did, but then they impounded it and he can't afford to get it out of impound. (If he were a listener I would have told him how many times that's happened to me but he wasn't really listening to me, so I simply said that it sounds familiar.)

Yesterday, I was walking to Bagelo, and he was pulling up in his car. I congratulated him. He said he got the couple hundred together to get the car out of impound. We talked for almost 20 minutes and I was so happy that he hadn't sexually harrassed me. He said that it's not the first time his car's been stolen. He was at the gas station at harford and 25th and he was hijacked at gunpoint!

I told him that's why I stay out of the city. I also said that when I had a car there were only certain places I'd go with the car, and only certain gas stations I'd go to. I told him that my rule of thumb was, if it's a gas station where beggars approach me for money then that's a gas station I refuse to go to. I also told him that when I went to "church" in broad daylight in 3/03, I came out and they smashed out all of the windows of my Honda and stole everything off of my seats. I told him that I stopped going to that "church" and stopped going to the city!

When the conversation ended I started walking to Bagelo, and he yelled: "I like your walk!" I became immediately uncomfortable and self conscious. You shouldn't have to listen to that in your own apt. bldg. But what can I do?! That kind of behavior is completely ingrained in his culture. So I yelled back:


"USA Today/Displaced, figting to find a place to live"

"Thousands of people who lost homes in hurricanes struggle with rent whle awaiting rebuilding aid."

by Rick Jervis

Gulfport, Miss

For the past month, Ms. King has been forced to live in room 219 at the Broadway Inn Motel off of Highway 90 in this storm scarred seaside town. If she could, she'd move tomorrow, but rents are nearly double what they were pre-Katrina. FEMA's been paying King's hotel bill whild she tries to find permanent housing on her 700 dollar a month disability check.

King's been forced to move 5x in the last 3 years by FEMA. (Personally, I've had 80 addresses) I feel like a victim she went on to say. "She's one of thousands stuck in housing limbo." FEMA has announced a deadline of 3/1/09 to cut off all temp. housing payments.

I don't usually meet them but there sure are alot of people in dismal conditions like my own.


I'm now registed with this website which is pretty cool. You tell them the zip code that you are interested in working in and if you like, they will send you daily job alerts out of those zip codes. (In my case they've asked me what types of jobs I'm interested in I said "all") So, they are sending me daily job alerts out of my zip and my other favorite zip which is out of state.

Of course for out of state jobs it takes quite a bit of money to get there to interview, so it still makes most economic sense for me to take a live in nanny job because at least I can do the interview over the phone, and once I leave Baltimore for the position I've got housing and work for the time that the family and I are happy. But like I said there sure is a huge amount of competition out there for live in nannies................................

It's all so exhausting, this trying to pull yourself up by your bootstraps.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

"I'm no stranger to asking strangers for help"

And you could in a sense say that I've been running "rescue me" ads of one sort or another for 14 years. One guy who responded to my housing ad was supposed to meet me today in Baltimore. No confirmation call, no show. He has an extra room in his house in "87" Pennsylvania. That's right. He lives in the town of 87. He was planning to share his car with me and then eventually take me to get a car at the auction in PA (my idea)

But, no show. There are tons of people who say they like the idea of having a house mate but never follow thru. Perhaps because I make it very clear that my focus is to get out of poverty, and guys would like to think that if they rescue a girl that she will fall in love with him.

Sadly, no matter how nice people seem, most of the time I get stood up with no call for cancellation. In my mind it's unconscionable to stand people up, but that's not the way the world works.

So, in some form or another about 100 people a day hear my story and know that I'm looking for safe housing........a painstakingly slow process when you don't make enough money to afford housing in a safe neighborhood.

But I simply won't accept La Pew as my forever fate.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Earnings Escalator has stopped for Grads by Susan Reimer


Jessie, my college aged daughter, once declared herself to be "unemployable." "I can't possibly work five days a week. I can't possibly get up this early every day. And I can't possibly do all this commuting." she said in a huff.

She was about to start an internship that required her to get up early and commute 5 days a week, and she was miserable. "Yep." I said. "That would make you unemployable."

Reality fast approaches. She will graduate from Penn State in May and although many Penn State students are so happy in Happy Valley that they dread leaving the blue and white womb I think she's ready.

She isn't ready to get up early and commute five days a week, but I think she finally might be curious about what employment will look like for her. I think she'd like to earn some money, instead of relying on her ability to charm her father.

Me? I'm worried as hell.

When I graduated from college, my starting salary was equal to what my father was earning at Alcoa after a 40 year career.

The "escalator effect," which promises that each generation will do better than the last, was working for me.

It won't work for Jessie. I don't make that much but she has no hope of earning anywhere near what I earn when she starts out.

Jessie plans to live at home with us. I'm delighted. When we get to slamming pots around the kitchen, my husband just beams and waits for us to put a plate in front of him.

Living at home puts geographic limits on her employment opportunities, but the fact is that wages, especially entry level wages have stagnated while housing, gas and food proces have soared.

Jessie might have to have 14 roommates if she wanted to move out.

And she's one of the lucky ones. Her parents paid for her college. The average student loan debt for graduating seniors nationwide is 21k according to the Project on Student Debt. Her parents gave her one of their old cars, so she doesn't have that nut to crack either.

We have been picking up the check for her for 4 years, so she doesn't have the average of 3k in credit card debt on top of it all.

And we made sure she will be covered by health insurance, even if she doesn't find work right away, so she doesn't have to worry about that.

Heck, she's even on my car insurance and cell phone plans.

But Jessie will enter a working world much harsher than the one her parents entered out of college.

Her job will be tied tightly to her performance and to her company's performance. Her employer will keep her only as long as it benefits him to do so.

Any raises she gets will be based on performance. There will be no annual increases based on seniority. And she can have no expectation of having the same job for all her working life.

She can expect to see her paycheck dimished by increased soc. security deductions, and she will have to fund her own retirement with payments to a 401k plan of some kind, and she will be paying a significant share of any health insurance coverage.

She will probably have to go back to school for some kind of advanced degree-a bachelor's degree is the new high school diploma and that costs money.


Without much of a paycheck, she isn't going to be able to travel or buy lots of clothes or furnish her place with the luxuries she-thanks to her parents indulgence-thinks of as essentials. If she isn't careful, she will get herself into massive credit card debt trying to recreate the life she had at home.

I look at Jessie and her beautiful, laughing collection of girlfriends and I think that I understand why so many of them want to stay in college-the halfway house between childhood and adult responsibilities.

Compared to the real world, it is so appealing.

elana's thoughts

powerful article, ehh?

"You're kidding, right?" (Getting There)

This is the promotional poster on the MTA bus that I saw for the first time today.


read the paper or a book
make a call but keep your conversation low
listen to music but keep volume down
take a power nap
do work, surf the net
make friends


my comment is:


Thursday, August 21, 2008

"La Pew Correspondence/Correspondence from Hell"

The following notice was left in my door last night. I've requested that they put notices all the way under my door, so they don't get ripped off, but that request has gone unanswered.

On 8/21 and 8/22 Linden will be entering your apt. to inspect our recently completed work.

This is about the 10th of these notices I've received. I've already told them that if they come in my place I'm taking them to court; but they seem to be ignoring / forgetting that I've told them that so many times, even though I've put it in writing. What us tenants say about anything always falls on deaf ears. This morning I believe they were banging very hard on my door to get in, but I did not let them in. I'm sure they'll do the same thing tomorrow. I could get a restraining order; but it takes a huge amount of wherewithal to get to that city courthouse to do all of that.

Monday, August 18, 2008

"Collectable Quotes"

"Don't put an age limit on your dreams" Dara Torres (Olympic Swimmer, 40something role model)

"I don't see America as having problems, but great values!" (No so savvy "role model" George W. Bush being interviewed in Beijing at the Olympics as well)

"Michael Phelps is a dork, because he wore green tennis shoes to his high school prom" (my acquaintance from the chatline who will remain un-named)

"The way La pew handles death"

Is the way they handle everything. Completely haphazardly. For example, Gary, who is my age has been dead since October '07 and I found out in June '08. Birthdays are announced in the monthly newsletter (which I really dislike) and deaths aren't typically announced at all.

April , about 50, apparently died sometime within the last 2 weeks. When I went to get a candy bar from the vending machine last night, I saw a bulletin board (not one that normally doesn't get used much at all) leaning against a wall, with a death notice on it. Mind you, the b.board wasn't hanging on a wall but leaning. It had been taken down and put elsewhere due to the rehab. The only reason I noticed it at all is because I went to the vending machine. A. was just a mere acquaintance of mine, but still, I think it's disrespectful of staff to largely keep deaths a big secret. On the board was the announcement for her funeral which had happened a week ago!

Many of the people in the bldg. don't know each others names so the fact that there is no picture or death notice in our monthly newsletter, means you'll only hear about deaths by chance.

"Getting There"


It's bloody amazing that a single one of these buses arrive "safely" to their respective destinations.

 Today,  the female driver  spent the entire 2 miles driving while manicuring her nails!  Not just while the bus was at red lights but also while it was IN MOTION!  She bit away feverishly at both hands pulling the nail parts off and throwing them on the floor. At one point she spit some of the nail pieces out of her mouth onto the window! I'm naucious, and feel very endangered.....................but somehow I have arrived in one piece!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

"I'm really enjoying the Olympics"

I've caught tiny bits of the Olympics over the years, but this year I've watched every night since opening ceremony. I've only been watching t.v. regularly for a little over a year and a half. I think it's incredibly cool that Phelps and Hoff are from Towson and trained at "my" local Mt. Washington (balto.) pool. I looked into joining that pool years ago, as I do love to swim, but I couldn't afford it.

I'm also loving the gymnastics and liking the "synchronized" diving (which of course is only synchronized some of the time) I'll bet more than 1/2 the reason why people watch so much of the Olympics is because these are such attractive people with great bodies and adorable little outfits! A month ago I couldn't have told you who Phelps or Hoff even were.

"Good News"

I wish I could give more exciting news then this, but I just found today that the maint. man who has stolen the bulk of my underwear, silverware, dishes, socks, files, paperwork, money, vandalized my furniture, left a porn mag. in my l.r., rearranges my belongings and has caused me the most trauma at la pew everyday for 3 years, no longer works here. It's still a living hell here, but at least I don't have to look at this "man" every day. I still don't feel safe at La Pew and I am aggressively working on getting out. I put about 15 to 20 or more hours each week into my housing search which has been the case for a full year.

Friday, August 15, 2008


obviously i proof read some posts better than others. but you get the idea

"You've Got Mail"

Dear Ms. Snyder,


Thank you for your interest in a c.f. personal loan for 9,999. For well over halp a century, we've built a reputation for working very hard to find ways to get our applicants money when they need it.

b.s. b.s. b.s.

We are disappointed that wqe cannot approve your application at this time.

Every year c.f. put missions of dollars in the hands of people all around the country to help fulfill their dreams.

All hands except yours.

Should your circumstances change in the future, we would welcome the pooortunity to explire the ways we could help you fullfill yours.



My attempts at buying a car have borne no fruit.

"La Pew Correspondence/Correspondence from Hell"

There's quite a bit of construction that happens that we are never alerted about as well, for example it took them a few days to build a planter for the tree in the backyard. They rarely work on projects that would actually improve our quality of life.

Monday 8/11 Tuesday 8/12 in 9 hour shifts I listened to work trucks with back up beepers non stop. By 5 p.m. Tueday I had a migraine that didn't go away until yesterday. One hour after the work truck left, the landscaper who comes daily was out back (under my window with the leaf blower) until dark. He mows the lawn almost every day 7 days a week. People have no idea what noise pollution can do to your physical and mental health until they have lived through it.

There was an article in the Baltimore Sun a few days ago about how wealthy communities up and down the east coast are very upset because one of the airports is going to be diverting planes in such a way that the noise pollution will increase in their communities. Interestingly, the mayor of Elizabeth, NJ a poor area is suing (the airline?) in anticipation of the noise pollution.

More bad news from La pew

My thoughts in green


A representative from the contracting company will be in your apt., Wed. July 30, to repair any problems that were noticed by BIll, Linden Contracting.

Each repair crew has a list of items to work on, DO NOT ask them to repair things yourself. If there is something they missed, call the office.

Thank you for your cooperation.


On Tues, July 29 the painters will be in your apt. to paint the bedroo closet.

The entire closet must be emptoy for the painters to complete thier work.


You should let the paint dry for 24 hours before returning your items to your closet.

If you need help please let the office know.

Thank you.

It's traumatizing to think that you'll come home and find your stuff has been taken out of your closet. For that reason, I've taken my nice winter sweaters and put them elsewhere out of sheer fear. I came home and couldn't find any evidence of anyone having been in my home, except that at some point my new book of stamps has been stolen.

Undated (slipped 1/2 way into my door on 8/15/08)

Dear Resident,

On Tues. 8/19, Weds. 8/20 and Th. 8/21 hte parking lot is being resealed and striped.

You just did that one year ago! Looks like I'll have to stay out of the house on those 3 days as I imagine the noise and air pollution will be unbearable.

This means your car will have to be off the lot for the entire 3 days.

Parking isn't easy in my neighborhood, but I decided that even if I do manage to get another car, I'll never park it in the La pew lot again. The flood lights are usually out, and that back yard doesn't feel safe after dark. I'd fear vandalism or jealously from other tenants. When I do have a rental car, I hide it on a "safe" residential street.

For those of you who have a car in an assigned space, this means it must be moved or it will be towed at your expense.

Threats are a common language that staff use against us. The manager daily keeps her suv parked in a fire lane no park zone. I've often thought about what joy it would be to have her towed. Management are such hypocrites. I don't know how they can expect us to respect them when they give us no respect.

The contracting company will do everyting in their power to work as fast as they can to to complete the job.

iF Y


The frustration we all feel with the rehab is understood, but we are almost at the end.

Oh, is that a fact, and when is that date?

Your closets will be one of the last things that need to be done.

To help make things a little easier, the only areas that will be painted are the two side walls of your closet. The holes from the previous closet will be filled in and that area will be painted.

If cleaning out the entire closet is a problem, just make sure the side walls are cleared.

If you need help clearing things, let us know and we will be able to help. But the closets need to be completed.

O.K. So, I've been given less than 12 hours notice. I've already told them that if they set foot in my house I will take them to court. Obviously they haven't gotten that notice. I stop them in the hall, and tell them that they better not go in my house. Oh, don't you worry, one said, we won't. Sounds like they got the message.