Sunday, June 27, 2010

"In my opinion/"

My experience with megabus. The ad on the side of the bus states that you can ride for $1. That's only if you are the first to book on a particular ride. The average price for a one way tick from balto to manhattan is about 20. that's a great deal. BUT

I had to make approximately 4 calls to the 1800 number. Even when I asked for a supervisor I was not put thru. No one knew anything about the discounted broadway show tix. I was told I should email the website. I sent 3 emails over the course of 10 days got zero responses.

I had to change my date of return, the website didn't allow me to accomplish that. I paid double for my return ticket. I had arrived to the Mega bus stop almost 3 hours early (back to baltimore) and asked what is the procedure for going back on an earlier bus. The employee said just stand to the side and I'll get to you. I was forgotten about. The couple next to me didn't know that they could get to Baltimore by taking a bus labelled Washington. I only knew it because I overheard it.

Even tho' the mbus employee knew I was waiting he didn't bother to tell me that I would need to walk across the street to the mega bus tick office and buy a change ticket fee. He had me do that while the bus was full and ready to take off. I feared they'd leave without me.

Due to construction we were 1.5 hours late getting back to White Marsh. My car was adorned with a ticket (a summons) because I was forced to double park. There were no more lined spaces at the park and ride when I arrived. About 40 people were forced to double park. So now the city is going to make a bundle by dragging us all to court. Now instead of focussing on some other critical health issues I need to waste time makingcalls about court.

My ticket says that I have 15 days to call and schedule a court date yet my ticket was blank. All lines were blank. The ticket wasn't dated nor signed by an officer. If my car were to be impounded say 200 first day. The true cost of a round trip mega bus ticket balto to manhattan would be about 255 dollars!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Just Returned

I just returned from a brief first trip to Manhattan. I only encountered one other customer/patron in the hallway. We saw each other twice so said hi. Can you believe he also lived in Woodridge apts in Randallstown like I did?! Ahhh synchronicity.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"The last hotel room"

Oh my synchronistic life! It's crazy! Recently I stayed somehwere and you'll neverbelieve what happened (bad keyboard now) As per usual I did not want any room service. The housekeeper almost pressured me to take service on the first day. On th second day she had the nerve to get angry at me and say in very broken English that it will hurt her paycheck if i don't accept room service.

I was seething angry and complained to the hotel about it. I was eating brekkie and i glance at the front cover of the newspaper. It's all about how hotel visitorship is down and hotels are going green, giving customers the option to not hae the room serviced or to just have the trash taken out that sort of thing!

"Hotels give deals to do less cleaning"

Money saving housekeeping cuts marketed as "green"

Since programs began (green) 40% of customers opted for no cleaning or less cleaning. One customers said "I don't change my sheets daily at home it would be ludicrous for me to have them changed daily at the hotel!"

Friday, June 18, 2010

"No Phone Zone"

Ever since cell phones came out I've been infuriated when I see people talking/texting and driving. When I left my apt. yesterday I counted. 3 out of the first 4 cars I saw were talking on a cell. Whenever I"m in a near accident, which is almost daily, it's with someone who is talking on the phone.

I was on the Oprah website and I happened upon a show that she did on this issue. She had family after family who lost someone to a cell phone accident. There was one young man who killed 2 people while texting. This is a powerful show.

Please go to the oprah website toview the show and sign the "no phone zone" pledge that you won't drive and talk/text.

Thank you

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Favorite Quote

Rudyard Kipling said in


"Blankety blank is a place where the air is dirt that is inhabited by savages and a collection of miserables"

think he's talking of Baltimore city? i'd think so too but instead he was referring to Chicago

"The mildest of the insanity"

Since 2/1 I've been thru hell at Twisted Pines with incidences that are nearly identical to what i went thru at La Pew. The mildest one I can post the more severe ones I cannot. Someone came and cut up all of my beautiful yellow lilies stealing them from my garden. This is not a person who wants/needs flowers. This is the same person/persons who wants me to receive not an ounce of joy from life.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Is that a WEDDING RING you're wearing?!

There's a very attractive young man who i chat with for about 5 minutes every time i get coffee from the 7=11. We have enjoyable exchanges every time. He's alot younger then me. He said that he has no girlfriend but is looking very hard.

After about 2 months I asked him if he'd like to hang out. That was about a week ago. He said yes. But I didn't have the guts to give him my # and sometimes I'd go in and he's left for the day.

Well today I see a wedding ring on his finger! I said "is that awedding ring on your finger?" "No, an engagement ring." "But You said you don't have a girlfriend" "That's right I didn't"

"I get it" I said. "You're the product of an arranged marriage!" "That's right, he said. I only met her once. I haven't had a chance to tell you but the engagement party was over the weekend!"

I said you're lucky. I think that's a better way to go then the western way. He said the girl likes to sew and asked him what he likes to eat. I said that perhaps she will likely cook for you. Yes, he said. I went on to say but American women wouldn't necessarily be willing or know how.

He said she is 22 and working on her Master's degree. He said he is very nervous because he knows so little about her. I asked him if his parents live in India. He said no I live with my mother. "You're a virgin aren't you, you're not allowed to have sex before marriage?" He said you're right I am a virgin.

(How often do YOU go this deep with your 7-11 clerk?!) Z. had no embarrassment in telling me he is a virgin.

I just thought this story HAD to be told. I had planned on asking him to hang out today, but instead I said "you aren't allwed to hang out with other women are you" "No" he said. "Unless I sneak"

(Not an option in my book) So I'm happy for him but a little sad that he won't be allowed to hang out with me. He said "see you tomorrow?" sounding hopeful and doubtful at the same time.........................

Friday, June 11, 2010

My dream

Last night Allison visited me in my dream. (i refer to her in a prior post, haven't seeen her in 19 months) We're on a college campus in a big room all to ourselves. The stereo is blasting and we struggle to hear each other. After a long time she tells me I can turn it down. A woman comes in and insists that one of us need to accept her money for the pizza she just bought. It was tough to convince her that neither of us are the approprate people to accept pizza money.

Allison and I go upstairs and look thru the choice of liqueur. We decide on a pineapple chocolate liqueur. (in real life i introduced her to Alex and they are a perfect pair both autistic) In the dream I try to convince Allison to dump Mark and take Alex. She says that although she is still with Mark she did a long visit with Alex.

The cold water starts spraying all over her. She panics (autism) and begs me to fix the faucet.

At this point I woke up. Funny how dreams give the illusion of lasting hours when in reality perhaps they only last a couple of minutes.

dream interpreters feel free to come forward

My New next door neighbor

My other neighbor was so sick that I called the office to warn them that Dorothy can't live on her own anymore.

The process of them getting the apt. ready for the next tenant was a noisy one. Took a few weeks. Was pretty dissapointed that it's a woman from the other side of the complext moving in. She and her girlfriends make me feel very uncomfortable. (long story) so the fact that they're next door has added even more stress. They sit in the front yard with the dog day after day. So they know all of my comings and goings. Feel more suffocated.

This is one of those dogs with the high pitch yip that is non stop and I can hear it through my wall.

However, having them sit out front brings a tiny bit of extra security to the development.

I don't know how they can sit out front as I find the traffic from the road to be deafening.

There is alot going on but sadly I cannot transmit it electronically.

Review of "Shrek For ever after"

Overall I'd have to say that I did not care for this movie. Admittedly I am influenced by the way other patrons behave which tends to be pretty badly. There were 5 patrons and one talked all the way through. I had to move my seat twice.

But beyond that in all fairness the graphics were amazing. The way they make the characters look so human like is very neat-o. The only other Shrek I've seen was in '01. HOw could I forget. My roomate was Pauli and he could sit day after day and watch back to back Shrek over and over again. When it was his weekend to get his 4 children, he'd plop them down in front of Shrek!

The music was good, the plot good, but the overall tone of the movie was sad. There was a bit of sadness and pseudo violence. I was hoping for something with more laughs.

Boy was I surprised to see that Julie Andrews was the voice for one of the characters. And Eddie Murphy again for the donkey. There were some other great voices too.

What I did like was the strong female character of Fiona. You may recall from previous posts that I love a strong woman!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

"America's Got Talent"

Yesterday was interesting because I was chipping away at Sharon Osbourne's autobiography, just to have to put it down long enough to catch her on America's Got Talent!

She really is lovely. And the survivor of survivors (like me) We have a few things in common as far as family of origin goes. And that we both cut ties with family of origin.

Her bio. is called "Extreme" She seems to have the right personality to have married a rocker!

Anyway, the agt show. Fun, but the commercials are a pain in the ass. I really hate the way the camera keeps panning over to the host right in the middle of a performance. Don't really care for the host. Some of the acts really are amazing.

I think some of the people who get passed to the next level, shouldn't have been passed through. I think most everybody with a sad survivor story is pretty much guaranteed to get passed thru to the next level. I see that on Idol as well.

Love the 2 boys "future of funk" and the 11 y.o. boy who writes his own raps and has 2 girlfriends already!

Twas hilarious to watch the judges get down on the ground and hide behind their stands so they didn't get killed with swinging fire! So compatible with the sorts of things Sharon regularly faces in her life.

Anyway this show is a nice escape....................

"We All Agree"

the girls from my fibromyalgia support group and I all agree that fibromyalgia is progressive. Our level of functioning lessens and our misery grows with every passing year. I aggressively job hunted until February (because of the blizzards) and shortly thereafter realized who am I kidding? I go weeks where I'm too weak to pour a bowl of cereal, and where I can't get to the kitchen without using the walls to hold me up.

Today is day 6 of some brutal symptoms that I can't go into here, but today is the worst I've ever experienced the one symptom, ever. I felt like I was on fire.

I have a whole array of specialists that I'm supposed to be going to but I have other things that are going to get in the way of that happening in a timely fashion. Oyyy. At least I'm learning alot at the online support group.

The Bachelorette

I did have an opportunity to watch episodes 1 and 2. Now I don't much remember episode 1 because it was 10 days ago, but i have enough memory of episode 2 (a few days ago) that I will blog on that.

On a superficial level, I thought that (ali?) put way too much makeup on the other day. So un necessary because like all the other bachelorettes she's gorgeous. She certainly looks fabulous in whatever clothes she's wearing.

Her one on one with Frank looked like a blast. Sure helps when you have 20k to blow on one date, and a servant to go repair your car for you! They both handled that problem very creatively. Was impressive that they hiked that rough terrain to the Hollywood sign. She did better then he did!

They had such beautiful chemistry. The fact that she moved on and gave the other men such a fair chance is really commendable. The other thing I commend her and the other bachelorettes on is that they give even the "not so handsome" guys just as much of a shot as the rest.

One of the things that I found deeply disturbing about this episode was this salesman guy. Craig? The one that "weatherman" knew was sick and reported as such. I found everything about Craig to be scary and creepy and I'm so glad that she got rid of him. She is great at reading body language!

Like her I also like the dude that did the salsa with her. He's lovely. Boy these date places are amazing! But I'm pretty private I certainly couldn't go on national television to date! Then again, it' pretty much guarantees you'll find a partner.

Which brings me to this. What if your mate isn't amongstthe 25? I think I recall that happening before too. It's unlikely I'll have t.v. access next monday I don't know what I"ll do!

"So Many tragic updates"

And I just can't transmit it electronically. But I have no doubt, that if i did, I'd have about 200 readers per day. Now I do still have the ability to write under my pen name, but I can barely keep up with the things that have been happening to me especially after 2/1.

I've had some occasional access to t.v. in the last few weeks although I have no home t.v. So, I will do some light blogging in my next couple of posts.