Sunday, January 23, 2011

"Favorite Quotes"

I was listening to an NPR show where they were discussing mistakes that government officials had made that deeply hurt citizens lives. For example the mistakes made during Katrina when it took Bush so long to get down there but even then all he did was fly over.

Another mistake was where this guy was put in solitary confinement for 9 months and it was later discoverd that he didn't commit the crime.

Anyhow, the quote, more or less was "A badge does not necessarily confer omniscience."

Thursday, January 6, 2011


I used to compile these little diddys on a fairly regular basis. These are the things I overheard, all in one day, but in different shops.


(I overheard this anecdote at Caribou Coffee in Baltimore County)

"My friend only lasted 1 year in Fells Point" She was mugged @ gunpoint at the 7-11.She kept her bicycle on the back porch and the chain was cut, then the bike was stolen. Her car was stolen from her house, driven to a field and then set on fire. She has now moved to Harford County"


Anecdote 2

Panera Bread

"And that's why I hate liberals"


Anecdote 3

Carroll County Subway 4 males at table

"Yeah, but you can still get an erection!"

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Please spare me the b.s.

To Whom it may concern,

and the cashier at "ihop"

and the clerk at "starbox"

please spare me the bullshit and stop asking me how my holidays were. You do not know me and you do not give a cat's meow how my holiday's were. What you do care about is announcing how YOUR holiday's were, and that is what your true agenda is. Please can we now look forward instead of backwards? If you ask me this question again, i will respond, "what holiday?!"

Saturday, January 1, 2011

update without any details

For the time being I cannot transmit the details electronically, although I wish I could because then I'd actually make alot of money because I'd have thousands reading my blog daily, and I am NOT KIDDING you when I tell you that the details of this situation are so shocking and I wish I could transmit them, but I can't, at least, not at this point.

I am homeless again.