Monday, July 18, 2011



Monday afternoon

Here's a tad bit of an overview of the last 3.5 months in this small mountain town. I really like an awful lot about this town despite my inhumane and deplorable life conditions. I've easily had 15 addresses if not more.

Shelter A* didn't let me back after i got out of the hospital because they said "you don't sleep well communally" While i was in hosp. about 300 dollars worth of my belongings dissapeared from this so called" Christian" Shelter.

Shelter B only let me stay 3 days saying that "you aren't in enough danger to warrant staying in our shelter"

Subsidized Housing Community "Hippo-krits" said they are unlikely to approve me because "you are in so much danger on a day to day level that your presence here will jeapordize the other tenants"

Since 6/1 I've been in Dye-Inn motel. Squalor and danger. My roomate is a psychopath and my room has been violated, broken into on what looks like a daily basis.  My monthly rate was 300, but the owners just changed over to a weekly rate of 175 a week. So with less then 24 hours notice they evicted me last night and told me i have to be out today.

I went thru in my head all of the theoretical options and can come up with none that are healthy or viable.

Agency D was planning to fund a move in to a new place, but that will be a few days and I'll be on the street til that happens. Looks like I'm going to lose all of my belongings again. Today is cold and rainy. With no car and no money for a storage unit i risk that my belongings will be put to the curb. Despite the fact that it is illegal for landlords to evict with so little notice, they are going to do it anyway and there is no time or energy to fight it.......................

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"This is an actual 9-1-1 call"

Like I said the first thing I did was scream when I witnessed what appeared to be an attempted vehicular homicide 3 weeks ago. I yelled for my psycho roomate to call the police since he was closest to the phone. He laughed but didn't make the call.

"911, do you need police, fire or ambulance"

elana-"POLICE, HURRY!"

911-"calm down maam, what is your emergency"

elana-Hurry! There was just an attempted vehicular homicide at the motel I'm in!"

911-"Are there any weapons?"

elana-"Please, please come now!!! Yes, the weapon is the truck."

911-"what color is the truck"

elana-"red, it's here it's right outside the bedroom window, hurry, he just crashed into the bldg when he tried to kill my neighbor!"

911-"so there's property damage too? maam we have them on the way right now"


(What led me to look out the window in the first place was a verbal fight that I heard escalating in the park. lot between 2 males. Additionally, another fight, verbal broke out between 2 women at the same time. "BITCH? BITCH? WHO YOU CALLIN BITCH, BITCH?!"

The male with the red truck had that oh so familiar look of fury in his eyes, the look of murderous rage that I grew so accustomed to seeing in Baltimore as road rage is so common where I lived for so long. The male threw the gears into drive, then slammed it into reverse presumably to hit and kill his opponent.

From the angle of my "bedroom" window-all I could see was him. The next day I learned that the male who was not in the vehicle had pulled a gun on the guy with the truck!

I wish I could tell you that my life is calming down but the day to day is still toxic and I do not feel safe for a # of reasons..............As long as Americans are forced to live on a dis. income, with housing costs so high they will continue to be homeless, or living in squalor and danger as I have spent a great deal of the last 17.5 years.....................

Oddly, there were no arrests. In the 5 weeks I've been staying at "dye-inn" every day is filled with drama, the cops visit this roach motel multiple times a day.

"Standin' on the Corner"

What are the chances?! My neighbor, and now friend, the person who has been the most supportive since i've been in this mountain town, is the very woman for which this infamous Eagles song was written. Specifically, my friend, C. is the woman for which this line was written "it's a girl my lord in a flatbed ford!" And she even still has the same flatbed ford in her ownership!

Now, I'll have a new ref. in my brain every time i hear this song on the radio in the futre! I thought you guys could use a little light fun trivia from me.