Saturday, August 29, 2015

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Intermediate Spanish class

I attended my third session this semester of a free intermediate Spanish class. I'm not so sure I'm going to go back however because even though the teacher is a natural and really fantastic, there is one student who is so domineering that he basically has a one on one relationship with her for the entire class basically question after question after question as if none of the rest of us are in the room. She essentially is abandoning her entire lesson plan to appease him. It is more than annoying and I certainly don't have any control over it. As you can see I am always trying new things in my community. And for all of the problems my community has and there are many I still must say that this is the best American town I have ever lived in in my life. That is not the same thing as saying that I'm a happy person :-)

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

It actually has a name

It's been a problem for years and I just found out that it actually has a name burning mouth syndrome. Need i say more? It's really horrible and you're always thinking about it either you're burning or you're feeling pins and needles. I also have reason to believe that I have Hashimoto's disease which is a thyroid problem. I don't mention the overwhelming majority of issues affecting my quality of life to my doctor because I don't honestly believe that she can do very much to help me but I will mention burning mouth syndrome and I will tell her that I need an MRI of my right shoulder and right arm because the pain is so unbearable and I can't do much at all with my right arm


The last couple of days have been particularly productive. I have gone to two different meetings through this seems like a really good way to meet people where the relationships will go deeper than just acquaintanceships.

Additionally, I've waited years to get things in my apartment repaired because no matter how often I would communicate with management I would never hear anything back. I have put up with two and a half years of my washing machine tearing up my clothes and my dryer taking 4 hours to dry one load. Additionally in the maintenance man replaced my venetian blinds today and finally replaced my screen. Both things were a problem for well over a year. This is the first time of maintenance man has come to my home and made a very professional impression on me I made sure to let him know that he impressed me.

I am waiting for my supervisor to determine what my work assignment will be through vocational rehabilitation. I can't tolerate much more of this poverty and always running out of money before the end of the month as well as not having the means to leave town because of not having adequate gas or enough money to spend even one night in a hotel

Friday, August 14, 2015

Sleep/or stay in bed

Even if I'm not tired I am forced to stay in bed and sleep as much asp ossible because the bodywide pain is excruciating.  Looking into an mri for the right shoulder arm and hand, the pain has been there for years and a bone is moving in and out of place, I cAN feel it popping.

There's no point in listing all of the symptoms but it's very inhumane.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Primal wound, adoption

Van gogh

It's excruciating pain

It's excruciating pain and it's invisible to everybody else because I don't talk about how my body feels. This is one of the best photos I have ever seen that so perfectly describes what it is like to live in my body from sunup to sundown

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Homicide hunter quote of the day

" Our Gang
Is better armed then your gang" Lt.Joe kenda

Moldy movie moldy documentary

Well it's an epidemic just like Lyme disease. And it's a serious epidemic quite similar to Lyme disease. I lived in a mold infested apartment from 09 to 2011 now I've been in a seriously mold infested apartment for two and a half years. I have nearly all of the symptoms and they are very serious. Dealing migraines, daily nauseous pelvic pain inability to concentrate brain problems on and on and on weakness

But just like with Lyme disease I'm pretty much powerless due to the fact that I'm in poverty. The people in my mold support group on Facebook say that it's pretty much a hopeless case if you live in an apartment and you just need to get out well I can't get out I can't move I have to live where they tell me to live

The people in my mold support group said that it would be foolish to tell the apartment about the problem because still come and bleach it and they'll just make the situation even worse

According to the film most likely you're going to have to leave your environment and leave everything behind. Do you know how many times I've had to leave all of my belongings behind in the course of the last 21 years? That isn't an option anymore

The movie suggest you get a mold literate doctor and all these things that you would need to do require a great deal of money just like with Lyme disease you need a lime literate medical doctor that is not an option to me because these specialists don't take insurance!

So that leaves one thing mentioned in the movie and that is giving up sugar and certain other foods. I am quite frankly not willing to give up sugar

So in my case there really is no hope I'm not going to get better and it ain't going to improve that's just the way it is for nearly one out of two people in this country

According to the movie 1 out of 2 u.s buildings is mold infested! I definitely encourage you to watch the movie on YouTube it is very important, you may be very low yourself and not realize that it's mold

Second hand shopping

Got this beautiful wallet for $2 at savers

I'm shopping

Got this beautiful backpack for $4 at savers

Second hand stores

Got this fabulous purse for $3 at savers

Monday, August 10, 2015

Dance tutorial

Meghan Trainor - All About That Bass (Dance Tutor…:

Sunday, August 9, 2015

I am cait

Unfortunately I missed the majority of the episode but I am in the midst of catching the last 10 minutes of this week's episode of I am Kate

One of Kate's new girlfriends who used to be male is explaining to Caitlin that she is in the pink cloud phase right now where everything revolves around her and the fact that she is now transgendered.

The friend goes on to say you must get on with getting outside of yourself and concentrating on other people also.

This is wonderful advice I begin meeting transgendered people in the mid to late nineties and pretty much every single one that I met only talked about themselves and their sexuality or their new transgenderedness.

It makes it nearly impossible for regular people like myself to feel comfortable with transgendered folks. 

I went to katelin new blog and let her know that she is my favorite republican I really like bruce jenner caitlin jenner very much wonderful person really wonderful person!

Look it up

I will google it

The Lab School of Washington DC

I was here in 1963 but it wasn't the lab school, I was here in utero when it was called the home for unwed mothers

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Investigation Discovery true crime


Hanover pa.

I used to take country drives to Hannover when I lived in Hampstead Maryland

Bad Company Rock Steady 1974

Neil Young - Rockin' In The Free World


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Rose Royce

Soul Train Car Wash Rose Royce:

Top 10

Top 10 Rap Acts of All Time:

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Ohio Players - Fire

Ban 4 by 4 trucks ban 2500 ban monster trucks

Adult messages in children's cartoon shows

I was watching the Arthur cartoon today and the children were playing with their (I will refer to them as) diversity cows!  The toy animals had the diversity rainbow which was so cute and highly relevant to the strides at the glbtc community are making ;)

amazing documentary on sudanese tribe



Love this series point of view.  Last night they interviewed military but more importantly Sudanese tribes at war. The refugees said they are referred to as "black sacks" the woman joked and said "what do they think they are, white?  they are black too!

Despite being in war zones this amazing documentary showed the tribes dancing and sing and drum all day and all night unless they are running from the planes dropping bombs....................

please search for

Sudanese refugees girls music

I hope you can find it, the outfits so gorgeous, the music and dance will bring tears to your eyes

wild wonderful wacky synchronicity

I'll be substituting the word "Montessori" for the actual school but it will not change the meaning of this cool short anecdote

Saturday I had an interview at the brand new Montessori school which still looks like a warehouse

sunday the front page of the newspaper said "Montessori may not meet their goal date to move into the new building"

Monday when I was at the pay phone in the library there were about 150 books next to the pay phone but the book that was left at the phone was entitled " a Montessori education!"


Always #LikeAGirl - Unstoppable

brings a tear 2 my eye

Second hand store solution

Wildflower cafe grilled cheese sandwich

I hope this I hope you enjoy this succulent looking photograph of their grilled cheese sandwich

Bad news and good news about my blog

The bad news is really minor and can be easily corrected. For some reason my site meter is no longer on my blog but since it had been up for so long I always know my approximate readership

Now that I have a smartphone I can post more often and where each post got about seven hits now each post gets anywhere from 10 260 hits I can easily well nothing's easy in my life, but I can relatively easily find someone to put sitemeter backup for me again because I really do enjoy tracking my readership it creates a certain motivation to keep on writing

Sometimes I look back at the posts in a little bit embarrassed that I shared so much but when you get right down to it the more open I am I think the more my numbers increase

Monday, August 3, 2015


That's Soul Dancing - James Brown, Michael Jackson, Black Dance Creations

That's Soul Dancing - James Brown, Michael Jackson, Black Dance Creations

Brutal struggle

I had to switch from Verizon on 6/3 to sprint smart phone.  now I can't believe, sprint is jerking me around just like sprint did.  being told your bill will b 41 a month, and then 2 weeks later being told u owe 170 and you are late!  how can I b late if I just paid you on the july4.

just 2 avoid being shut off I paid double what I agreed to pay, and they shut me off 2 days ago!

don't know how to get onto facebook on these public computers, but even worse I had to spend another 30  on a land line and they can't get me hooked up for another 8 days.

what the hell kind of life is this.  nobody's life should be "getting cluster fucked every 5 minutes by society!"

"Lauren" emailed me a year ago to say that I'm 2 angry.  I wrote in my journal "I can assure u it isn't anger it's RAGE!"

I'm alive but I have no way of making outgoing calls or texts for I don't know how long.