Saturday, February 5, 2011

"Current thoughts on Carroll County"

I used to love carroll county maryland in the late 70's and 80's. Used to go to Sportsman's Hall, Cascade Lake, used to come up here to visit my boyfriend between 88 and 90.   He grew up in Manchester. Driving to and through Carroll County was a joy.

No more. Other then it's natural beauty, (which will remain no matter how sick the society becomes)  I consider it a sick place

. I am sad to say this but , violent crime IS alive and well in Carroll County Maryland, regardless of whether or not it makes the papers.

I think one of the first signs that quality of life has dropped so much in c.c. is  the road rage epidemic.   I mean if nearly everyone on the roads is behaving angrily and using their vehicles as weapons;  is it any wonder that violent crimes are up? I see a close correlation here.

Most people are driving a big ass 4 by 4 dodge frickin ram terminator, yet transporting nothing.  They bully you if you are driving less then 80 mph!

In the last 4 months, I've had experiences in c.c. where the male got out of their vehicle right in the middle of the road, and either approached or tried to approach my driver's window in a fit of rage about me doing the speed limit.

Last week, someone angrily passed me on Black Rock just to speed in front of me just to end up at my destination.

  At  at  Wally World he "flew" through the parking lot. and then to the gas pump in front of me. I thought that interesting.  I honked to alert her to pull to the forward most pump so I can get gas too. I kept beeping and she refused to move her car forward. Finally, she flung open her car door and said "What is your problem bitch?!"

  I said I just need you to move forward so I can get gas.

she shouted "THIS IS AMERICA!" then she went on to say:

 " I will do what I please when I please. If you want gas then pass me bitch!"  She continued to scream. I told her it's common sense that you move to the front pump. I had to wedge my way between her car and the car at the other pump to get in front of her!


Another lesson I've learned since my first episode of homelessness in 94 is this: for every piece of "news" that mainstream media decides to publish in your local paper, there are hundreds and hundreds of things "they" would prefer to leave alone and not cover. Just keep that in mind when you read the newspaper. What are they leaving out? Are they telling us the truth?"