Saturday, May 22, 2010

"Hampstead Day"

Initially when I drove past I was very impressed because it took up so much of main st. Maybe at least a mile I'd say in both directions. Unfortunately for me they did not close down Main St. The reason I say "unfortunately" is because I spent 1/2 my time with my fingers plugged in my ears. Most Carroll County'ians own either motorcycles or souped up deafening 4 x 4 type trucks. So the noise pollution is insane.

The fest. was very commercially oriented-more then 1/2 were selling junk, the other half were sellling goods that they created, very pretty. There was a "dunk the boy for cancer research" tank. A 5 y.o. boy with amazing strength and perfect aim did indeed dunk the boy.

I caught the last rock song (live band) thank goodness it was one of my faves "teenage wasteland" it was deafening so I was surprised that parents allowed their toddlers inside!

What else. All I bought was a soda because what's the use in buying anything else as long as I'm dealing with robberies?

Remember my first post about how I can use the power of my mind to win contests? I did a spin the wheel thing and I did indeed win, but I won cookies! I said "you mean you aren't sending me on a cruise?!"

My feet are killing me. There was one stand where to win a walking stick you had to listen to a 3 minutes shpiel. The guy preached and then asked me if I wanted to get saved. I said no. They offered me walking stick but it didn't look like a very good one so I didn't take it.

Too bad festivals end so early. This one ended at 4. I think that's when alot of folks are starting their days!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Review of Hotel 2

Everything is on the same level. I notice washers and dryers. I asked a staffer if people actually live here? He gave an odd, unprofessional answer! He said, "Yes, and for quickies!"

There is an outdoor pool, no lifeguard. Initially when you walk into your room the decor is nice. But the frig isn't cold enough. There is dried blood spatter on the bathroom door. The boxspring is immersed with dried blood. I wonder if there are bedbugs. All evening and all night is screaming, banging doors and car alarms.

No continental breakfast. The sheet that describes the ameneties is gross, filthy covered with bloody fingerprints!

There are many many channels on the cable t.v.

(One of those investigative journalism shows reviewed hotels by putting secret cams in them. They found all sorts of shocking and upsetting stuff!)

I would not stay at this hotel again

Review of Hotel 1

When I arrived there was no one at the reception desk. I had to call out for someone. I told her I'm a light sleeper and can she put me in the quietest room. She put me on the 3rd floor rear, which was very considerate. I wanted to know about the hotel's ameneties and I did directly ask. She didn't answer other then to start naming numerous restaurants where you can get a discount because you stayed in this hotel.

When I got up to the room I had to try to figure out what the ameneties are. Is there a sheet saying as much? Yes, I think there was. Darn, a fan runs when you try to turn on the bathroom light. I find that annoying and don't use the light. There is a little coffee pot, I don't know how to use it, but there is complimentary coffee downstairs. The inside of the air conditioner looks gross, there are some loose screws just sitting there in the unit. I thought it stopped working as it took a long time to kick into gear.

The phone is filthy dirty I don't want to touch it. The tones the decorations are ugly, 60's like. There are no bedspreads. There is a note that says that they are in the middle of renovations and that's why there are no bedspreads. (I think that's ridiculous, you should figure out a way o resolve that)

The beds are new and very comfortable. I was dissapointed that there are so few channels on the t.v. The hotel is relatively quiet. They serve what they call continental breakfast. Hard boiled eggs, ceral, oatmeal, toast, pancake syrup, muffins, coffee.

Despite the negatives, I would stay here again. If I were running a hotel, customers would get to stay 24 hours for thier money. I think it's a rip off to not give customers a full day for their money.

Review of Hotel 1