Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown"

Did you know I was a comic book collector as a kid? I remember one of my professional aspirations was that I wanted to be a cartoonist for a living!

Anyhow, I've always been a huge "Peanuts" fan. What an intelligent cartoon! The kids have such real precocious vocabularies! Last night on abc they ran one show that I guess they first ran 35 years ago or so............

"It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" (certainly you remember this classic, don't you?) A couple of years ago, I sat in Borders and read a big book with lots of pictures that had to do with the making of the Peanuts strip, who the characters were based on, and then interviews with the children who did the voices of the characters! Sally, Linus, Charlie, Lucy, etc.

Last night on "G.P. charlie brown", one cool quote that Linus made was:

"There are 3 things I've learned never to discuss with people; religion, politics, and the great pumpkin!"

I noticed last night how beautiful the background music was for that particular show, (as well as the next show which I had never seen "You're not elected, charlie brown") If you saw these 2 30 minute shows last night, did you notice how beautiful the music was, and how intellligent a cartoon this is?!

For the 2nd show "You're not elected............." Sally said to Linus:


"Part 2/ Not getting there/ my new/used car"

Nate-"Go there and don't let them make a copy, they have to make one from scratch using the vin #"

I go immediately there. As I'm trying to find the right part of the dealership to use, an employee intentionally throws himself into the plate glass window, make a loud noise, I grab my chest and scream. he laughs. Then he comes out of the shop.

He looks at me and says:"Oh, I"m sorry, I thought you were somebody else"

I ignore him and don't say anything. He was hoping I'd say "no problem" but I'm thinking you asshole.........................

I go to the restroom and then find the correct part of the dealership to discuss the key problem. That same man who intentionally scared me, (thinking I was someone else) came to the counter to supposedly "wait on me" (lucky me, to see him again)

We'll call him Kevin.

Kevin-"I'm sorry, I thought you were another employee, her, he pointed"

E-I still don't say "no problem" which is upsetting to him. I wait for someone to say "may I help you"

There are about 5 male employees and one female. Although her hair is the same color as mine she does not look like me.

Finally Kevin asks if he can help me. I explain that my mechanic has asked me to get a key made, but absolutely not off of the original. He says: "Your key doesn't work at all?"

I'm wondering why he is pressing the issue, when I've made it clear not to use that key.

E_"My mechanic told me to absolutely not copy it"

You're going to need proof of ownership of the auto. I realize that all of that paperwork got left at home when the car was in the shop. I asked if he can call the dealer to ask them if I own the car. The whole process takes about 10 or 15 minutes. They ask me to drive home to get the paperwork.

I come back 1.5 hours later after I eat. I go to the service counter.

Instead of asking how they can help me, the one clerk says: "I hear you got quite a scare earlier. K. tried to scare you. Another employee chimed in on the issue. No one seems interested in helping me.

"Well, he's a moron throwing himself into a plate glass window to scare me, but don't tell him I said that"

So, I give the woman the papers and initially it doesn't seem I have proof enough. Finally she finds what she needs.

I go to step out to the car and plan to return.

A man (seemingly also an employee) was sitting in the customer wait. area, and said something incoherent to me on my way to the car. "You got a sheep out there"


"You got quite a sheep out there?"

E-"I still can't hear you.

"You got quite a scare out there by our employee didn't you?"

I ignore him and keep walking to my car.

"Well, you have a nice day"

E-"I'm not leaving"

"Well, have a nice day anyway" he said again.

The dealership makes me 2 keys, costing 30 dollars. I show them that even with the new key, there is still a problem. The woman employee lectures me on how I have to fight for my rights to have safe car. She doesn't seem to get, that I am fighting.

So, the abs light, the engine light, the battery light, and the key still won't turn in the ignition, I'm still worried about getting stranded, and I'm going to have to go back to nate by 9 a.m.

In 2 more weeks, I won't have to go thru the dealer anymore, but hopefully in 2 more weeks, I'll have a safe enough car that I can begin interviewing!

The stress of this is unbelievable.

"Day 13 car ownership and it still hasn't been repaired properly"

The stress of this is all consuming. I cannot go back to work until I have a car I can count on.

Remember the dealership told me as long as I come early in the morning, I can drop the car off (and they will send it to some mechanic for repair) The don't comprehend what problem I'm having with the ignition as it is intermittent, and they haven't experienced it directly. But I'm a very clear communicator and that should be enough.

I don't have a ride to the dealership so I'm prepared to waste another day if I have to, just get the damn job done and get it done right already. The ABS lights and battery lights have been coming on and staying on for long periods. Friday the 24th, I arrive at the dealership before 9 a.m. as requested. The clerk tells me that he doesn't recommend that I leave the car on a friday as I might be without it allweekend, as the mechanic may have to order a part.

Elana (E)-"This is true, but even if I do have it over the weekend there is no chance it won't leave me stranded"

The clerk (dealer, 2 of them have the name tom, and there are 4 male workers there one is the owner) looks at me puzzled still unsure of how this ignition problem could leave me stranded.

Tom-"O.K. It's up to you on whether you want to come back on Monday or not"

E-"Alright, I'll come back on Monday, early in the morning." (I have no reason to believe this car to be a lemon, by the way)

Saturday, Oct. 25

I leave the house around one in the afternoon with a list of things I want to do. I start up the car after a few ignition tries, and then go to pull the car out my parking lot. I hear a loud banging when I put my foot on the brake, and feel a loud banging under my foot. I'm terrified, so I leave the car parked all weekend. I can't take a chance with something brake related. The dealership is closed on weekends, so indeed I'm without the car for the weekend.

Monday, instead of my driving the car to the dealer as I said I would do I'm forced to call them up and ask for a tow.

Tom-"Are you absolutely sure this car can't be driven. We don't have 75 dollars to just throw away on towing a car. If you're wrong about the tow, do you plan to pay the 75?" "Have you attempted to drive the car on the main road?"

E-"Of course not, I'm terrified to drive it" (If I drive this car and total it, or kill myself or someone else, then who is liable I reason)

Tom-"Our tow driver won't be available until after noon. So we'll call you back around that time."

It's 10 a.m. and my phone rings. "It's tom, and I"m downstairs by your car can you meet me?"

E-"Yes, I'll be right down."

I get down there and Tom and Mike are there. Tom asked if he could have that list again. He said I know you've already made a list of problems but could you make it again. (I'm very worried that they aren't going to communicate the problems clearly to the mechanic, and my fears came true) I make the list again

-can always get key out, or key turned in ignition
abs and battery light are on and off intermittently
brakes are banging

Tom-"We'll call you in a few hours"

E-(Does that mean it will be done in a few hours I wonder?)

It's 10/26 1 p.m. and no one has called me yet. Have they repo-ed the car I wonder? You know my luck, don't you readers? I call the shop and get voice mail. I leave a message

This is E. Snyder, and I'm wondering if the car will be ready today, and whether or not you'll be bringing it to me or if I have to go get it.

They called me back at 3, and said that it's ready, but there is no time for me to get a cabback to the shop. So, I tell them I'll come and get it the next morning. They give me the address where I am to go. I realize that is the mechanic I used to use when I had my Sable. That at least is a good thing.

So, It's 10/29, and I take a cab to the mechanic. Iask the mechanic: "So you got the ignition problem fixed?"

Nate-"What ignition problem?!"

E-"The one they brought it in for. I can't always get the car started or get the key out"


e (I am really angry about being jerked around now) I shouldn't have to jiggle it, and plus, sometimes it gets me more than 10 tries to get it turned over"



Nate-"O.K. take it to get some keys made and see if that works"

E-"I've made 2 trips to HOme depot like the dealership told me to, and they have not made a key that fits yet."

Nate-"Home depot? why would you go there? You don't go to home depot! You go to the chevy dealership!"

end part 1

Sunday, October 26, 2008

"Is the glass half empty, or is the glass half full?"

I've been consumed with worry/fear re: the car. The night after Dan test drove it (saturday 9 days ago) it started making noises that worried me. I've continued to struggle with getting the key to turn in the ignition. Sometimes I have to try 10 times or more. Ive been terrified that the car will leave me stranded.

Friday morning I brought it in for them to fix the ignition and diagnose why the battery light and abs light are going on and off. They said bring it back on monday, or you'll be stuck without it over the weekend. I replied well even if I do have it over weekend, it could leave me stranded. He looked puzzled which means he still is not grasping what problem i'm having with the ignition.

Yesterday, I went to leave for the day, and there was an extremely loud banging when I step on the brake. I had to turn the car around and park it for the weekend. Tomorrow morning I have to ask them to pay for the towing, etc. and repair everything.....................I dread dealing with them. Only one of the four is nasty to me, but 2 of the 4 don't fullly seem to believe me.

I was so careful to make sure I was buying from somebody reputable. 3 acquaintances have said to me that it sounds like i got a lemon. However this dealership did include a "car fax" report with the car, and claim that anything reasonable is under warranty in the first 30 days. The dealer doesn't have a mechanic on site, they send it out to be repaired... which disallows me to communicate directly with a mechanic which i think could make a big difference, re: the ignition problem.

so eager to begin moving toward a normal life. Not ready to declare this car a lemon.........................

Monday, October 20, 2008

"I found a car"

But I'm not out of the woods yet. Remember I told you that I contacted my last auto mechanic? (for my mercury sable) And he referred me to an independently owned dealership that he swore would work with me. (I'll believe it when I see it)

I was waiting on my friend Dan to go with me as he was a mechanic years ago, and I was a bit afraid to go alone (as I believe most women are) But he was out of town, and I didn't feel like waiting any longer. So, I took a taxi cab to this dealer on Thursday. I was nervous and worried about alot of things, but I wasn't worried that I'd be taken advantage of because of who had referred me.

It wasn't too bad. There were only 3 cars that I qualified for, and I knew which one I wanted immediately. I test drove it 16 blocks, and said this is the one I want. I put 1700 down. The 3 workers in the shop treated me very respectfully on that day.

I bought an American made car, 11 years old. It looks very beautiful, and initially I thought it ran nice, but I didn't know what to look for from a mechanical point of view.

I got it home, and parked it in a residential area near my house. The key wouldn't come out of the ignition! (All the things I had managed to worry about that wasn't one of them) I looked around the neighborhood to see if someone might be able to help me get the key out.

In this particular residential block, I had no fear of asking a stranger to help.   So, I asked this one kid of about 14. His mother started giving me advice on how to get a key out. Her advice didn't work. Another boy of about 16 helped me get the key out.

The mother threatened to tow me if I park in her neighborhood! I found her comment to be deeply disturbing! I said to her, "If it's true that I need to live in this block to park here, then why aren't there any prohibitive parking signs?" I was really furious. I called the city the next day to make sure about the rules for that block, but I just got voice mail and never got a return call.

I thought it would be safer to park in the residential area then in my park. lot, given the characters that live in my bldg. Especially considering that the last day I had my rental car in Sept, it was badly keyed up by someone,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and I suspect a female tenant in my building!

Anyhow, I did 3 more stops Thurs. night, and nearly every time I couldn't get the key out, or had a hard time turning the key to get it started. I kept asking strangers for help. I knew the dealership was due to be closed on Fri. So, I called the dealership on Sat. to see if I could bring it back in, but my intuition stated that they might give me a hard time if I go back.

Dan, came out and looked at the car on sat., sprayed graphite in the lock, and was 85% sure it would solve the problem. (Again he used to be a mechanic years ago) It did not solve the problem. After we took it for a test drive the key got stuck while he was driving. He said that the key/ignition problem's source is actually the steering wheel or the gear shift.

When I went to the dealer today, they gave me a pretty hard time. They reamed me for not putting any references on my application!  A bit late for that, isn't it?  They knew before I ever came in there that I didn't have references.

The first 3 employees said that there has never been a situation where a customer had to return the car in the first 30 days for repairs.I told them that I have a witness to the problem.   They went and got the owner and he sarcastically said to me: "If he's a mechanic, then why didn't he fix it" "If you knew you had a friend, then why didn't you put his name down as a reference?"

"If you have someone to take you back home then feel free to leave it now. Do you have a ride back?" (We'll send it to our mechanic, but we'll do it very begrudgingly)

They showed me the so called "trick" to getting the key to work. This does not comfort me!   One of the nicer employees said that I can bring the car for anything I want in the first 30 days!   I did figure out the "trick" for getting the key out, but I still sometimes have a hard time getting the car started (turned over that is) I'm real nervous. I'm even nervous that I might leave this library tonight and not be able to get the key to turn over. These guys don't know how scary it is to be a woman with no mechanical knowledge driving a car she has to worry about.

So, I told them I don't have anyone that could bring me to the shop, and I made it clear that I"m not a troublemaker. The owner must have more closely looked at my appl. after the sale, and not liked that I didn't put any refs. When Michael took it for a test drive, I told him that I don't have any financial refs. He said, "It's not financial refs that we want. We just need to have someone to call who can help us locate you if you miss a payment. But as long as you make your payments we won't need any refs"

E-"I made the mistake of using my birthmother for a ref. once on one of these appl's and she reamed me for it"

He laughed.

Anyhow, I dread being treated that way by the owner again, but I'll just be consumed with worry if I don't get the problem totally repaired...............................A sucky dilemma.

With a car there's hope. Without a car, there's no chance of a normal life.

Monday, October 13, 2008

"Can the time tick any slower?"

My ex auto mechanic said that he could probably find me a car. He asked if I could afford 100 a month payments as you recall. He said he'd do some research for me and that I was to call him back.

He referred me to a dealer that he says will work with me. When I mentioned to the dealer that Nate said I could do 100 dollar mo. payments, the dealer said: "No that's not true. I don't have anything for under 200 a month" He invited me to come take a look. I hope to bring Skip with me who used to be an auto mechanic.

So, at this point I have the dealer at his word only that he'll work with me. At my current income 200 a month is huge, (because you also have gas, and insurance) but if I had a car I could probably get hired fairly quickly. As you recall, Nate advised me not to buy a 1700 dollar car but to use that as a down payment.

I told a friend today that most Americans would become suicidal if they lost the use of a car. He agreed.

Suzie Orman surprised me today on the Oprah show (she did a show called: "What can you afford") When she told the nurse who needs an suv so she can be safe after dark as a nurse, suzie said: safety is of the utmost for a single woman, I'm approving you for the car.....................

I'm pleased to hear her say that because by no means is it safe or practical to be without. Also, 2 teens were carjacked at the Timonium lightrail today.............................AND THEY HAD A CAR!

So, I 'll see if that dealer will approve me, and if he doesn't then I'll have no choice but to turn to ebay and the like.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

"Getting There"

I'm waiting on word from my last mechanic, he's trying to find me a car that I can afford.

In the meantime, I just had another very traumatic experience on the #3. I was on my way to Fells Point Festival last Saturday, and I wasn't sure where the closest point where to get off for Harborplace. I try not to ever ask the drivers as most don't want to help.

I asked a woman on the bus and she told me to get off at the stop right after her. She got off at Lombard and St. Paul. So, I rang the bell and nothing happened. I mean, the driver didn't stop. I started to panic. I said, "driver, I need this stop"

No response

DRIVER, I NEED THIS STOP! I say louder, even though I know he heard me the first time.

At this point we've gone another 8 blocks or so. He stops the bus, but not at a bus stop. He turns around and starts screaming at me!


I thought, I must be alone on this bus, he'd never scream at me like this if there were witnesses. I turn around and there are at least 10 others who witnessed this. Altogether he went about a mile past where I rang the bell, which was really frightening to me and made me feel like a hostage. (Ironically, there were 2 cop shows on t.v. this week, and the theme in both shows was that hijackers tooks over the plane, did you see it either show? I thought to myself while watching the shows that I know exactly what it's like to feel like a transporation hostage. I nearly always feel like a hostage on public transit)

That experience overshadowed the whole day. The only way I know how to get to Fells Point from Inner Harbor is to take the Water Taxi. It's been about 8 or so years since I've been on it. There used to be 2 or 3. The average price back then was 3 dollars.

This time it was 9 dollars! I was stunned! A 300 percent increase! (right?) It only took 10 minutes to get to Fells Point. I mentioned the high price to a couple of people at the festival and they said that they think it's because of the Water Taxi deaths in about 03 or 04. The theory is that insurance costs have gone up, and now Water Taxi is a monopoly, so they can get away with charging 9 bucks. (You can't buy a one way ticket, you just have to buy a day pass) One of the deaths was a Purdue Grad who just got married. I can't remember if her husband died or not. Anyway, being on the water was very calming to me. I've always loved water. The girl next to me said that there is another 90 minute boat ride that you can take for just 15 dollars, leaving from Harborplace. Sounds like fun, if only there was a safe way to get to the Inner Harbor.

I was stunned at how huge the Fells POint Festival was, it just went on for block after block. I wonder if they have a website. Anyhow, if you don't know much about Baltimore, I'll tell you that Fells Point has a very interesting history. If you like history, then I recommend that you google "Fells Point History"..............

I ran into some acquaintances who were running the Libertarian booth, and they offered to take me home thank goodness.

"I love the cynicism here"

Baltimore Sun, 10/10/08

by Peter Hermann

The article is entitled: "taking the measure of homicides" Mr. Hermann noted exactly how many police supplies Baltimore bought and wondered if the "supplies" such as criminal tape were any indication of how much crime we have. Neat article, I hope you enjoy it. I can't remember the exact link however, i think it might be

Thursday, October 9, 2008

"What would Suzie do?"

Well, I've been car shopping for 27 months now. Car and safe home shopping are something I do 7 days a week. Nearly every conversation I have, I end up mentioning that I need a car. One day I'll tell you about all the offers I've had over the last 27 months for a car that didn't come thru.

In the past few days I've looked into police auctions, ebay, dealerships, craigs list, private owners and I've even called up people who told me a long time ago to contact them if I ever come up with any money. So, I called Les, from the chatline, who gave me his # 11 months ago and told me to call him if I ever come up with 500 bucks. So I called him today and he said he sold both auto dealerships that he had. And another guy from the chatline started a used auto store in march, so i looked up that #, and that's gone out of business too. I tried to join ebay, but they gave me a confirmation # that I had to type back to them,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,they said "that isn't the # we gave you, therefore we can't give you a membership. And I called about 5 dealers and asked them if they have anything on their lot for 1700? Most said no. One said he had an "85 volvo for 1500" It terrifies me to drive older cars, but since I don't have good credit I'll never qualify for an auto loan I figured. I sure don't want a 23 year old car.

When I called that particular dealer, I was looking at an ad that said "cars under $300" I told him which ad I was calling about and he screamed "that is not what that ad was supposed to say, that ad was supposed to say $3000, and they haven't corrected it"

So, once he said that he told me about the volvo. Then he said, "I'm busy can I call you back" I said, well when you call me back, leave a message on my machine telling me the cars that you have for under 2k. So, he leaves a message on my machine listing 2 cars that are "more than you want to spend" and then, he gave a 500 dollar higher price then before for the volvo, forgetting that he had already quoted 1500. I thought, this guy sounds like bad news.

Today, someone on the chatline said that they called up their old mechanic to see if they had anything for sale. I thought that's a good idea, as I do trust my last mechanic.

Today I called him (Nate my last mechanic) and asked him if he knows where I can get something for 1700. He said, anything under 3k is going to be a piece of junk that you'll have to keep dumping money into. I explained that I can't pass a credit check. He said, "can you do payments of 100 to 200 a month on something?"

"Well, I said, I don't know if you've ever heard of Suzie Orman, but she's a financial guru, and she would advise me against "making payments" since I don't have work.

N-"I've never heard of Suzie, what do you mean don't make payments since you don't have work?

E-"Well, I'm not employed"

E-"My annual earnings are only 7k"

N-"MMm. then you can't afford any payments can you?"

E-"Suzie would advise against it, but I'll consider it"

N-"Doesn't most of your money go to rent?"

E-"NO, I only pay 100 a month for rent"

N-"I have an idea for you, give me a night to think and brainstorm and call me in the morning. I think I have a car for you.................................."

Monday, October 6, 2008

"serious car shopping starts today"

I know better than to get too excited about anything in advance, given my past horrid luck in life. But I'm "praying" that I can find a car that is reasonably safe, that will up my employability, give me some much needed freedom, allow me to leave the house after dark- increase my personal safety tremendously, give me a much greater chance of finding residence in a safer area and improve my quality of life significantly.

"Something positive happened to York Road"

Last Saturday, Towson threw a parade for Michael Phelps, Katie Hoff, and a paralympian whose name I have forgotten. I've loved parades for as long as I can remember.
I can remember photographing the Westminster, MD, Centennial parade in 1976; I still have those pictures (and they aren't too bad given the state of cameras back then available to girls)

I didn't participate in this parade but I've participated in the Charles Village Parade more than once, as well as the Baltimore International Rhythm and Drumming Society's parade.

Any day society makes a pedestrian more important than a car, is a pretty good day in my book; and York Road was blocked off to traffic for about 4 hours.

I mentioned to a senior citizen viewer of the parade, (who I see frequently in my region) that I think this just might be the only positive thing to happen to York Road in 50 years. She replied that it's probably the only positive thing to happen to York Road ever. She's been here her whole life. Brings me back to a simpler time that I would have loved to experience. The carless society. Right after the parade, kids skateboarded and skipped arm and arm right in the middle of York Road. I should have brought a camera.

A woman in my bldg. who has never ever spoken a positive word to me in 3 years, asked me if I had seen it and agreed that it was pretty exciting. Another woman who I saw in Bagelo after the parade (and who I see regularly in Bagelo) who never speaks to me, also initiated a conversation with me. Makes me think about the power of bringing the arts to blighted communities, and "inner city" schools for example, and how it excites people who don't usually get excited about much of anything.

It was only the 2nd time I'd seen any sense of community on York Road. (The other time was a safety festival, that I happened upon accidentally about a year ago on a 2 block section of York Road)

Despite the fact that there was and still is, major "PHelps oversaturation" in the media, and still is, parade watchers, and residents of Cedarcroft, Lake Walker, Stoneleigh , Rodgers Forge, Towson, are going to remember this event, with great emotional warmth, for years and even decades to come!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

"From back to front"/"Tips for the homeless or hungry"

Well, Towson University is certainly a healthier environment than my home. Here's what campus events I've been up to.

Last Thursday you may remember that I went to Cedric Jenning's talk which I really enjoyed. One thing that is very striking about campus events is that many, many of them are catered. Very expensive food, often times enough to make a meal of. This is why I titled my piece what I did.

So, for those of you (which probably amounts to zero) who are homeless or hungry, I highly encourage you to read University newspapers in the town you live in, go to the events and in many cases get well fed.

After Jennings talk (which was catered with expensive, excellent food) I went to student open mic. where there was free coffee, tea and sweets. One real pain in the ass aspect of most events is that there are lots of flashing camera lights, most likely from the University reporters.

In the case of most events the photographer shoots photos throughout the talk or performance, you feel the lights flashing in your eyes, and the photographer is not placing himself discreetly at all, so it takes your attention away from the performance. This was true with Jennings, open mike, and "Voices of Darfur" which I went to yesterday and where there was also free dinner.

"Voices of Darfur" (well, it's obvious that they are Darfur genocide survivors) started 30 minutes late but the speakers were very interesting.


This will probably really surprise you. I went to an on campus Rosh Hashanah service (Jewish new year) where at least I knew how to hold the book! I hadn't remembered whether or not I had ever attended a R.H. service initially, but then remembered I did attend one at Hopkins University in 2000. If you think it takes guts to show up at these events which are largely attended by people under 23, you are absolutely right! I don't usually speak to anyone unless they speak to me. After the service, there was an excellent catered meal. (which we paid full price for and was well worth it) I was the only non student who showed up with the exception of one boy who came with his mom. Oddly, these Jewish kids got in the food line and kept asking questions like:

"what's that food?, what's THAT food?"

Remarkably, I remembered and announced "gefilte fish!" "kugel!" There was always gefilte fish in my house growing up, which primarily my mother ate, who is not Jewish. And I believe that my father's mother may have introduced me to kugel (did I spell that correctly?) but I'm not sure, I can't really remember much about her. She was a practicing Jew who lived on Park Heights Avenue, but my father kept very little contact with her, so I didn't know her well. (this is the adoptive family I'm referring to)

Today, I went to the Speech and Debate team event which I was really looking forward to. Neither team showed up! so 2 young students attempted to rescue the event by debating with each other, and turning it into a group discussion on the Israeli-Palestine conflict. They welcomed us to join in and make it a discussion. I asked a couple of questions which seemed to get the ball rolling. There were 3 people in the audience from the Israel Palestine area who were quite knowledgeable and better communicators then the official debators.

Then at 6 I went to another event entitled: "Farmworker Justice" Easy for me to relate to the housing, health, wage and exploitation challenges and experiences of the farmworkers. Remarkably the event started on time.

Dinner was free; spuds and chicken quesadillas! Yummy!