Sunday, July 31, 2016


Put your thing down flip it and reverse it it's your fima nima yea yea. Gimme somma this, summa this Cinnabon!

Its your

Fimanipa yeah yeah!


The classic rock band kiss

A close up of Lumina

Luma is ethnically Jewish but practices Christianity

I think she has one Jewish parent just like I did but I did not see the entire episode.

They also implied that she may be an adoptee I'm going to try to find the entire episode on YouTube


The show on the BYU channel is so exciting and amazing this woman Lumina it sounds like her situation is so similar to mine that by me watching her genealogical journey I was watching my own. It appears that my great-grandparents also immigrated into New York in the late 1890s from the same place that this young lady's great-grandparents immigrated to and from Eastern Europe in my case Kiev.

On the show they take a walking tour through the Lower East Side of New York two places and structures that would show exactly what life was like for this young lady's great-grandparents, wow this is such an amazing show I'm going to post some more photographs from the show

Awesome morning

Today I went to Brandy's Restaurant and had a cinnamon bun then I went to Macy's European restaurant where my friend Vicki treated me to a large ice coffee I went out front and sat at the communal tables and made some new friends I've been went for the first time to the Flagstaff Farmers Market where I made even more new friends and then finally I went to the Flagstaff Public Library for the annual book sale and had a really enjoyable conversation with the librarian while purchasing a Carly Simon CD and a biography spending a total of $0.83

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Kaine is awesome

Trump winning

If Trump wins, I can't see spending one single day under his leadership, I'll have to leave the country :(

: what do the rest of you Progressive plan to do ?leave your comments below

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Meow to the beat of a different drum

Passenger had her hello kitty.headphones and adorable white parasol for the sun.
I complimented her and told her that it's always nice to be unique

The best news ever!

I found my living relatives on Facebook and they have regular King Family reunions. I just put a message on their page introducing myself!

Deadly women women

Okay I just found another book written about my family and about a half-dozen other West Virginia families

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


I've got $4 cash and $3 in food stamps you already know I only get $15 food stamps each month

so I made a post in my one of my Facebook Frugal Living groups and asked for some advice .

Even though Im a virtual "expert" on living hand to mouth, the stress and anxiety of it is so overwhelming that sometimes I can't even think! Or function! Soooo depressing! Life is one big dead end.

My fb friends brainstormed made a list of things and nearly all of them are things that I've done in the past/ but I just love Facebook it really is wonderful and supportive !

I have to make this money last for another 8 days

I told the group members that if I sell the car I can go spend some time in Sedona like I've been wanting to do I haven't been out of a 20 mile radius except for one time for a few hours in 5 years !

additionally selling the car would give me more money for life day to day life I can't drive the car anyway because I can't afford to make the repairs butt I will probably get trapped in Flagstaff for yet another winter because I can't afford to give up my subsidized housing so if I don't have a car by winter then I'll be going out even less then I'm going out now because I can't get around on the ice especially now that my health ha have declined so much since last year

What it comes down to is Should you rob Peter to pay Paul?

If you're wealthy don't bother leaving me advice, unless u grew up poor!

if you're poor leave me comments .the. lifelong rich don't have any idea how to do this so I don't take advice from them

Wasteful americans

I generate one to two small bags of garbage very small bags of garbage a week my next door neighbor's are generating oh gosh maybe 6-7 large garbage bags every 4 to 5 days days they also live in a one-bedroom apartment just like me and they are a couple.

This is a photo of all of the bags of garbage actually there's more this is on their porch there's actually more on the porch but I couldn't capture it in the photo without going on to their property which I absolutely was not going to do

Journal starts 6/24/16 (53rd bday)

Monday, July 25, 2016

Family member I never met

I hav alot of them ;(

Sunday, July 24, 2016

True Meaning

For the last 23 years many of the people who have met me have said  something to the effect of

you sure are a strong woman

It's not common for me to respond:

I must have some strong female ancestors!

Although I truly believed that;

it never had the meaning that it has now.

I have found two nearly complete family trees on why do I say:

nearly complete? Because one of the most exciting and proud moments of my life is when I add my name to those trees!

Like the man in my fb adoptee group said last night:

We need to refuse to be anybody's Dirty Little Secret!

And then he said:

You can't be your own secret!

Now I'm starting to find the photos of my relatives

Baltimore subsidized housing waiting list opens for the first time in 10 years

The best of Queen

Highways around the world temporarily closed off to cars

In Bogota Colombia it's called ciclavia and it's when they shut down the highways to Automobiles and people walk bike and roller-skate to discover their community in a way that they've never been able to discover it while they were behind the wheel of a car

I try to paste the article but I was unsuccessful just go to Google and say those few words Jones Falls Expressway closed off the street party 1998 and if you read the article you'll see that they interviewed me and my friend but they had to reduce my interview to one sentence. They also Baltimore Sun also took my friend and I photograph however in viewing the article online I was unable to see any photograph even though I know for sure that there were photographs that appeared

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Measuring life success

Measure your life success by the things you've done to make your society and other people's lives better!

This is a paraphrase by vice president running mate Caine which I really like.

Fair to say

Now that I've discovered that I'm the 5th writer (so far)in my family so far I think it's fair to say that writing is truly in my blood and I Now understand why I have been obsessed with recording everything in writingsince I was a little girl, and why, nothing has been mire important to me but that my story lives forever!

Im going to cry!!

Now I know the name of my 5 times great grandmother and I now know that my 5 times great-grandfather was born in the same place as Twin Oaks commune that I lived at for 3 weeks in summer 1995

Look what I found!

It's ordered on interlibrary loan I will know a lot more about who I am and just a couple of weeks when I get this book, I now have five writers in my family including me! My understanding is that he traced it all the way back to the 800s england so this should be really fun

Friday, July 22, 2016

all the work has been done for me

My ancestor Harvey Briggs King is the 8th generation son of Harvey King the third .

HE wrote "my story" via a book of genealogy going all the way back to the 800s in England I don't honestly know how far back that is but I know it's really really really far and it looks like a big portion of the book of our family treeis available on Google it's called The King genealogy, and includes some wonderful poetry as well I did read a portion of the book and it's super super exciting I think I'm going to sleep well tonight I don't have to do much at all now in regards to my family tree there's not much to fill in at all!

The next step is to see if I can check the book out of the library or buy it on Amazon

John king, Private

Bedridden for many many months

Implication from the papers I found is that my grandfather was George Washington's life guard it says that John King enlisted Washington's lifeguard pay not to be drawn. The things I found in the last few days are really exciting I believe I forgot John's wife's name now Alicia. He was a lieutenant and he was also a captain he traveled through York Pennsylvania as well as Virginia I think at some point he was taken as prisoner of war I can't find any images of him yet butthis is a heck of a lot of fun to learn about

In 1780 he was a major in the 4th Battalion York Pennsylvania to Tyrone Township I found his payroll sheet, jan.1, 1777

If any of you are Revolutionary War historians please feel free to fill in the blanks and feel free to Google his name yourself if you like let me know if you can find any images of him I don't know his date of birth or his date of death yet because I don't have the money to pay to get those sorts of details but it is amazing what you can find out without spending a penny

Monday, July 18, 2016

The primal wound

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Celebrating at outback restaurant

One of my celebrating? I can't tell you quite yet but it probably will end up in the Arizona Daily Sun Flagstaff sometime within the next two to six weeks!

I don't normally eat this healthy and I certainly don't normally spend this kind of money this is only my third time at Outback and I celebrated with crab cake

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Monday, July 11, 2016

The Generations Project

"it makes me sick to my stomach to think that little to nothing would have been written about me and no one would have known what my life was like" Natalie

( she's feeling sad because she can't find any details about her great-great-great grandmother)

Saturday, July 9, 2016


The March for integration while singing the song I know where Ive been;

is truly the most touching and poignant part of this movie for me. For so many years and so many decades I was an activist for integration and African American Rights but after living in Baltimore City for so long I came to the conclusion that at least the African Americans that I was meeting absolutely did not want integration, they want absolutely nothing to do with white people.  I can only say that for Baltimore because that's where I lived the longest.

Don't move to Arizona if

If you want to destroy your car overnight move to Arizona all major roads major highways as well as secondary roads are ripped to shreds


Tracy, shakes it up I detention!

"Every day is negro day at my house!"

Friday, July 8, 2016

Quote of the day

Well interviewed by Diane Sawyer she said it's really about living your truth everyday

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

T.v. cartoon "arthur"

This morning on Arthur the kids made out in the grass in the circle looking up at the sky discussing what is the best day so far in their whole lives. I would like to paraphrase with Sue Ellen said:

the best day of my life was when Arthur found my journal;

you see I write about nearly everything that happened to me in my life and now that he's found my journal he really knows me well!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Monday, July 4, 2016

1986 Baltimore city, photos of Elana R. Snyder

Sleeping better

I've been sleeping much better the building has been quiet enough to sleep between 9 p.m. and 9 a.m. if there's any hours roughly the hours that you choose to sleep I'm not having nightmares that often, they are not as Vivid or as violent I'm actually feeling rested during the day which is something I probably haven't experienced since I was 11 years old

Independence Day

About a tenth of a mile away from my apartment many many people are lined up in their personal chairs for the fireworks I did not know that that is what happened each year and like I said this is my fourth time that all experienced Independence Day at this particular apartment. My balcony is high enough up that I don't even have to leave my home I can see the entire show from my balcony because they're showing it over at Continental Country Club a property that I've always wanted to walk on it looks absolutely beautiful with a little pond. Other than that this is nothing more than another Monday

Story of my life

Quote of the day

"If I didn't have family, that would be me" by danny referring to a homeless vet who was beaten to death in an alley.

Pretty on the outside

Sunday, July 3, 2016