Wednesday, February 27, 2013

"Acquaintance or friend?"

Indiana, Maryland and Mountain Town it doesn't matter where I live.  I have no trouble connecting with people but......

Nobody really seems to have time to be your friend.  There are at least 3 or 4 people in town who have told me that they love me.  There are those who hug me and are thrilled to run into me.  It doesn't matter how much effort I make this has been my experience now for nearly 20 years.

I want your comments.  Does anyone else find that they have no problem connecting, have many who would miss you if you were gone, but aren't really available as a real friend to call in an emergency?

"Crushing fatigue/can't keep eyes open"

So, i caught cold on Saturday.  That in addition to the menometrorrhagia, i am very weak and can not keep my eyes open.  I will probably have to go back and crawl back into bed.

I'm sure it doesn't help that i am already a light sleeper and my roomate like a ghost/vampire comes a live at night and is very noisey.  It's exhausting and scary to live with her.  I have to check the oven and stove every couple of hours to make sure they are off.  I unplug her toaster and coffee maker constantly.

Livng with someone who is smi is completely unpredictable.  I just never know what she'll do next.  On the flip side, my life conditions were deplorable even before she moved in................................

Monday, February 25, 2013


"Synchronicity/What a treat!"

Just days ago i told you that i wrote to npr and said that one of the most life changing shows was hearing author Alex Kotlowitz  (author of famous essay "there are no children here")

Last night he was on again!  He was on "This American Life"

They are doing a 2 part show on Harper HIgh School and what it is like for these children to have witnessed sometimes dozens of shootings by the time they are of age.

This is powerful stuff.  I was a city resident from 95 to 11 on and off.  Nearly every night i went to sleep to the sound of gunshots.  I always counted the gunshots and i always reported to police.

I recall gun fire breaking out on Greenmount Avenue in Baltimore.  I instinctively dropped flat to the ground.  When I got up i reported to a store owner who seemed to get a kick out of the fact that i bothered reporting it.

One time when i lived on Guilford Ave. my room mates were on vacation.  I heard something come crashing through the window.  I dropped to the ground and crawled to a phone and called 911.  When the cops came they made fun of me and said it wasn't bullets it was just rocks.  they did not make a report.

"Surprising reaction from the landlord"

I told him today that I filed 10 days ago the official paperwork to have my roomate evaluated to live in a group home with full supervision.

I did not think he would be supportive.  But when i told him i have a detailed hour by hour log of incidences over the past 3 weeks living with her, he is interested in me typing it up and giving it to the agency as a form of education for them.

All they know is how she presents in public.  He said it will be very useful to know how she is in a home setting.................................

"Update on the migraine"

So, by the morning of the 11th day of the migraine, it was gone.  And that was the day that the insurance kicked in to pay for my new package of imitrex.  I haven't needed it but i'm sure i will.

If course there are always many serious health issues with me that never go away some are scary but most of that i am not comfy getting into on the blog.  All i can say is that it keeps my quality of life unacceptably low, all of this mess.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

News Report on Jim Henson's Death

I recall feeling distraught over his death for quite a long time!

Jim Henson Memorial - Jim's Favorite Songs

It's ez to forget that there are real humans behind the muppets!

Elmo DVD - REM sings Shiny Happy Monsters on Sesame Street HD quality

Now THIS makes me smile!

"I had a dream"

Usually i have nightmares, not dreams.  but i had a dream the other night.  In this dream, i was whole, well and pain free. I was bicycling fast down a series of hills on Old Liberty Road from Sykesville to Randallstown. 

Even in my dreams I'm conscientious.  I wondered why i was not wearing a helmet.  I always wear a helmet.  On the right was a carnival.  I told myself i would buy a sandwich at Kings Point Plaza and then bike back to the carnival.

In the dream I was about 25 and slender....................................................

"Mom, you need to smile more"

So, i'm waiting at the bus stop today and a 20 something guy who is smoking like a chimney says to me:

"Mom, you need to smile more!"

me-"Did you just call me mom?!"

(my brain is searching.  what other stranger calls me mom?  someone someone. oh yeah!  young african american males call females, "mommy"  i haven't heard this since i was in baltimore)

him_"Yes, I did.  I call all older wiser women, mom"

me-"Well, to answer your question.  I never smile if i am standing within a mile of a person who is smoking aciggarette."

him-"See that?  I made you smile"


He gets on bus.  He tells the driver:  "You have a nice smile.  People really need to smile more.  It's a beautiful day.

"Now I have the smoker's hack"

I told my landlord, please please please don't put a smoker in with me.  He said, don't worry she doesn't smoke.  If that's the case then why does the apt. smell like smoke, why do i now have the hack?  why do i have to keep using my inhaler and nasal spray?  Lot's of trouble breathing,  my chest is congested.  why does the bathrrom smell like "spice"is coming through the vents?

I did see her smoking in our front door way today with front door open.  Everyone in my bldg. smokes indoors even though it is a lease violation.

Again, no control, if you are poor, you arent likely to have control over much in your life.

Friday, February 22, 2013

"On the bus in Mountain Town 9/3/12"

P. is the driver today.  She drives fast as follows too closely, frequently slamming on brakes.

There is one guy who is snorting obsessively.

J. is stroking his greasy hair over and over.

R. is growling and waving her finger, she is making faces and scratching her hair violently as if she has lice.

There is a young couple.  The boy kept bting hsi girlfriend's shoulder and sucking on the hood of her sweatshirt!

B. is talking to himself

L. is drumming on any surface he can find


So were talking, you aren't in the danger you might be in if you were on a Baltimore bus, but public transit here is very very oppressive.

I worry about fire

On 7/16, i demonstrated to the maintenance man of the last complex i lived in, that our apartments are a fire trap.  I walked him through so as to prove my case.  That evening, I had a "please vacate by" letter on my dining room table.

I worry about fire alot.  Many of the situations i have lived in since 94 have been real reason to worry.

My current roomate has set off the smoke alarm 2x in 2 weeks, as well as left the oven on and left the place smelling like there was a fire...................

So, I had to think.  If I am in my bedroom and she starts a fire, could i live?  I might be able to get out the window and into the tiny plot of fenced in land, but i can't be certain with my disabilities that i could get out that window.

Even if i did successfully make it to the tiny  fenced in rear plot of land, the fences are too high for me to be able to escape the yard.  So, I could potentially burn up or die from smoke inhalation.  Like most aspects of my life i am pretty much powerless as long as i am forced to live with someone who is too sick to live independently.

"If you have ever had a date"

A girlfriend faced this scenario recently.  What would you do?  It was the 4th date, she decribes the guy as very attractive.  he wanted to kiss her and she made an excuse as to why she couldn't.  Why?  because he had bad breath.

Would you tell the girl/guy they had bad breath so they could correct the situation, or would you put the person off indefinitely for the small transgression?

U2 - Where The Streets Have No Name


U2 - Beautiful Day

When my partner and i were living in the Hawthorne section of Melbourne, Aus; we could hear U2 from our front yard, as they were playing live downtown. This was roughly 9/93.

"Out of my way to avoid......"

Please, please have mercy on me!  The worst form of torment is being forced to talk about the weather!  I walked to the market this morning, dreading, having to go through the cashier line!

Please, please just ring me up and let me the heck out!  I had this vision today of my tormenters tying me to a chair with ropes and forcing me to TALK ABOUT THE WEATHER ALL DAY!

I got in to the line with 2 items.  Oh no here it comes:

Cashier:  Pretty day.  not as cold as yesterday. 

Me:  (He's rung me up so i say thank you and that's it.)

I try to walk away and he says:  "Wind coming tonight, won't top 40 until tomorrow!"


In any given day i am forced to go through at least 3 lines to deal with human cashiers.  I do prefer the automated lines for this reason. Everybody wants to tell me what the weather is.

How are you? they ask.

I'm here.  I answer

Well, it's a beautiful day at least, they say.

Mmmm Hmmm. I say.

I get the distinct impression that i am torturing these cashiers by my unwillingness to engage in small talk.

I go the ladies room today and what comes over the loudspeaker but the song:


(i can live with that.  i do love the song.  and i love the synchronicity of that song coming on.  In my next post, i will put up that song.)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

"U.S. is a particularly religious and Christian Nation"

They say that the majority of Americans are religious, most practicing Christianity.

One would certainly never know this if they studied the majority of pop music that has been around for the last 50 or 60 years and one certainly would never know it by looking at the majority of you tube videos that i have posted!

"I love NPR"

Today, a journalist from "Talk of the Nation" asked the audience, what was the most life changing story you heard on NPR?  I replied, "You change my life every day!"  "It's tough to pick just one.  Hearing Alex Kotlowitz was great because it validated my own life experiences, that violence in the civilian world can affect people just as deeply as it affects soldiers."

"But, the most important way that NPR changes my life is that it gives me the hope and faith that one day, the story of the last 20 years of my life, will get told/published................................."

"OMG, I'm nearly eligible for AARP!"

I'm not sure what it stands for but i know it has something to do with retired people.  So, it is a tad strange that aarp automatically sends you mail for your 50th birthday (for me that's 4 months away)-when most people at 50 are not retired yet.

Well, at least someone will remember!

Aretha Franklin performs Rock Steady

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

"Day 9 Migraine"

So, what if you are already in excruciating and chronic pain and then you have serious fall?  This has been unreal!  When i am at home (and i reckon i've been living this way since 2000 since being diagnosed with lyme) i just lay in bed and transfer the ice pack from body part to body part!  Sometimes after doing that i have to take a hot bath as well.  I have considered going to the e.r. for the migraine, or the mental hospital to get away from my roomate, but thus far i have done neither because hospitals are also such oppressive places......................................

Just living hour to hour really.

Insurance won't cover my imitrex until 2/21...........well i've made it this far!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Technotronic - Pump Up The Jam

Ray Lewis on SNL

"You did WHAT for minimum wage?!"

I was thinking about Obama and the sotu address.  I was pleased to hear he will raise the minimum wage.

Reminds me of an anecdote i may have posted on this blog site years ago.

I was hired to deliver flowers by a retailer in Charles Village Baltimore.  My boss wanted me to drive to one of the worst neighborhoods in Baltimore.  She told me to deliver a (sic) boutaneer to Mr. Smith.

When i got to the funeral home, i was told that mr. smith is "RIGHT THIS WAY"

Turns out he is a dead guy and i am to pin the boutaneer on his lapel!  I said:  "Sorry, but i draw the line there!"

The Commodores - Brick House

Adam Lambert - Bohemian Rhapsody - Audition - 20/01/09

"Positive Shmositive"

I was looking forward to sitting down with a new acquaintance to tell her about my life.  I already knew about hers.

Yesterday, as we went to sit down together she said something to the effect of:

"Now, before you say anything, you are thecause of whatever is going on in your life.  I was into alcohol and drugs but ever since i have been practicing Buddhism my life is great.  I am not going to fix anything for you or give you advice!"

"But you need to chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo!"

me-  (i'm very dissapointed)  Well, alrightly then goodbye"  I got up to walk away.  You are very judgemental, i said. 

her-"No, i'm not, and i will not BE SWAYED!"

(REMEMBER ehrenreich's you tube video "smile or die")


I went to stand up in an office and i cried out and grabbed my right hip and limped acaross the office.  Another patron saw me and said:  OH MY GOD WHAT DID YOU DO TO YOUR LEG?

I said, oh this!  this is the way i'm forced to live 24/7 because no one will prescribe opiates.

She replied:


i SAID "I know people mean well when they offer advice and thank you anyway but i'm really not wanting advice.


guy on chatline

i asked:  how is life treating you?

he said  i'm really blessed i can't complain

he said You?

I said perhaps the opposite of you.



Ehrenreich's book said something about how in the u.s. if you don't buy into the whole positive thinking movement you can expect to be socially ousted!

Let's Groove - Earth wind and fire -

"Destroying one life to save another"

So, in the last 2 weeks my life has become completely entangled by my very ill room mate.  I document EVERYTHING

She is not ready for independent living and i am the one who suffers.

At 11 last night she set the smoke alarm off everytime she cooks the place smells like it caught fire

At midnight she began yelling at her invisible assailant and slamming doors hard.  Now the door slamming is every few seconds throughout the night

Day 3 no working toilet sbe stuffed a whole roll of t.p. down there

She threw out my brand new sharp knife with the box of so called trash that contained many valuable items!  I will demand r eimburse by her famnily

For me shopping for anything is a huge ordeal on buses and i can't carry more then acouple of items.  So for her to take my light bulb out of the l/r lamp or steal my knife is a big deal.  I am out of cash til 3/1

Instead of baths i take quick showers.  I skip meals because i can't stand being in the common areas with her.

I mean there is no question that life was a living hell before she moved in but this takes things to a frighteningly new level.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Bee Gees - Jive Talkin' (Video)

jive! now that's a word i haven't heard in forever!

Shannon - Let The Music Play (original video)

"Migraines and severe headaches"

So, i rna out of my headache medicine about 3 or 4 days ago.  Very severe headaCHE and 2 very sore arms from the shots they gave me in both arms.

I called urgent care place one and they said they do shots.

urgent care 2 place said they do a shot or they send you to be evaluated.

i called the e.r., said i do not want to stuff up the e.r. with poor people.  i asked if i can get the sublingual med.  she said she never heard of it and has been a patient herself for migraines.  she said they would hook me up to iv pain meds.  it hurts to get the i.v. so i said no to that

i tried to call my brand new physician but i do not trust the p.a. to take a written message that makes sense and she said there is no voice mail.

whats the point in being sent for test when when i know that the sleep deprivation, heart attack like stress, and second hand smoke coming in the house from the neighbors who are not permitted to smoke indoors.

I guess i'l just have to suffer until the 21st when the insurance will pay for more imitrex.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Blizzard of 2010 - Hampstead, MD 2.6.2010

this trapped me in my apt for 4 days with no phone, tv and little food. a piece of cake compared to what was coming in my life immediately after this storm which was the impetus for moving to mountain town and leaving maryland all together.

Hampstead, MD

Deceivingly bucolic, this is where i lived prior to moving to mountain town.

Marvin Gaye - Mercy Mercy me

Homelessness in Sedona Arizona

Sedona Arizona area information

Favorite videos (playlist)

"the rocks" is a new t.v. series out of sedona. I just watched it and i like it alot.

Someone told me:

if you ever consider moving to sedona, don't expect anyone there to give a damn about your poverty......................

"A Valentine's Day Anecdote"

So, i'm in the waiting room and a male patient asks:  "What is today's date?"

I replied:  "It's Valentine's day!  I thought every man knew that!"

The receptionist laughed and replied: EVERY WOMAN KNOWS THAT!

"I've been shot twice!"

So, after 22 months of aggressively searching, it looks like i finally have a pcp/nurse practioner.  I asked her if she could give me some migraine meds under my tongue because insurance won't cover my imitrex until the 21st of the month.

She offered something i never had before.  A shot in both arms.  She said it will not hurt.  It hurt ver very badly, and 90 minutes have come and gone and no relief.

Nonetheless, at least i have a doc. now

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

State of the Union 2013: President Obama's Complete Speech, With Annotat...

"The most AMAZING human being/Obama"

I listened to the state of the union address last night, and I must say, if Obama can instill hope in me, he can do anything!  That was amazing!

"Falling apart at the seams"

Day 10 with room mate.  Based on my observations, i think she is

bi polar

and possibly more.

She has done about 30 loads of laundry even though i told her the machine is broken.  The washer creates sounds that could cause hearing loss even if you are in your bedroom with door shut.

Last night room mate kept me up til 3 am, starting a load of laundry at 1 am.  She stays in bathroom and slams toilet lid over and over, walks in and out of every door every few minutes, takes a 5 minute walk comes back, then goes out back......................................

Every few seconds nearly around the clock, i hear a series of cupboards, and doors and toilet lids slam.

She used an entire box of laundry detergent in one day.

Someone gave her 2 utensil caddies and alot of silverware.  After 3 days she put about 1/2 of the silveerware in the appointed slots and then dumped both caddies in the sink..........................

She goes into different voices and personalities and cries and cusses at the invisible people she sees.

So, one must wonder:  if you already have an upside down life (like i do) then someone comes and turns it upside down again, are you back on your f eet again?

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

(Patti) LaBelle - Lady Marmalade (1975) HD

My french is a bit rusty, and i own no elaborate costume, but i do plan to give this song a shot the next time i go to karaoke!


"The latest with the housing situation"

So.  AFter i lost my last place on 8/19, i was homeless for 14 weeks.  In that time i had 12 moves.  Two of those addresses were at the mental hospital for lack of shelter.

From 12/1 to 2/3 of this year; i was living alone in a 2br but with no access to the second bedroom.  The agreement when you are in transitional housing is that you have to live with a room mate.  It is a living hell because she is so sick.

I mean I will be the first to admit, that you could put Miss Manners in ther with me and it wouldn't matter because I can handle 2 things at this stage in my life:

living alone
living with a significant other

So, agency x told me in november that by about 3/1 i can have my own place again in an eficiency apt.  It would be subsidized.

However when I told them yesterday yes, i am ready to start that process they said/implied:

"Well, unless you move out of where you are and into a tent; you basically are no longer eligible for your own place!"

Dear REaders, you know that this is why i  write.  Well, certainly it is one of  the themes of my blog and and my future memoir.  Uncovering what life is like for the poor, and how tough it is to find and maintain safe affordable housing.

Adam Lambert - Mad World Live At Regis & Kelly Show[HD]

adam is amazing! i like this version best. i will do this song a karaoke next time.

"Habla Espanol?"

The times they are a changin!  When I attempted to reach a service representative for problems with my cell phone I was sent to a man who addressed me in SPANISH!

He apologized and I said, no need for an apology but the times they are a changin" when the customer speaks English but is addressed in Spanish!  He said it was a glitch and he was forewarned it was a Spanish speaking caller.

Today, i received communications from the food stamp office needing some updates from me.  THE LETTER SENT TO ME WAS IN SPANISH!

I had to sort through the papers to try to find the same communications in English, which eventually i did!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Gary Jules - Mad World (live)

Step Afrika in Sarajevo - April 18, 2012

Wow, saw them perform in W. Lafayette, IN in about 2004. One of the best dance shows i have ever been to!


Today I heard a man at the bus stop tell a woman with a long skirt (it's one degree)

"I do not consider that a positve message and i do not consider that to be good news!"

I figured he must have been approached by a mormon, flds.  Turned out to be true, he was being prosyletized.  I guess he told her!

"Cancer versus fibromyalgia"

Today i met a woman who went through a radical, double mastectomy.  She, like me, ate well was active and fit and still got sick.  When i told her what i go through with the fibromyalgia (fm) and lyme, she said: I'd rather have cancer then live the way you have to live!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

"Only the Destitute Walk" by Elana R. Snyder PART 4

very few of you have read rough draft chapter 1. i am re posting in the hopes that you will read it and leave comments. ty

Top Tracks for Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam (playlist)

"911, what's your emergency?"

Today i decided to call the police.  Last night I called the crisis line to tell them what is going on with my new roomate.  I couldn't call her case manager because it was a friday night.

I called crisis and described to them what is going on.

me-She is in the bathroom again screaming, wailing, crying.

worker-is she suicidal

me-i don't think so but she is very very sick

worker-what can i do to help you

me-well, can you talk to her on the phone if she will agree to it?


me-"Mary*  i have the crisis worker on the phone are you willing to talk to her?"

Mary* (no response)

me to worker-"no, she won't respond"

worker-"Well, there really isn't anything i can do, you cal always call the police"


Author's note (i have been awake for one week, but last night, i slept about 6 hours.  My stomach is very very sick, I'd like to stay home but i can't take the stress)

8:15 sat a.m.

I awaken to banging, wailing screaming.  I tell Mary i need to get into the bathroom.  No response.  I wonder, am i going to have to go out back in a winter storm to piss?  Just as i am heading for the back yard she lets me in.  She is pacing, in and out of front and back door, some screaming mostly quiet, restless.  It looks like she might be having hallucinations, she is speaking in another voice that isn't her own, but she is not speaking to me.

911 what's your emergency?

me-My roomate is very sick i think she needs to go to the mental hospital to stabilize.

911-we'll send an officer right out

officer "what's going on"

me_  I reiterate what i just told you, my readers

officer-"i will speak to her"

officer comes out and tells me that he spoke to her and she is not suicidal.  He said to me "I can't title her" (funny, he doesn't have to explain, i know exactly what that means)

officer-"Are you comfortable having her stay here with you?"

me-"Are you asking ME to go to the mental hospital?"


Officer said "well the hospital is closed"

me- I said no it isn't it is 24/7!

officer-"you know i think you are right!"

officer tells me, keep your phone on Mary's case manager will either call you or come by.

(oh great, my whole day has to be about mary's neeeds)

No case manager ever called me or came by. 

A man with a gang like stocking on his head peered in our living room.  Mary begins to open the door.  I said to mary, wait a minute do you know him?

no answer

I asked Mary again, fearing who she will open the door to! 

She said in a near inaudible voice "That's my father!"

At this point i hope that her parents are taking her to the hospital, but instead, i hear a movie start up in her room.  I am completely flummoxed my stomach is sick i have no idea what is going on.  I decide to leave the house for the day.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

"I don't want a roommate but......."

She and i are both very quiet, and mostly retreat in our bedrooms.  Neither of us want a roomie, and haven't even had a conversation yet!  What is their to fight about if we both stay in our rooms?

Thelma Houston-Dont Leave me this way

Kool and The Gang - Ladies Night

"Karaoke and Dance Night"

So you can see all the funk/disco i've been watching on you tube.  This got me pumped up enough to go do Karaoke the other night! 

I performed 8 or 9 songs and closed out my night by singing and performing ladies night!

That was real neat because people did get on the dance floor and shake it up!

I also performed something I've been practicing: "One Less Bell to Answer"  however the version that the dj had was different so I didn't sound as good as i might if i could have done the original.

Going to clubs is a mix of fun, not so fun and stress.  There are always a few who have had way to much to drink and then they push themselves on you!  On the other hand, the night i went, there were people from every walk of life and from all over the u.s. and the world-overall a friendly crowd.  Glad i went!

Eddy Grant - Electric Avenue

"USA Today/State by State"

Silver Spring MD 2/6/13

Montgomery County Officials and community leaders on Friday will talk at the civic center about their attempt this week to spend only $25 on food for a week! The amt. they are given in food stamps to highlight hunger issues , reported by The Washington Post!

author's note

I sure wish i could be there as a starvation survivor................................As it stands i have less then $2 a day to spend on food.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Vaughan Mason & Crew - Roll Bounce

About a year ago, i asked my first boyfriend where we met,,,,he said THE ROLLER RINK!

ROLLER BOOGIE full movie Linda Blair Jim Bray 1979 disco skating


I'm in heaven listening to this again, and what a visual delight!

"What Single Want/usa today"

It is always nice to see a poll where one feels that their own views have been accurately represented!  I was pleased to see today that the top 2 things that I think are the most important, are also what most singles rank as top 2 whether male or female!

#1 gotta have good teeth nice smile
#2good grammar (for me i would simply say "must be articulate")

Here in Mountain Town nobody over 25 has any teeth. If they do they are rotted or there are many mssing.  Just like in Appalachia.  Perhaps because nobody has teeth they seem to find one another and couple up!

Funniest Super Bowl Commercials of 2013! (Top 10 Super Bowl Ads) Best 2013

i LOVED all but the kia ad.

All the Ravens Ladies

Hail to the Ravens!

Well, you know me. I know nothing about football or super bowl but what the hell, i grew up there so GO RAVENS!

"Stay away from me i don't want an f'in roomate!"

I knew when my name came to the top of the list for subsidized housing, that eventually i would have to live with a roommate.  The first 2 months i got to live alone.

Last Monday the landlord told me that there are absolutely no prospects at this time so you can continue to have the place to yourself.

But, yesterday a.m. he told me that I will have a room-mate in "about an hour!"

It turns out that I already know a great deal about her because i have  observed her on the bus and out in public for nearly 2 years.  She is 20 and she doesn't speak to anyone when she is out and about.  I wondered if she had a history of meth use in that she is skin and bones.

Last night, she locked herself in our only bathroom for 5 hours.  She wailed and screamed "Stay away from me I don't want a fuckin' roomate"

I told the landlord that the difference between "the mentally ill" and "the rest of us" is that if the mental illness is severe enough (like with the  new roomie) they will just say whatever comes to their minds with no editing.

I had many concerns about the potential roommate/ but I never could have foreseen that I might have to squat in my own back yard to pee because my roommate won't let me use the toilet!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Archies - Sugar, Sugar (Original 1969 Music Video)

I don't remember the show, but i was a comic book collector as a kid, and this was one of the series i collected!

The Marvelettes - Please Mr. Postman (1961)

"Criminal history in mountain town"

I was wondering if everyone in mountain town had a criminal hx.  Certainly, the folks i encountered at the soup kitchen, shelter, library and buses talked about their histories.

I googled the subject and although i found out there is a definite criminal element, i could not gain any real stats.

The other day however i happened upon a program on N.P.R. where it was stated that 1 out of every 5 Americans has a criminal background!

The show stressed that some of it was stuff like being in possession of small amounts of illegal substances.

But they interviewed a woman who at one time had prostituted.  She could not gain any jobs that required a background check.  I found many years ago, that if one has bad credit or a history of homelessness they (me) ought not even bother applying for jobs that require a background check!

Jesus Is Just Alright

wow i have not heard this in ages!

Friday, February 1, 2013

"Children's Book" on life in victorian england

i did not know what life was like in victorian england for the poor before signing out this children's book.  a few years back an english professor told me that my writings on my own experiences with modern day poverty and homelessness made dicken's description of england look like a "walk in the park!"

I did not know until today that Dickens was considered a social critic like ehrenreich is in current times.  I consider myself a social critic.

Consider the so called "children's" section of the library even for adult subjects, it is an amazing way to learn!