Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Queen - Bicycle Race

Bicycling had always been one of my fave sports. But NOW! I've been hit by bicycles twice in the last 2 weeks! Today, I did make a police report. This town needs stricter bicycle laws. In the meantime, let's divert to queen.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Symptoms bizarre and mysterious

 A couple of times a year I wake up feeling rested.  It will feel as if I could accomplish 6 to 8 hours worth of tasks. Not an hour and a half later, I'll be out and about and my eyes will get very heavy and I have no choice but to return home.  With fm (fibromyalgia) sleep is not typically restful.

When possible, especially now that winter is setting in; I'll do one day home, one day out. I'm extremely limited with the pain,  the weakness and the nerve damage.

On one of my happiest days in "Mountain Town" I was telling a driver who I hitched a ride with that the joy of the day was so big I had no words to describe it. It was in June, and I had discovered despite all of my serious illnesses that I still had the capacity to hula hoop AND dance.

The driver  also had lyme disease like me!  When I told her how long it was before I got treated, she stated that:

"untreated lyme sometimes leads to Lou Gehrig's disease!  I told her it didn't surprise me because I've had frequent symptoms over the last 6 years that seem to mimic those of Lou Gehrig's disease.  ;(

(But my friend randy* is a lyme disease expert  and  never mentioned a link between the 2 diseases.)

You would be surprised how many people out in society look perfectly healthy but have one or more serious diseases. Many folks (including myself) look healthy but definitely r not.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Janis Joplin - Maybe [Excellent quality]


AZ republic


article entitled

"Boom Times for Pawnshops" (san francisco)

"Just a few blocks from where sunny tourists ride cable cars past colorful shops, life turns gray.   Chris needs money for groceries."

(I can't find the rest of the article, having a hard time concentrating in this noisy library) Anywho, I've used pawn shops myself for survival money. Specifically I recall using the one in Hampden, MD on 36th st. I recall selling my precious 45 record collection for food money.

"The Arizona Republic"

"Letter of thanks by Passon"

This article chronicles Constance' letter of thanks to Elvis Costello on how his music is helping her get through Desert Storm.

Elvis ended up turning the letter into a song! Eventually her story was made into a 21 minute documentary!

(I find this exciting since it so closely parallels my own dreams)

NYT/early august article

The article was entitled:


Capitol Heights, MD

(Here is a clip from this article that I enjoyed, reminding me of my last trip to Lanham about 10 years ago)

"In low slung suburban strip malls, nestled among fast food restaurants and auto supply stores, hair salons are sprouting like mushrooms."

"A bad attitude with a good haircut can fool you sometimes."

(My visual for this article is the many African American families in Baltimore City who would sit on their urban porches "doing" each others hair! on a hot humid summer day.)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"healing thoughts for Gabby Giffords"

I was also in a very violent situation on the day that Gabby was shot and watched the t.v. coverage from a hotel since I had no safe place to stay that day. I have been reading as many articles as possible on her recovery. If i had a t.v. I'd have watched her first interview with Diane Sawyer. I'm very eager to see it on t.v. I realize that I oft see things from a very diff. perspective then others. How lucky she was to have had such a joyful 15 year best friendship with Ian* (is that his name?) I'm amazed that friendships like that even exist.

Black Sabbath - Iron Man - Live In Paris (Remastered) 1970

hopefully they won't remove this video. also dedicated to all children who survived school bullying.

Iron Man - Black Sabbath

This song is dedicated to every American kid who has ever been bullied in grade school or in senior high school. Please listen carefully to the words. It's not hard for me to understand why some of those children come back to their schools to get vengeance in some form or another for all of the abuse.

One more reason to not attend my 30th reunion. The effects of school bullying sometimes last a lifetime.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Who Teenage Wasteland

High school reunions are for the ones who made it, the ones who have something to show for.

Have fun at your 30th reunion Randallstown High, I won't be there. This one's for you!"

Alice Cooper - Schools Out

"Good Luck Class of 81 Randallstown HIgh School"

I hear our reunion in on 11/5. You won't catch me there!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mama Cass, Mary Travers & Joni Mitchell - I Shall Be Released

Posting some light stuff because my sleep deprivation is so severe I can barely keep my eyes open to write my usual deep stuff. mama cass lived in Baltimore.