Tuesday, November 26, 2013

"A perfect world"

The reason I posted the Sat. night fever video is because last weekend a local live theatre held "disco dance night"  I couldn't go, but I thought about how in a perfect world My city, and every city would have at least one club that offers disco dance night a minimum of once a week.  ;)

Night Fever dance_Saturday Night Fever

"Winter storm watch in autumn?!!!"

Last week Mountain Town began receiving warnings about the winter storm.  And it's still fall!  Scary stuff, hail, rain and snow.  We already have icy patches which means I cannot stay out after 5:30 p.m.

Was afraid to leave, afraid I'd slip since I have no special device for my hiking boots yet.  (crampons?)  Sounds like something a woman has to put up with once a month!

But they are some sort of device for walking on ice.  And you thought it was a big deal that Jesus walked on water  ;)  !!

I don't know how I'll get out of this town I simply don't have any extra money to move.

Breaking the Faith Season 1 Episode 1 Keep Sweet

God knows there is a lot I can relate to here.  I have had to escape dangerous/prison like conditions so many times in the last 20 years.  Incredible that they put these kids to work at age 7, working 13 hour days!  All of it, it's just so incredible.  I'm glad to hear there is a safe house otherwise what would these kids do with no money at all.  So, I saw episode one the other day and I hope the kids can get out safely.

Beyond Scared Straight: The Pod

If you asked me 25 years ago my view on this method of straightening up our kids, I would have been against it.  Now, I have changed my mind and I think it's genius even though it doesn't work on every single kid.  ;)


NYT journalist asks Limmy Kilmister, "You don't believe in God?"

Lenny-"I believe I'll have a drink!"

(I have no idea who L.K. is but I like the quote nonetheless)

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Wicked Attraction - Kidnapping Jaycee Dugard

Michelle Knight on Dr Phil - Day 1 - FULL EPISODE

Because of what I have survived (and not put on my blog) and what I have in common with M.K.  I hold her and J. Dugard close to my heart.  Dr. Phil is a phenomenal therapist, he did a beautiful job conducting this interview.

American Blackout

On some levels it's hard to imagine but for America's homeless, many aspects of this disaster r stuff we in a sense have grown accustomed to.  I mean homeless have to regularly put up with hunger, no electricity, no money, trouble accessing showers, etc.  This was a very powerful movie.


In just a 2 hour period, I was nearly hit twice while legally in the walkway!  Why?  Because drivers talking on the phone didn't see me!

I gave them both a piece of my mind.  One of them I yelled and motioned for her to get off the damn phone, so she removed the phone from her ear!  (I've never had anyone actually listen to me before)

"Your following, YOURSELF?!"

Still makes me snicker to think about it.  I was attempting to learn how google plus works and I ended up as my own follower!  (lest you think I'm a weird narcicist!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Redbone - Come And Get Your Love - The Midnight Special 1974

VAN McCOY - the hustle (1975) (HQ)

The Temptations Papa Was A Rolling Stone

STEVIE WONDER - 1970 - "If You Really Love Me"

"50th anniversary of jfk assasination"

I have watched 2 or 3 shows about the jfk assassination.  I was 5 months old when it happened I presume I was living in Baltimore.

My conclusion is that it was not a conspiracy, and my instinct is that the Warren Commission did a fine job in their research.

This is the first time I've really heard much about these events.  It completely "blows me away" that Oswald , the wannabe assassin , actually held a job in the very building that was ideal for him to assassinate Kennedy.  Wow. 

I learned this week (from one of the documentaries) that parade planners knew that jfk life would be highly at risk if the motorcade went near Dealey Plaza and simply "prayed for rain" so that the tope of the car would remain closed!  Wow!

So many tragedies, perhaps most, could have been prevented because nearly every time there is a warning.  (like the guy who worked at wtc and predicted the 2001 attack about 20 years early!)

I don't really grasp why Ruby got involved.  It is stunning that criminals don't seem able to predict the likely consequences of their actions.

Ironic that Marina and Jackie O were both left to raise small children alone.

"Yes, I'm "alive"

I haven't so much as even been to the library since 11/2 when I came for a special event about Turkey. It was semi interesting however, the shindig focused on Turkish ruins and history whereas I am more interested in what real life is like for modern day Turks.  ;)

I wish I could tell u the biggest things that are going on, but it would be somewhat politically incorrect to share on social media.

I have been 2x to pain management and 1x to occupational therapy.  I have been largely homebound by pain weakness headaches and the vomiting that goes with it.

Nonetheless, something doesn't feel right about the pain management stuff.  The doc is highly intelligent but a little condescending.  As I told you, her husband who is her medical assistant supposedly comes into the room to "take notes"  however he constantly interrupts and talks about whatever comes to his mind!  It's particularly ironic because the actual doc does not want me to talk just to listen.

She is perm itting me to be on a small dose of oxycontin, but i'll tell you it does not make much of a difference.

She recommended some neck exercises and really has given me a boatload of homework.

You know for the most part I hate unsolicited advice, and with a n.p., an o.t., a p.t. and a pain management doc there are simply too many cooks in the kitchen and too many people telling me what to do!

It is also largely true that another big thing that makes it hard to leave the house is that nothing in society works, perhaps unless one is rich, so I pretty much know that my day is going to always be largely grueling.  The walking, waiting, transferring and riding buses is so emotionaly, mentally physically exhausting that there is no energy to do anything else.

Saturday, November 2, 2013


So, I probably told u that, I have tried 3 years in a row to move to a city that has no real winter.  If I move, I will lose my Mountain Town housing subsidy.  I would have to pay some 60 to 70% of my disability check in rent. 

I would also b forced into another roommate situation which is absolutely not what I want.  It terrifies me to be here another winter.  The whole city is covered in layers of ice by November, as well as huge snow banks.  Severe wind and hail too.  It would largely imprison me to my apt, unless I could afford a car.

This is y I haven't blogged much, because it's just different versions of the same old bad news.