Friday, August 31, 2012

"Good touch/Bad touch"

When I was in grade school, the children were not given any kind of education regarding good touch bad touch.  But roughly in the early 80's I began seeing the little dolls educators would use to train children on where it is and where it is not o.k. for others to touch you.  Rape and molestation prevention.

I was thinking that women with fibromyalgia also need a special doll in which they can demonstrate ways it is ok and not ok to be touched.  I can't tell you how many strangers, acquaintances etcetera hit me on the arm or shake my hand in a way that is very painful.  Hugs, handshakes, high fives.  I told one woman who wanted me to high five that "I ONLY HIGH FIVE IN SLOW MOTION!"  We end up being forced to tell people that we have fm when we'd rather not get into it.

Anywho, touch is good for everyone.  And people with fm don't eschew good touch we only eschew touch that hurts!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

"A bed bug registry!"

Wow!  The site is down today but i was stunned to learn this exists.  I know what it is like to be eaten alive by bed bugs, and the last motel i stayed in had them.  In fact the last motel i was in, has been voted one of the top chains with bed bugs.  ITCHY!

child frozen in time

In the last week, I have watched 3 such shows about 3 children. Stunned to see that one of them lives in Baltimore. I watched this last night on tlc and during the virtual drives tried to guess what neighborhoods in Baltimore they work and live on. Anywho, I do not know how parents do this. The 3 sets of parents I've seen featured who have opted to not abort and keep their kids are doing phenomenal jobs. These women wouldn't have even been able to safely abort so late in term. Additionally, if I'm not mistaken, these disabilities were not showing up on the sonograms. The other story I watched the man lived in Australia, he is 40, but is only as big as a 10 year old, blind, mute........Incredible. The Baltimore family is living in a very pricy neighborhood. I wonder if they could afford to keep Brooke at home if they weren't so rich. wow

Saturday, August 25, 2012

"It's topless day!"

I don't know if this is true all across America or not but in Phoenix they are having a "topless rally!"  I think this is absolutely wonderful.  Baltimore, Phoenix and many other cities are so unbearably hot sometimes for as long as 6 months of the year, that I think it is completely unfair that men are allowed to go topless and women are not!  I have felt this way for more then 2 decades.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear that all that the women in the rally/rallies are required to wear are pasties!  However, even this is a double standard!  If the women have to cover their nipples then the men should to!

Rah rah for topless day!  Let's make it topless/365!

"Jaycee Dugard on my mind again"

I was so dissapointed last year when the 20/20 interview aired between Dugard and Diane Sawyer because i couldn't find a t.v. to watch it on.

It aired again last night, thank goodness.   I had finished the book last winter and you know from prior posts that I feel I have more in common with her then any of the other 200 or so women whose biographies I've read.

Some of the things I have in common with her I can't blog about however one of the biggest things I have in common with her is that we both had "a stolen 18 years"  I cried most of the 2 hours the show aired as I'm sure many did whether or not they have things in common with her or not.

20/20 spent a whole hour exposing how law enforcement and government had failed so grossly.  That is my experience as well, the situation certainly has not improved.  Seems like law enforcement only care if the person has been murdered.  My belief is that society has completely broken down, a monumental failure

The fact that she is actually enjoying life now is an absolute miracle, she is such an inspiration-I'd love to meet her.

(Jaycee is the woman who was abducted and held in captivity for 18 years)

Now I'm going to go check out her website  "the jayc foundation"

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

"A very slow learning curve with computer related things"

Here it is, 5 years after starting my blog, and I just learned that

-it is much easier to just get to my blog by googling the phrase "only the destitute walk"

then by googling my name.  When you google my name you have to fish through all of the other elana snyders.  Also, in googling the title of my blog, I learned that other people put the link to my blog on their website.  I learned to day that some lawyers have a link to my blog because I discussed asbestos poisoning!

Also via googling the blog name one finds that you tube automatically generates a link for you to simply look at you tube videos that I have posted.

It's fun and exciting to constantly learn new things about the internet, don't cha think?!

"A country themed restaurant"

I ate breakfast at a country themed restaurant lately and have a couple of stories to share.  Well, first of all, the first thing you notice when you walk in , is, a very politicallly INCORRECT sign!  The sign said, in so many words:

"Make yourself at home no matter what your race or religion we will still serve you!"

WTF?  I wondered.  Why in the world, in 2012, would a restaurant need a formal sign indicating they will basically serve anyone with money?!

I am legally blind without my glasses, and have been wearing the wrong rx for about 7 years since glasses are not covered with my insurance.  So, i had to take off my glasses, put the menu to my nose to read.  This is pretty much what i have to do with all reading material!

The waiter asked if i wanted a LARGE PRINT menu!  Talk about an AARP moment!  I didn't even know that large print menus existed.  I laughed and said, "Oh, I'll make do with this, thank you!"

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"What an exciting find!"

Just now, i googled my late adoptive father's name on the internet to look at the obit.  Wow!  What came up instead was an article about him and his restaurants on the website of the Jewish Museum of Maryland!  Check it out!

Arnold Milton Snyder

Friday, August 17, 2012

"Sometimes there are no words"

It has been true since 1994; that I cannot even come close to expressing how bad things are through cyber space.  So you will notice that there are periods where I don't say much at all but instead I re-post you tube videos. Those music videos and other postings are highly symbolic and just another way for me to communicate what life is like, when I can't go into the all the details over cyberspace.  But as I have been saying for years, it is very very bad, and the details would shock you. If I could share the details it would vastly increase my readership , I'm certain.

You know what they say, keep coming back!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Logical Song by Roger Hodgson (former Supertramp singer songwriter)

One of my all time faves!

Phil Collins - Another Day In Paradise

This is one of the most important songs in my life and it always has stopped me in my tracks.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

"I'm not a typical American.....or am I?!"

I was listening to NPR today and they did a show on how foreigners would describe their first trip to America.  They also talked about norms and mores that are typically American.

I was pretty sure I wouldn't fit into that in any way.

But I did, in many ways!  The funniest part of the show for me was how I recognized myself when an Indian man described his first time here.  I was lmfao!  as I saw myself so clearly!

He said that when an American toakes you into their home, they will show every room except the bedroom!  they make all sorts of excuses but apparently it's a very american thing that you don't show the bedroom because americans are all about privacy!  I thought about the people i've had over and i never show the bedroom!

Other ways the show described Americans is that you better be on time.  I am early for aboslutely everything!  But many Americans in myexperience, stand me up or they are a couple of hours late which is like being stood up. 

In some countries you bring red roses if you are a dinner guest but the "rule book" in America is that is definitely the wrong flower to bring!

Oh, and Americans have to have their personal space, and lots of it.  I am totally like that.  Don't just grab an American and hug them we don't like that.  yes, I'm very picky about who I'll hug or shake hands with.

Despite all of this I still see myself as counterculture to the core!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Dreams of a Life (2011) - Official Trailer [HD]

I feel a kindred spirit with Joyce.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Play That Funky Music - Wild Cherry (1976)

Soul Train Line Let It Whip Dazz Band.mpg

"Selective Hitchiking"

I've never been a traditional hitchiker.  In fact, i can count on 2 hands how many times i've accepted a ride in the last 18 months.  A selective hitchiker is someone like me who, susses up a woman or a couple coming out of a grocery store and in rare instances asking if they would mind going my way.

Today, I was walking to my destination when my new acquaintance who saw me asked me if i'd like to hop in.  She said: "Guess what's in the box next to you?"

Her daughter took out a baby duck and put it in my hand.  I held the duck for the entire ride.  The mom asked when the last time was that I held a baby duck.

She was stunned that I knew exactly what year.  It was when I was a teacher's aide at Havenwood Day School in 1986.......

I must say I have never hitched a ride with company from a duck before!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

"Paul Harrison, that was beautiful!"

This Harrison video I just posted is the best description of  fibromyalgia that I've been able to find on you tube by someone who is actually suffering from it.    He is so articulate and didn't miss a beat!   And he never even looked at his notes!  Thank you Paul for being a voice for me and so many other suffering fm victims!

You tube video about Fibromyalgia

An Update on Fibromyalgia

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

"Model, Carol Alt"

I have no idea what she looks like because I was unable to find the documentary online without paying for it.  She appeared in a documentary last weekend entitled "About Face"  but I heard her interviewed on NPR. 

Terry Gross asked her about "posing for Playboy at 49!"  Since I'm 49 now, I really enjoyed what she had to say about it.  She had been offered to pose at 21 but felt that really anyone can do that.  But when she was asked later in life she agreed only if they show her in her true natural beauty with no touch ups.  "We have a contract!" she stated when they tried to pin her face to a body that was not her own and she says "looked just like Barbie!  My fans know my body and they'll know it's not me"

Here at the library I can't pull up the pic obviously but how wonderful that Playboy is featuring a woman of advanced age.  Good on ya!

"Well, that's just my personality!"

I'm going to borrow the response: "Well, that's just my personality!"  I was listening to NPR interview a young woman who had just lost her job.  It reminds me that, for example, if I tell someone "My house just burned down"  I'll frequently get a stupid response like: "well, you seem upbeat"

Most people aren't really listening to the content of what we say which leads to ridiculous responses like "well, you seem upbeat"   So, when the young woman, the interviewee responded that it's just her personality I thought that is such a perfect response. 

I mean just because a person is going through a loss and not openly crying doesn't mean it doesn't hurt!

Nashville Cats - Lovin' Spoonful

I've had this wonderful song replaying constantly in my head since Sunday when I heard it on npr's "american roots" music!