Thursday, January 24, 2008

Flashback 1/16/96 "Day to Day life in Baltimore"

Had to catch the #27 for the first time in a week. Aiming to catch  the 8:44 a.m. bus. I walked to 33rd and fell in a snowdrift, then fell on my ass/lower back in the 7-11 parking lot because no one had bothered to clear away the ice/snow for the patrons. I was pissed. I went in their screaming and told them that the next person to fall is going to sue them.

Had to stand in the street to catch the bus, since sidewalks aren't clear. Arrived at my interview at 9:40 a.m. 10 minutes late. No one noticed or cared. They gave me a test, math, spelling, grammar and then asked me which software packages I am proficient in. I said none. It seemed to take him about 25 minutes to attempt to politely tell me that my chances of gaining employment are very slim with no computer skills.

I left at 11:20 and on my way to the bus stop I saw a Channel 3 cameraman. I asked him what the big news story of the day is and he said nothing much! "The owner of that store down there was shot and killed, but that's all." I replied: "Anytime someone gets killed it should be a big deal!"

He said: "I guess that I'm just desensitized to it all."

The whole thing really messes with my head. I never know whether I'll be next or not. I'm gonna become a tough ass bitch if I stay in this city. I had to walk a long side the DO NOT CROSS ribbons (death on Eutaw Street) to get to where I was supposed to catch the bus. (librarian just asked me to log out, I'll have to finish this entry the next time)


"My favorite quotes"

They will be quotes that I heard, read, or saw on television. I love to collect quotes.

Oprah-"You can't run away from your butt." (Her show on what jeans flatter your butt!)

Chris Rock-(satellite interview by Oprah)-"If I had know my ancestors were politicians, I would have gone into the "intellect business!"

Lots more to come.

Friday, January 18, 2008


Oprah knew that Rascal Flatts was coming, but she didn't know who the surprise guest was. ( I really like to be "in the know" musically. I'll listen to just about anything, and gain inspiration from artists of every background. )

So, R.F. is singing a song called: "She goes all the way" then Jamie Foxx comes out as a surprise guest and does gorgeous harmonies. Soo beautiful.

Amy Grant and Vince Gill have 6 children. Gill made country music hall of fame. Grant wrote a book called "Mosaic."

Now, O. interviews Kenny Rogers at home. He says: "My whole life is about creating beauty." He's been doing x-mas tours for 25 years! Has twin 3 year olds. Justin and Jordan. One of the rooms in his house is called the "Africa" room. (He introduced all 4 of his sons to the camera but forgot to introduce his wife!) K's home is gorgeous. A man named Don Schlitz wrote the Gambler. IT WAS THE FIRST SONG HE EVER WROTE IN HIS LIFE!

In 2008, Rogers has his 50th anniversary of performing. He and Wanda have been married 10 years. Rogers sang his wedding vows.

The show ends with Grant and Gill singing: "True Love"

"Chatline Adventures"

I've blogged about it once before. You call into a central phone #, and can talk to anyone who happens to be on the chatline at the same time as you. No one has any way of receiving your phone # unless you give it to them. Women talk to men, or men talk to women. Occasionally women call in on the men's side cuz they are gay and want to meet other women.

I've been talking on these lines off and on since '95.    Most of the people say they want to come out and meet but never follow through.

Here is one of thousands of examples of fascinating conversations I've had. I fill notebooks with names and records of the conversations I have.

This guy's name is Ed, and he is a self described psychic. (yes, I believe him because I'm psychic too) I believe that he is psychic, but that doesn't mean I believe everything that came out of his mouth. In fact I believe little of what he said. He did say: "One of your parents didn't want your around"

so he was right about that. Here is a short record of my notes on

"Ed the Psychic"

Self absorbed. Didn't want to hear about my own psychic abilities, just wanted to do all of the talking. When I told Ed that every psychic, palm reader and tarot reader has read my life correctly he said: "That's not good, you have a bad aura." He said that I'm under a life curse because I played with "ouija" board as a child. (once) Ed can talk to the dead. Said I need to "clear the demons" out of my life.

(I will begin to post more "chatline adventures")


Plumber arrives with manager. I was way past my breaking point, and thinking I'd be forced out of my apt. even quicker then planned, due to the conditions. The first thing the manager asked was "why didn't you contact me earlier?" "You didn't go through proper channels" (oyyy) While the plumber is fixing the toilet she said: "cute space heater" I told her that the heat from the living room doesn't make it into the bedroom. She replied that the building is an awful design. Now this is true, but it surprises me that nothing can be done about it. I told her that after dark, I wear my coat, hat and scarf indoors. She was stunned. I told her that I can't believe no resident has told her that before. Personally, I've put four formal complaints in about the heater but was told that nothing can be done.

Life's just a huge balancing act.  I work my butt off to find a healthier environment to live in, while trying to survive in a toxic one.  As it stands, I sit by the oven during commercials if the temp. outside gets below 35. Today is a "great day" because Balto. is due to stay above 40 degrees.

Found out today, that if you are a Balto. City resident and you have a code violation concern, you are supposed to call 3-1-1. That's emergency and non-emergency response. yes, i've used the # before, but now I know that that is where you are to place formal requests to have an inspector come out.

Still aggressively seeking new place to live. As you know, I've always been fascinated by For low income people the most logical place to live is in one of the communities, but you absolutely need to be well and physically strong.

I admit, I do not enjoy roughing it! That's probably no surprise at this point, ehh?!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It's risky to blog/write

I have one new critic. A person who is going to be picking apart my writing, seeking character flaws. Should I hold back on being myself and saying what I think? I'll continue to be honest and speak from the heart.

"Where i DO feel safe"

1. Cockeysville Library
2. Gunpowder Park/N.C.R. Trail
3. Kenilworth Mall
4. Hunt Valley Town Centre
5. Borders Book Store Timonium
6. And three of the university libraries, but there is only one I can get to without a car.

I used to feel safe at the Rotunda mall but no so much anymore. Goodness knows I don't feel safe during any of my walking errands, city or county, never feel safe waiting on bus or light rail. I haven't even bothered to replace my stolen bus card, just don't feel like dealing with the stress of public transit anymore.

Day 25, no working toilet

So, I've contacted the head office in GA about 10x, governor 3x, HUD about 6x, and the city inspectors office twice.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Just tried You Tube!

Just experienced it for the first time today, (other than a brief exposure on "oprah") Wow! Now here's one song that is really close to my heart and life experience:


check it out at

what a great experience, checking out music videos, better then anti-depressants!

How I Spent the Weekend

Trying to reach S. who has offered me an emergency room in Brooklyn , MD. He said he would store some stuff for me, and that he has an extra room in his house. Can't let maint. man into my apt. until after everything is put in storage.

One thing that makes blogging more challenging than writing a book, is that people are always coming in to the middle of your story and you don't know how much they already know.

The conditions at La Pew are unacceptable. Even if it means having to try a scary unknown, I cannot be healthy or happy when I am not safe. The noise level is unbelieveable. I will let you know as soon as something else comes through. In the meantime, I am in day 16, no working toilet. What if the only plumber you knew had a criminal history, what would you do? See? Anyhow, the years are flying by, and I can't just sit back and hope things will get better.

Placing job ads on craigs list, all over the country even on the West Coast. In the meantime, I'm waiting for the new public housing owner to mail me some apps., and I'll also put in for a transfer.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Day 15, No Working Toilet

Deplorable.  I  will try to get everything in storage this weekend, stay on sofas?,   put in apps. for subsidized housing in other states, start staying and visiting intentional communities. No matter what I do, I feel homeless. If I stay here I'll feel homeless, if I leave I'll feel homeless, but living there is destroying my health, so it's simply not an option.

   Contacted Governor O'Malley twice. He gave me a contact over at HUD, she said there is nothing she can do about the robberies since my property is out of her jurisdiction, nor is she "allowed" to send an outside contractor to repair the toilet. The new owner says that because no one else has complained to her of burglaries there is nothing she can do without all of the police reports. I told her that police refuse to make a report most of time. Plus, I've had some of my written records stolen despite having saved virtually everything.

Can't let a maint. man into my place til everything in storage. Can't stand to see his face anymore, so I can't be in the apt. when they do the repair. The chances of the new owner prosecuting the maint. man is extremely slim, and I can't afford to throw more of my life away while these officials pussyfoot around and make me run in circles.