Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"New York Times on heat related deaths"

I can't tell you how many times I have flashed back to the summer of 98.  I was living in a Baltimore city apartment on Calvert Street.  I had no air conditioning and I was on the 3rd floor.  The average temperature of my apartment was about 130 degrees.  I did not sleep.  But when I went to bed, I'd soak a sheet in water then wrap myself in it.

Whenever I was in the apartment I lost so much water (heat stroke or heat exhaustion symptoms unsure what that is) I had water pouring off of me as if I were in a rainstorm.  My body was trying to cool itself and I wondered if I would die.

I had no money to install a room air conditioner and my attempts at acquiring one through the "Asthma and Allergy Foundation" who supposedly had such a program proved fruitless.  With this story in mind I will cut to yesterday's article:


My summary of the article is that many prisoners are dying in unairconditioned prisons.  Some are arguing that it is a violation of human rights (that's my argument)

and others do not believe it is

The article is in the NYT on July 29th, 2012

"What would you do"

What would you do if:

-you are in excruciating body wide pain that never goes away

-you are unwilling to break the law to acquire pot

-no doctors in town are willing to prescribe opoids for chronic pain

-you qualify for medical marijuana but your disability check is not enough to pay the naturopath who can get the case going

-you know alcohol to some extent is a painkiller but your subsidized apartment complex prohibits you from having alcohol in your home (not even a bottle of wine)

-even if you did have medical marijuana you can't go on the college campus with it becaues it is prohibited

-you would never ever consider drinking and driving


-you are not allowed to ride buses if you are intoxicated!

"Shortage of doctors article is no surprise"

I just read an article confirming what i recently blogged about how I don't have a primary care physician.  Believe you me it is not for lack of trying.

The article is entitled:

Shortage of Physicians is likely to worsen  by Annie Lowrey and Robert Pear NYT

Here are some excerpts from the article

"People access the health care system through the emergency department rather then establishing a relationship with a pcp which might keep them from getting sicker"

"A government council recommends a given region have 60 to 80 pcp's for every 100k residents"


"Fewer then 50% of u.s. doctors accept medicaid"

The article stated that there is nowhere near 60 to 80 pcps for every 100k residents in most regions...........

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Food Line Under I-95

"Soup kitchen snapshots"

Today, in the middle of the meal, an elderly black man began singing (very very badly!) a funk/disco song that I recognized instantly.

I called out: "Hey I know that song!"

The african american attendant said with a big smile to me: "Please don't encourage him, most people here can't take that singing!"

The elderly singer came over to me put his hand on my shoulder and said: "You know why HE (the attendant) doesn't know the song don't you?"

"Why is that?"  I asked

"Because he isn't REALLY black!" the man replied

me-"Well then , how do you explain that I KNOW the song?!"

(This question leaves the singer speechless;)

Friday, July 27, 2012

Bad Company - Shooting Star

This song has a very special very personal meaning for me.

"Tales from the dance floor"

"You know what that move is called?"  the lone african american male  patron asked me "The one you just did"

me-"No, what's it called?!"

him-"It's called: BACKIN THAT THANG UP!"

me-lol "I love it!"

"If you can't lick em, join em!/the olympics"

I've been listening to the pre-olympic coverage on NPR.  The upset cabbies who are being diverted onto minor roads, and various other ways that the Londoners are upset.  And to the arguments as to whether or not the Olympics will make London better off afterwards or not.

Well, either way, it's here, and according to NPR they're estimating that, (upset or not) about 1 billion around the world will tune in.  I do not have a t.v. so I'll tune in at the library.

I first became aware of the Olympics in 76.  In 08 I watched nearly every day.  Baltimore even had a parade for native swimmer Michael Phelps.  I call that parade "the best thing that ever happened to york road" because I went and it was real real nice.

This morning I heard an amazing story about a runner named Lopez (his first name) who was one of the Lost Boys of Sudan.  Lopez just published a book about his life and talk about inspiring!  I reckon the reason it's so touching is because it is a classic "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" success story..................

I'll tune in.  Will you? (p.s. one of the Olympic figure skaters now makes Baltimore her home too.  is is Fleming?  i can't recall, but she lives in Guilford)

"To the soup kitchen for lunch"

I only go to these places because starvation is not a pretty way to die.  This is only my 4th time at this particular soup kitchen.  On my way, I see a man attempting to get off the bus but having a great deal of trouble.  I consider helping him but I know how fiercely independent many disabled people are (including myself) and I don't want to insult him.

He has a walker, 3 large canvas bags and a prosthetic leg which he hasn't yet mastered the use of.  I wonder if he too, is going to the soup kitchen.  It turns out he was.  On the patio, everybody is smoking cigarettes.  Can I handle 12 minutes of this?  Turns out not, I begin coughing.

I hope they still have the rule that women get to go first.  There is a semi line forming outdoors but it's about as organized as 6 year olds lining up for recess!  About 15 men go first, then a woman.  I decide not to go infront of the 15 or so men, thinking likely they are all eventually going to give way to the women.  Once inside I'm surprised another line forms.  It is so long and it is shaped like a horseshoe.  I'm surprised how many there are.

Let me backtrack to the patio.  The man Carl* with the prosthetic leg asks me if I'm "from Mountain Town"  I tell him that I need a t-shirt that states: "Almost Local!"  because I'm qualified to answer most questions!  I've told you in prior logs that I will help people within reason but not to the point where giving help is going to suck the life blood out of me!

He wants to know how to get to "the church"  I start by asking him if he needs the church for low income help or for worship.  Once he says "for worship" I tell him that not being very churchy I'm unlikely to know much about it.  I tell him about the "Mountain Town bible" (i made up that name) which is a 2 sided sheet of paper telling all the resources.  His questions became very unreasonable and I told him that he was going to have to go inside to the soup kitchen and ask them. 

So many people you can tell, not only do they want one or two questions answered but likely they're just plain scared at this new homeless gig, and what they really need is a full time assistant!

I alerted staff that he needs lots of help.

Anywho, the director says a prayer and  we begin to head for the food.  People are hemming and hawing and being indecisive about approaching the table.  Not me I just went.  I wondered how many slices of pizza you are allowed but i didn't ask.  I see most slices are very tiny but I find one large slice and take that.  There is soup that looks mostly like broth, I don't take it.  There is good high quality yogurt and a couple of different types of pasta.  Unfortunately all there is to drink is kool aid.

I choose an end seat and wonder who is going to spill soup down my back.  I'm watching the line progress and it's a sad sight.  because the leader is barking orders every step of the way:


Then, a man gets kicked out.  For the first time since being in Mountain Town I feel really sad for Bernie.  He is lucid with an invisible friend and has always in the past made me uncomfortable because he stares at me.  But today I feel really bad.  His eyes begged?  BUT WHAT DID I DO WRONG WHY DO I HAVE TO LEAVE?  I HAVEN'T HAD ANYTHING TO EAT TODAY?!

They tell him he touched too many plates.  Fearing that he forgot about the other soup kitchen, I yell out to him to come by the other one at 4 p.m. for an early dinner.

This is a mostly depressing place.  There is one guy at my table who comes across as having a middle class or better background.  Clean, polite, well dressed well spoken.

Typically the most I do is say hello and that's it in these sorts of environments.  For as depressing as it is-I feel better after I eat.

I walk to the bus and I see Carl again.  I tell him that I alerted staff that he needed lots of help.  He told me WELL I CAN'T GET USED TO MOUNTAIN TOWN SO I'M JUST GOING TO MOVE TO WISCONSIN.

(I think, yes, but truth is, THERE IS NOWHERE TO RUN)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

"Illiterate America"

I can't recall when Jonathan Kozol's book Illiterate America was published, but I'd say roughly 2 decades ago.  At that time he stated that "1/3 of Americans are functionally illiterate"

I am curious as to what the current stats are.  At one point I had made a decision that I wasn't going to be a patient at any clinic or facility where the American staff can't speak or write  functional English.  Yeah, right.  That was a fruitless decision because nearly all of the clinics I've dealt with since 94, the support staff are frighteningly illiterate.  I assume they get hired because there are no candidates applying for the positions who are literate!

Yesterday, a physician's assistant left a message on my voice mail (yes, it was intended for me)  "San, Sandra, Sander I am calling to ask you if you are coming to your appt. today?!"  (Sandra Sander?!  I am so stunned, I listen to the message 3x)

When this same woman goes to weigh me, I told her what my weight is in advance.  She replied: "LOOK IT'S LESSER!" (are you kidding me?)

I also got a call from a law office where the recep. said to my voice mail: "I'm returning elaine sinder's call back!"

If we are an interdependent society, and poor peoples lives are largely in the hands of the functionally illiterate, it doesn't seem to lend much hope!

"The most beautiful sad blue eyes/the motel homeless"

There is a man who rides the bus with his 2 children who I have been "studying" off and on since I started seeing him on the bus.  One time I heard him telling his 9 yo girl, something to the effect of "so I beat the shit out of him until he was lying stunned on the bar floor!"  (I felt so sad that these children have parents like this-but this is not all that different from the majority of the parenting I see)

The other night the man, 2 kids and a woman in her 40's boarded the bus.  I was fairly certain she was the mother, even though she never looked away from her texting for nearly the entire bus trip.  The father and the son have the saddest blue eyes I've seen "in my life".  Neither parent ever smiled.  The father kept correcting the girl, telling her she was too loud, but I didn't perceive it that way at all.

Anyhow, 2 young men about 20 board the bus, they are , I'm pretty sure, travellers, as opposed to official homeless, and one has a mandolin!   They had made inquiry on which stop they should get off at.  I told them they could get off at either one, they are equidistant, and that I will ring the bell.

The mother came out of her texting world and emphatically corrected me, taking over the directions and telling the boys that I am wrong, that one of the stops is a slightly longer walk.  It turned out that the family LIVE at the hotel that the boys were looking for.  That would certainly explain the depression I see in this family's eyes.

When the mother found out that the boys are travelling across country from Pennsylvania she said:

Woman: "You are making the biggest mistake of your life.  You are going to be so sorry you left Pennsylvania.  Mountain Town is  a horrible horrible place and people are so horrible in the world/ it is too dangerous for you to be travelling!"

Young Man-"Much to the contrary we are meeting so many good people and we are having a wonderful time!"

(Oyy Veyy!  First of all, does she honestly think the boys are going to turn around and go home because she has had such a hard life?)

The mom didn't hear me but I said to the boy:  "That's crazy!"  You have to do this.  You can't stay home and live in fear because of what might happen!  You could stay in a 2 block radius your whole life also and see just as many bad things!"

I gave them some hippie references to which they replied they would love.  They just came from a Rainbow Gathering.  I gave them:




I don't know.  I think it's a shame when parents have had a hard life, that they instill the misery in their kids, sharply decreasing their chances of being happy.  But also I do know what a nightmare it is that this family of four are living in one room in one of the flea bag motels........................

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall (HQ)

Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd - The Wall (better sound n image)

Wont Get Fooled Again

"You can't judge a book by it's cover"

This week, Jane* the librarian said to me:  "you're always smiling!"

Tonight, a transient on the street who I never engage or speak with yelled out at me:


Knowing that he'll hate hate hate that he's not getting attention, I did not smile or engage him.

But who of us know what is happening in a person's life or heart based on whether or not you saw them smile?!

"You are single, transient and extremely needy"

There is a huge, very lonely, very needy, seriously mentally ill (smi)  transient population here in Mountain Town.   I have virtually no contact with middle class or better.

    But a girl with any sense about her will use great caution in which men she so much as chooses to say hello to.

Today I was wrapping up an enjoyable conversation with a bus driver about poverty and struggle when the following happened:

A man interrupted me and said "have you ever been to a 3rd world country?"

(Thinking him rude to just cut me off like that I did not answer him)

When I was done saying goodbye to the driver Tim* I asked the transient man: "Now what is it you were asking me?"

"I ASKED YOU IF YOU HAVE EVER BEEN TO A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY?  he does not wait for the answer, he walks away and then he yells MISS YOU OUGHTA BE THANKFUL YOU LIVE IN AMERICA?!"

Wtf? This is one of many times I choose to hold my tongue.

"Sometimes I get really quiet"

You see I'm posting videos lately and have been relatively quiet.  Unfortunately, due to a very unlikely and extremely unfortunate set of circumstances,  much cannot be revealed on social media.  A frightening major change is coming extremely soon.  Again, there will be a delay before I can tell you what's going on with that.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Food Insecurity - Hunger in America

What he is describing is the reason I am now significantly overweight.

Saturday, July 21, 2012


My posting of this video is not necessarily an endorsement of any sort!

A jog on all of Baltimore's North Avenue from one end to the other

After a # of terrifying experiences attempting to do business at the food stamp office here on North avenue in 2005, i decided to forego the whole thing and just do without the food stamps. Ironically from 05 to 09, there was a food stamp office next door to me but I was not permitted to use it because it is "in the county" and I lived just over the line in Baltimore City.  In relation to this video I must facetiously add that "the only way to see North Ave. is to run!"

Road Vultures -- Baltimore's Predatory Towing & Impound Industry

Yes, it is brutal and inhumane I was a victime of it countless times and it can screw you over permanently. Lafayette, Indiana was brutal too.

MTA Maryland: 2008 New Flyer DE60LFR #08020... The Historic "Route 8" Li...

The bus is travelling north. This is nothing like what my experience was on this bus between 05 and 08. Anywho, right before the automated voice says "walker avenue" you will see the famous "la pew" apartments which i frequenly blogged about having lived there from 05 to 09

"heard it on npr"

Final thoughts on Aurora.  I just caught up with the details on npr as well as buying a paper.  When I heard the details of how the perp did what he did,  the #'s involved, and how highly educated Holmes is, initially I was shocked.  For me personally I get more upset when the victims are so young like these were for the most part.

For nearly every American, you need to keep living your life as normal despite the violence.  I am the rare American who can't have a normal life because the violence has gone on for so long, and thus far I have not gotten any help.  my case it's not just a singular act of violence it is in many ways much more serious than that.

I recall with the d.c. sniper, and I was a nanny, (2002)  my kid's school was on lockdown.  Nevertheless with the parent's permission, we continued to go to playgrounds.  I did not feel that the children or myself should have to stop living our lives because of the sniper.

But my heart goes out to the victims of the Aurora tragedy, their families, and their friends.  Just remember:

"The best revenge, is a life well lived" and "Try your best to make every day count"

Friday, July 20, 2012

"What is the point of an article like that?/Madonna"

Today, I read that all Madonna had to do to escape a one time scare she and her family had with a burglar was to buy another multi-million dollar home that is more secure then just about any place in the U.S.

What is the point in printing something like that in a paper?  It implies that: "Americans who are not wealthy are just screwed and will have to live with the violence"

Society tells us every day: " If you aren't rich, then your life doesn't really count for much."

"Now I'm a bit more in the know/Aurora"

Reminds me of Columbine.  Also reminds me that, not until 2005, had I ever met anyone who was afraid to go to the movies.  But there were a handful of African American women in my section 8 bldg. who felt that going to a movie in Baltimore is one of the most dangerous things you could aspire to do.  :(

Repost video uploaded from witness outside theater in Aurora Colorado at...

I just checked you tube because i didn't know why flags were at half staff at city hall. I still don't know what happened yet, i haven't read any articles. But ironically, last night, there were 3 teens on the bus and one said to the other, "You are going to go to the Batman movie and you are going to LIKE IT"

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"Life is crap"

I had a very cynical reaction when the "life is good" line of clothing and products came out.....so thank goodness for "life is crap."  Have you seen their products?  YES.  Sometimes when people ask me how I am, like today, I reply: "Oh, I've had better lives"

"EBT/food stamp/ Inconveniences and nightmares"

Today out of necessity I went to the only market within at least a 2 mile radius that takes food stamps.  They are all out of what I need, AND they can't take my food stamps anyhow because they just changed ownership so the ebt is down.

But this next story takes the cake.  I've known for years that you can't buy hot food with food stamps.  So, if possible what you do is you buy it frozen, heat it in their microwave if they have one then you are allowed to eat it, in most cases out at the curb since there are often no tables and chairs.

So, I bought the refrigerated sandwich with my ebt, heated it up, sat down in the market to eat it.  I was stopped and told YOU CAN'T EAT THAT IN HERE!

I was baffled and still am.  After I asked a couple of employees to try to explain this to me it still doesn't make any sense.  They said:  If you had purchased it with cash or credit card you'd be allowed to eat it in our establishment.  But because you bought it with ebt you cant.  "We just found out last week you know.  And if you eat that here we could lose our license!"  "Only if we had a restaurant license would you be able to eat that in here!"


Monday, July 16, 2012

"Are you sure you're practicing peace?!"

I'm sure there are millions of examples but here is the one that's been on my mind lately.  There is a small group of leftists who have been working very hard on an issue that would help Native American Indians.

However, the group express their views by defacing every kind of property imaginable.  When I see the not so peaceful ways that this group is trying to fulfill their goal, it makes me all the more, not want to help out with the issue.  perhaps they should consider that.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

"Aha! You've been googled!"

I have an acquaintance that is, well, questionable.  He has some nice traits, but, every time I bump into him I hear "alarm bells" and I see so many "red flags"

It's true that I googled him but little to nothing popped up.  But, just for the hell of it, when I ran into him-I manufactured findings just to see how he would react!

I told him that the search showed his criminal record!  He said "What were the specfics?!"  I said, well it didn't say the specifics.

He said:  "That criminal record though is 20 years old!"



Saturday, July 14, 2012

"Blatant disregard for non-smokers

Breathing in second hand smoke is still something I have to deal with on and off 24/7.  Between the smokers outside, at the bus stop, the guy downstairs-there's just no getting away.  Sometimes the smoke in my home gets so thick I can hear audible wheezing coming from my lungs.

But this next story is a classic!  There was a huge sign in front of the cafe that says:


Some goober had the nerve to sit on the bench with his back leaning against the sign and light up!  As I was figuring out what approach to take the best thing happened:

A woman walked over to him, tapped him on the shoulder, pointed to the sign behind him and THEN WALKED AWAY!

I clapped and I said:  "Maam, that was beautiful, classic.  You're an awful lot like me!"

She exclaimed:


Wildflower - Skylark [HD]

"How many migraines are you permitted each month?"

Ludicrous.  Insurance is ludicrous.  I started having migraines in 87.  I had one for more then a year, had no doctor and no medication-so I continued to attend college every day...sick.

Currently, I am permitted to have 4.5 migraines per month!  I'm given 9 pills, (allowed 2 pills a day if you need it).  I average 15 migraines per month.  If i have the money I have to supplement with excedrin migraine.

PSYCH!  Truth is, I can't supplement with Excedrin migraine because it has been recalled!

Well, I guess-sh#$ happens, now doesn't it.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

America - Sister Golden Hair (HQ Original)

"On the subject of over air conditioning"

You go from outside to a cafe to the bus to home and your body really takes a licking.  I have no a.c.  so temps in my apt. are over 100.  I leave that and then have to decide how to dress.  I have to wear long sleeves so I don't get burned by the sun while waiting for the bus.  But I have to bring a heavy coat and winter hat for the bus temperature which feels like 45 to 50 fahrenheit.  I am soo tired of having to change my clothes multiple times a day.  At least I don't have humidity to deal with.

The coffee shop was sweltering and I was out front.  I needed to take off my long sleeve and put on my t-shirt, but I didn't want the hassle of having to find a restroom.

I thought about how my very modest sports bra looks like a runner's shirt or a biker's half shirt-it is way more modest then a bikini top.  I then thought about how Mountain Town tends to be liberal thinking and here I am on the block that I'd have to call "hippie central"

Oh screw it I thought.  I went ahead and just took my long sleeve shirt off right there at the outside cafe, changed into a t shirt and


(i knew you'd enjoy that little anecdote)

Monday, July 9, 2012

"Maryland is for crabs"

As you know, in the first week after I receive my disability check, I try to live like a middle class person or better.  This is just before the money runs out around the 10th of every month.

Sometimes, I like to live large.  The other day I went to a place (turns out with cloth napkins) that had crabcake on the menu.  WOW, Mountain Town makes a mean crabcake!  Who knew that there was a place on earth that rivals Baltimore or Maryland in the crabcake department!

If you come to Mountain Town you've got to order crabcakes!

"My cup overfloweth with the arts!"

All i can say is, Mountain Town has serious dysfunction.  Life, for the poor, is still a grueling struggle with little relief.

Conversely, from April 1st to October ish, a person can do something arts related every frickin' day of the week!  I do arts stuff at least 4x a week.

In the area of the arts, I give Mountain town 10 stars!

Stevie Wonder - Youre The Sunshine Of My Life-HQ

My father owned 5 businesses in the 60's and early 70's. In the most dangerous sections of Baltimore city. I can remember when we drove into the city (and I'd hear this amazing song on the radio) he'd say:

"Don't roll down the car windows, it's too dangerous" (read, the African Americans don't like us)

"You're an ugly drunk"

My not so close acquaintance, Gabriel* got on the bus yesterday as usual.  I guess I hadn't seen him in about a month.  I also know him and his family from the soup kitchen.  Today was different though, this isn't the Gabe I know.

We had an enjoyable conversation and even sang songs together.  I wondered why is this so different, usually Gabe acts like a buffoon on the bus and I worry that he'll stumble into me and fall.

I told him that one day a stranger turned to me and said "What kind of dope is that guy on?"  (referring to Gabe)  I told him I had no idea.  Today i relayed this story to Gabe, and he told me, no dope, just alcohol, but I've been sober for 8 months!

Wow!  I was absolutely stunned that a sober man is a completely different man from a drunk man.  Gabe is a new man.  I told him that I am very proud of him, keep up the good work, because:

"You were one ugly drunk!"

"The controversial topic of.......weather?!"

It's stunning to me the large number of people  who get down right upset about the topics of weather and dogs for example.  You'd think I had mentioned the word "abortion!"

This morning when I was in the restaurant ordering (and had reserved a table for myself) I came back and there was a mom and 2 kids sitting at my table.  She asked if it was ok.  I said yes it is because you don't have a dog and please don't smoke ciggies.

She proceeded to get on her cell phone while I talked to the 2 boys.  She overheard me discussing the topic of dogs and cigarettes withe the boys.  She was so upset that I said I don't like dogs underfoot that she got off the phone to tell me and the boys "WE LOVE DOGS"

The boys and I talked about many fun things, but once she got off the phone you could tell that, well she couldn't stand me and didn't want me to talk to her kids because of my comment about dogs.  When she left she didn't say goodbye to me but DID say goodbye to the folks at the table next to us!  You could have cut the tension with a knife!

Even on the topic of weather with folks, someone might hear me say "boy it's really cold today"

"It is not, you don't know what cold is!  blah blah blah

The point is that people get upset about crap you'd think it was politics!

(When you get right down to it, every topic can be look at from a political point of view!)

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Staj/Stajettes performance may7th2011 StajOnline

Mary McGregor Torn between two lovers

I'm sharing this not so much for the lyrics, but because pop and soft rock are some of the only relaxation i get......i think her voice is soooo pretty.

"Under my Umbrella"

We had some drops of rain today for the 2nd time in 3 months.  Everyone here is SICK of the sun.  I am carrying my rainbow golf umbrella.  People stop me every couple of minutes to comment on it, or they make a nice comment to their friend or family member.

Children and adults all day.  One 3 y o was with her parents and her five year old sister.  She said:


"You do?" I asked.  I went on to say: "My philosophy is that perhaps if I carry an umbrella it will rain.  And we all want it to rain, right?!"

"YES!"  she exclaimed.


"yOU CAN BUY IT AT WAL MART"  i said (Normally, i would not intentionally endorse Mal Wart, but that is where they are sold!)

My bus driver also said he loves my umbrella.  Since he is such a sweetheart, I replied:


Friday, July 6, 2012

"Author Mark Billingham"

I was listening to an NPR interview this morning with Mark Billingham.  The way he describes how he became an author, and the research he does before he puts together his crime novels, reminded me of me!

The impetus for him becoming a crime novel writer, was a true experience he had.  He was staying in a hotel when he heard a knock on the door.  He assumed it was room service coming to pick up his tray.  Instead his room was stormed by 3 masked men who tied him up and put a bag over his head then robbed him.

But the way he gets his material for his books is similar to what I do, although not identical..  He observes the homeless, addicts, etcetera by going down to the Thames river in london at 3 am.  He has learned that you should never look anybody in the eye.  The difference between he and I is that, I was thrown into street life in 94, he has elected to observe it and write about it, so with him it's a choice.

Although I don't read fiction, MB and I both have similar goals and that is to write about the hidden, the invisible, the gritty side of life.........................You might want to check out his book "Lifeless"

"Small World/More mini adventure"

I am a long long long way from Baltimore , yet in the last week I have met:

A man visiting from Owings Mills

A woman visiting from Woodlawn

And a woman who has relocated here in 1972 from Pikesville.

The woman from Pikesville had a brother (who died in Vietnam) who used to play with one of my family members.

It is a small, small, world.

"Mini Adventure"

I was on my way to running errands on the bus this morning when I befriended (on the bus) 5 children and their grandma.  The kids were between 6 and 8 years old but I thought the 8 yo was an adult when she first boarded the bus because of her morbid obesity.  All the kids were half navaho and half latino.  The 8 yo said she "hates the hopi indians"  The grandma didn't hear her say it, so I had an opportunity to teach about stereotypes and hopefully influence the little girl that "not everyone in a particular ethnic group is the same as the next one and everyone should be judged by their heart."

It was so much fun to kibbutz with these kids that their grandma said it was fine if I accompanied their family to the kids event they were on their way too.  Although the sun was too much for me, it was a super special morning and reminds me of how I was born to work with children and feel so happy when I am with them.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Baltimore All-Stars Marching 2

Baltimore Step Group2

The reason I'm posting this video, is because-I love a parade. Yesterday's parade was a real high. But since I can't post videos of the town I'm living in, I'm posting a video from the parade I'd go to year after year in the 90's and 2000's and that is the Charles Village Parade.....enjoy

"Adult men in Superhero t-shirts"

I've noticed a proliferation of men in Mountain Town wearing Superhero t shirts.  From Mighty Mouse to Superman it's my personal belief that pretending they are superheroes is perhaps a temporary respite from their realities!  ;)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"Are you an artist?"

Another customer at the coffee shop and I were discussing synchronicity.  I told her that I see it multiple times a day.  She said usually artists are particularly in tune to the concept of synchronicity.

Her-"Are you an artist?"  she asked me

Me-(hesitating for a second) "Well, yes, but I don't make any money thru the arts"

Her-"What kind of artist are you?"

Me-"Well,.......I'm a writer and singer"

Me-"And yourself?"

Her-"I'm a photographer"

Me-"You know I really should add that to my list of arts because I'm that too!"  "I know I've got the "it" that a photographer needs, yet, anyone that owns a cell phone can potentially call themselves a photographer!"

Her-"That's why I call myself a PHOTO ARTIST"

(yes, well said.  that sums it up perfectly!)

Monday, July 2, 2012

"It's that time of the year again"

And my heart is with:



I overheard this conversation in front of the coffee shop on 4/30/12

Him-"So the cab fare was $100.00"

Her-"And you paid it?"

Him-"No, I paid him in drugs and he was cool with that!"

(Folks, even I can still be shocked, and i was when I heard this!)