Monday, January 30, 2017

Many fears under a trump administration

My opthamologist no longer accepts medicaid. (My secondary insurance) My glasses have been broken for months, they are 18 years old.
I'm all but legally blind without my glasses.
He'll take my medicare and bill me for the rest. Ill only be able to pay 1$ a month, which means hell be worse off then he was!

Friday, January 27, 2017

Quote of the night

"Mr. Charlton, don't tell me you're an atheist?!"

Check it out


The car's been vandalized regularly ever since I got it two and a half years ago they like to see the car they like to take a hammer and make holes in the frame they like to destroy my bumper stickers in fact I just replaced my bumper stickers and then they keep coming back trying to tear my Bernie sticker into shreds

I know this is got to be something personal because they're also defacing stickers that have nothing to do with politics

Thursday, January 26, 2017

6 day storm


This young lady likely grew up in Baltimore, graduated from Towson University (where I got my 90 credit hour early childhood education certificate)

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Yesterday I was reading that for many, divorce is a huge stigma.

Tonight Whitney said: " I just want to portray the image that everything is perfect between my boyfriend and I!"

Day 6

Not safe to walk to bus, not necessarily safe to drive car, but if I stay immobile much longer I increase risk of blood clots.

Must attempt to get to a grocery store.

Flagstaff expecting up to 3 inches snow today.

Wont climb above 35 Fahrenheit for another week.

Talking about weather ceases to be small talk when it causes you to be under house arrest for such long periods!

Haven't viewed yet

Looks very important, link was just sent to me so I want to post it immediately before I forget.

Monday, January 23, 2017

I support you leah

This is such important work. Im right behind Leah and the team, every step of the way!

The seventh veil

Photo of Francesca playing piano under hypnosis.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Strange memories

In march 97 I was working downtown at deap. My supervisor (highest up) gave me a bouquet of flowers and said "keep up the good work"

Next day, a woman with a lower position, fired me by leaving a message on my voicemail.

Nearly the same scenario happened at my live in 100 hr week position working at home for disabled.

I was cheated out of 3k!

The org. Has rep. of being very unethical. (Sooo many of those)


These symptoms commonly render my hands and arms useless.

I have to hold ice packs in the hopes of reducing burning.

I also have Raynauds.

The girls in my lyme disease Facebook groups seem to all be independently wealthy either themselves or their extended families because they are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on Lyme literate medical doctors.

I don't have the means to do any of that nor do I have to desire to do any of that I have given up on ever having a normal life or on getting better so what's the point in running from specialist to specialist even if I did have the money

Saturday, January 21, 2017

News to me

Decided to google, was surprised at what I learned. Soo many dying each month in my fb Lyme disease groups

Living in AUS


Snowin daily

Trapped inside, nobody clears our stairwells of ice but me and I have no money for kitty litter (alternative to salt)


I came over to YouTube looking to watch today's pussy Kratts protest on the mall when I got one of those things that is called recommended for you videos

The video was called Hotel Walmart before I click the start button my mind  flashed over to the Walmart that is right up the road from me in Flagstaff, this is where I first learned about the phenomenon of living in the Walmart parking lot

Imagine my shock when I started the video and found out the story is being told at that very Walmart that is 2.7 miles away from where I live !

I was also interviewed a month after my arrival to flagstaff, just google "rock candy mountain"

Friday, January 20, 2017

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Great news

Glad to hear that obama commuted 330 prisoners! (Im assuming non violent!)

Hidden hungry

Question common wisdom

GWhichever way you look, you hear the same thing.

Watch your calories, reduce your calories.

But in the world I live in, no matter how hard we try, we can't get enough calories.

Demand at soup kitchens and food pantries is so high, the demand cant be met!

Youd b amazed at the number of Americans who don't have the money to eat healthful foods or to eat regularly.

Flagstaff is growing fast.

Every open space is being developed. As you can see they are building a wall too!


Stay away. Mold infested and filled with cooking odors and second hand smoke.

I told them about the daily break ins, looting, death threats/they told me I was destroy ing my apt., staging the scene!

Manager was petty, lying bitch and purposely covered mold with paint.

The break ins started 3/1/2010 and continued until I was forced to flee on 4/7/2011.

I was forced to abandon my gorgeous (badly vandalized) emerald green buick.

Whats wrong

Why do only 1/3 of the things I attempt to publish, get published?

Third attempt

I wrote to him

I wrote to him, to thank him and tell him how much I love him and his family.

I will not b watching the most despicable inauguration in U.S. history tomorrow!

Quote of the day

"Marriage is no good unless you end up with a man who is better than you deserve"

(I most certainly had that)

Shes from Lafayette


French being sung ....every word is music to my ears!

(Jhen aay voo marrying roll onh!)

Here's the photo I was referring to

Perfect match between dress and wallpaper!

Umbrellas of cherbourg

Ahh, the colors! Remember when she comes onto set with a pregnancy dress that is perfectly patterned after the wallpaper in this scene?!

And better yet, the parallel love stories. Looks like women in the early sixties were willing to marry the first good looking man who looked their way!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Medical records rarely get forwarded

I confirmed today after some journals were mailed to me, that despite some drs. Not believing me, I was indeed diagnosed with non epileptic seizures around 2009 in Maryland.

I do still have seizures that ive never mentioned to the Arizona drs.

Journal daily

You lost everything

Homelessness means I've lost virtually every material thing I ever owned.

Eventually, I came to terms with it and decided: "you still have your story"

Nothing else matters but to make sure it lives on even after I'm gone. That's been my obsession for 17 years.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Roi and mom

Beautiful! Roi finds out that his dad in prison is a loving, talented and amazing man after all.

Quote of the night

"The wildest thing I ever did was leave Indiana!"

(As far as mistakes made after 94, one of the biggest mistakes I ever made was leaving Indiana)

On oxygen

"Many girls who grow up having to fend for themselves do end up on the streets"

Jamil and Fayes true story

Sunday, January 15, 2017



Roi wants to learn how his family dealt with racism. Like me, weboth have very abusive fathers due likely to their ptsd from war. (In my case, adoptive father)

My birthmother would be very surprised at how much time I spend researching my blood family.

Friday, January 13, 2017

"My reality"

I don't normally watch the view but im glad I saw it today because Diane Sawyer doing another special tonight on the poor in America.

10pm eastern on abc.

I think its called 20/20. I normally watch these documentaries about poor and homeless on YouTube.

Kelly live

She's wonderful! I dont see why she needs neil Patrick Harris!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Quote of the day

"It's easier to just keep certain things buried. Gideon

Keep your heart open for love

I can choose to be so bitter regarding the life I've had; as to never trust anybody, shut off my heart completely or I can open my heart just a sliver let the blessings in.

A man in my local fb group that has 30k people; offered to diagnose my car problem at no cost.

He came here I gave him my car key, he did a partial dx. And is coming back again at no cost.

I'm just saying that, based on the life I've had I can choose to believe he just wants to steal cars, no human can b trusted.

Or I.e. love is only for the slender, healthy, wealthy and beautiful.

Or, I can choose to open my heaRt; just a sliver!

After all, even Baltimore has kind people somewhere!

(Since ive come to flag, I estimate ive given out my phone number about 600 times to people I feel a special connection with or to people I volunteer for/homeless, etc.)


Video sounds and looks beautiful


DAMN! I'd throw my LAST dollar at that!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

How 2 survive a trump presidency

Get all your politics from Samantha Bee


Twin sisters reunited after 10 years. Yes thats the mushy, sweet part.

The ugly part is that the ugly adoption industry have put them in separate adoptive families, and they will never get to live together until they are at least 18.


Just saw for first time. POWERFUL! When they told Dre that he obviously doesn't care about America, his response was so poignant, it brought a tear to my eye; all the more powerful with the background images.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Ever notice how many t.v.shows and movies revolve around landlines and pay phones?

Its remarkable that writers for 21st century tv shows and movies can think up new material at all!Cell phones simply dont cut it in this regard!

I dont get that

In my view, not only is America a despicable society, but it grows more despicable with each passing day.

Monday, January 9, 2017

I wrote this weeks ago

I predict suicide will increase by leaps and bounds after Trump is inaugurated.

Trump fires Brotman and he says "I thought I was going to commit suicide"

Wow moments

I recently found my biological sisters fb page and scrolled through pictures of her and my birthmother through the ages.

Realization? My sister and I could pass as twins.

Second. There is an extremely strong chance my sister and I were in the same classroom for 1983/1984 freshman English 101 at Towson University!

Pre code Hollywood

"What do men want in a woman?"

"Gentle and feminine"?! Then that's what I'll give them!"

Blog labels

Ive gone from 50 readers a week to up to 20,000 a week thanks to Johnnie who taught me the importance of labelling one's posts!




Sweet, precious, funny!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Just sayin

So I never did find what I was looking for but I broke down and started reading my ancestors book of genealogy and before I knew it it started mentioning Charles Mary Laura Ingalls in Wisconsin!!!

I don't know exactly what all of this means yet but it's awesome hobby to engulf oneself in

Book tv

Very surprising, sad, insiteful to learn more about the conditions on the native Indian reservations.

What Riley learned about extreme abuse/neglect stats. regarding children in Native families is exactly what I observe EVERY SINGLE DAY I leave the house. (Here in flagstaff)

Few minutes

The severe muscle, spine pain and more means I only sleep in fragments of a few minutes.

Its unbearable desperate pain and every night you wonderful how much more you can take.

As I said before, I'm paralyzed for hours. Cant change positions, get extra blanket, and it takes me hours before I can get to bathroom.

This started in the eighties but got much worse after I incurred lyme disease.

Amazing place

Seoul, Korea looks like a wonderful place to go!

Noise destroys

I should let the experts and scientists see my 23 years 2wirth of journals that clearly back up their findings.

There is much depth to this study please click on link!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

After all these years

I'm still being cyber stalked I just got yet another notification that this time someone in Canada tried to break into my email This time it's a defunct email but the one they tried to break into three months ago was not  defunct.

The cyberstalking is not as serious as it was a couple of years ago but it's still scary!

oh you poor poor baby

When (many) people tell me (as example) that they could never live in such a cold climate like I do, I think

You could if you had to


Awww you poor thing, having to take your millions to buy multiple homes so you can climate hop.!


You poor thing who HAD to spend a million out of pocket in 2016 chasing a cure for your disease!

(Remember hall and oates? " you're a rich girl and it's going too far you know it don't matter anymore you can rely on the old man's money you can rely on the old man's money it's a bitch girl!")

The zep

Book t.v.

From the war on poverty to war on crime.

Excellent panel! Was mentioned how its mostly children of color who get thrown out of nursery school.

I recall the last preschool I worked in, I dreaded going because my 5 y.o. black male student was regularly injuring the other kids.

The director refused to expel him.

But when it happened in Baltimore in 83 in my classroom, sadly it was determined that the only way to keep the daycare center safe was to expel the boy.

No question those boys learned violence from their parents, environment.

Book tv rocks


Baltimore was such a scary place that I was scared of kids as young as ten years old I never let any males walk behind me

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Amended anthem

This was the best part of the whole night this comedian wrote a amended version of American national anthem it's quite beautiful

Flagstaff winter

I don't bother telling the doctors

I don't talk about my lyme disease I don't talk about morgellon or Hashimoto with the doctors there's nothing that they can do and I don't want them to put me on any more pills

But this is a symptom of had for many years my throat deep down into my throat hurts when I talk it's on fire pins and needles my tongue is on fire pins and needles my throat G everything is on fire pins and needles, constant throbbing.

Thank goodness for the internet that is a big reason why I know what's going on with my body

Never goes away.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Involuntary simplicity


Spent 4$ on blouse that retails between 60 and 80.

Strictly secondhand

King of the hill

Your rude ass response

Please dont ask me how I am if you're going to respond with:

"It could always be worse"

Have you ever had to go to the township trustee to beg for them to help you buy winter boots? (Just to have them turn you down?!)

Don't tell me about someone else possibly being worse off! It's very naive and condescending!

Dump trump

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Sunday, January 1, 2017

How I know I missed out

I never got the opportunity to disco dance at Studio 54!

just one compliment per lifetime

We only had 2, maybe 3 face to face meetups.

He has just one kind thing to say about me! and that is:

" you do have a certain amount of charisma"


Watching now

this is a spectacular documentary!

they had their first hit when I was in kindergarten they literally have been the soundtrack of my entire life.


Susan carney rocks.

I have a similar interview style as she does in regards to the many homeless people that I meet and criminals, ex-criminals that I meet.

If you had my diseases

If you woke up each morning with my symptoms, (but are very wealthy) you'd b ABSOLUTELY terrified, you'd regularly go to the e.r., you d run from specialist to specialist

And you'd spend hundreds of thousands of dollars annually, desperate for a cure and desperate for a normal life.

Violent crime

" it's about time somebody stands up for himself nobody else is going to protect us on the subway."

(Reference to man that shot 4 teens on a Manhattan subway train)