Friday, February 28, 2014

ThAlbino Bullied by Teenagers | "What Would You Do?"

this show invariably makes me cry within about 3 minutes!

Lockup: Shakespear in the S.H.U Leon Benson


First Look: Raising Whitley - Oprah Winfrey Network

Kim is wonderful.  I hope she gets to keep her son.  She is the type of person I would seek out to have as a friend.  And how lucky for her that she has a whole village she can call on!

Snake Pit, The -- (Movie Clip) Now Then, Virginia

what a powerful movie!  I don't think that most mental institutions are like this anymore.  in fact I never hear about long term institutionalization any more.  I have no idea why they put her in a tub (was it filled with ice cubes?)  I recall that many workers in psych hospitals seem grossly incompetent and that was certainly true in this movie.  I don't think that shock therapy is very common or even done at all anymore.

Arizona Justice Project

The Profit Mr Green Tea Season 1 Episode 6 1x6

The Injustice Files Season 1 Episode 6 HD

Inside Edition Kidnapped Victim Jaycee Dugard Antioch California

Marijuana in America Colorado Pot Rush Premieres 2 26 14

"Health Update"

Initially when I began blogging I didn't expect to be talking so much about my poor health.  But it is the deciding factor on whether I have quality of life or not, which you know I do not.

I have been chewing on the right side for 2 months because my insurance doesn't cover dental!  the entire left side of my mouth hurts and I assume I have cavities.

I had the x ray done of my entire back, hoping to determine why I have such debilitating back and tailbone pain.  At this point all I know (from older diagnosis) is that I have arthritis of the neck and spine (and probably knees also)  I know I have degenerative disc disease and coccyxademia. 

I have fibrocystic breasts which has been so pain ful the last 10 days I can barely leave house or get dressed.............................

My right knee is killing me and I often limp.  It hurts to stand and to walk

The pain management doc raised the meds a little bit.  This last time they had me see their n.p. and she was brilliant!  I told her that if the meds don't work this time then I will try the mmj again.

It's critical also that iget an eye exam because folks with severe myopia are at higher risk of retinal detachment.

Last night I don't know where my neighbor was but I slept through  the night which can only mean that her and her kids were not there.  If I slept like this every night it would make such a diff. to my quality of life.

Friday, February 21, 2014

What would you do

"4/15/96 continued-return trip from the food stamp workshop"

Lucy, the workshop leader, went on to tell us attendees: (I paraphrase)

 "If you are claiming that you shot someone because you lost your temper and your finger slipped on the trigger, they might not hire you!"

I don't think this applies to me!   The whites who were in attendance never breathed a word for the entire workshop, they were probably afraid to. 

During my commute both to and fro I felt terrified and was having chest pain and panic attacks.    I'd consider complying and attending future workshops if I could afford a cab, but I cant afford one. 

On the commute home I looked out from Edison Highway and saw: burned out rowhouses, and broken glass.  How can I or anyone for that matter thrive in an environment like this?

13 Year Old Girl Sells Girl Scout Cookies Outside Marijuana Retail Shop ...

Initially I thought she would get in some sort of trouble for doing this, but she didn't and good for her!

"Painkillers not working"

So, I can think of only 2 things to do.  Ask the pain doc if he will increase by 10 mg or

if he won't then:

carefully use up all the meds I have and very slowly so I don't go into withdrawal, then hopefully find a caregiver and go back on medical marijuana. 

It is absolutely not humane or acceptable that I am in nearly 24/7 excruciating pain.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Homeless to Harvard part 1

Liz Murray and I are built of the same stuff!  I also went to college on no sleep.  I'd arrive there at 5 in the morning even before the janitor because I loved to learn and didn't feel I had a home at Helen and Arnold's place.  Basically would stay out as long as possible.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit: 50 Years of Beautiful: Breast-taking Locati...

10/2/94 lafayette, indiana 1:40 a.m.

It's been an unbelievably stressful 2 weeks.  Been working my ass off and I'm still at subsistence level.  Today was real depressing because I wanted to go to the Feast of the Hunter's Moon but didn't have the $6.00 admission feel.

Worked at Ward* Industries and met some really interesting folks.  They employees have hard personalities and hard lives.  One woman had most of her mouth missing and looked miserable.  Amanda is 4 foot tall 220 lbs and gave me a ride home.  Has a very big mouth.  Says her husband never helps with the kids in the past but "too bad he has to stay at home with them now"

In the car, Amanda and Kelly saw the woman with her mouth missing walking home.  Amanda said "pretend you don't see her"

(I wanted to ask "why, what's wrong with her?"  but I was dependent on a ride myself")

The work at the factory was very hard.  By my second day they were yelling at me to go faster.

On my first day there I was standing at a belt all day putting game boards in a box.

The 2nd day I had to put puzzles and games in boxes to be shipped.

Very physically demanding, I only lasted 2 days.

Also worked for a printing press  printing off 32,000 junk mail brochurs.

The next week I was at Eli Lilly cleaning, however everything was already immaculate.  I had to either pretend to work or sit in a break rooms and listen to Chuck*  talk about how dumb blondes are!  He said that all you women are good for is housework!

He played country music all the time, and looked the part of a backwoods hick.  He point blank asked me:

"do you listen to nigger music?"  I said what's that?  He said "Led Zeppelin would be nigger music!"

I said "YOu know I really don't appreciate the term at all!"

Worlds Dumbest Criminals- Family Business (+playlist)

"The latest"

The latest is that in the last 8 days the woman below me has been doing some sort of round the clock construction.  I've had 4 hours sleep in 8 days which means I get stuck at home even more due to not being able to keep my eyes open.  This is why you haven't heard from me.  A drag indeed.  I don't know if my calls to police will make a difference or not, we'll see.  Certainly hoping I won't need to make an emergency move due to my need for s leep.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead

American Experience | The Amish: Shunned (Preview) | PBS

The Brady Bunch - The Honeymoon

They aired this on tv land last week which was quite a treat.  I was surprised to learn after a bit of research that the brady bunch received heaps of criticism through their 4 year run.  (Or 5 year run)

Quotes by patti stanger

Patti to her millionaires who loves pink and dogs and hello kitty: "Hello kitty doth not hard cocks make"

"Keep your pickle in your pocket"

"Girl Scout Cookie Booth"

There were 7 girl scouts and 2 adults set up in front of the grocery store.  A drunk man maybe 2 feet away from the booth, engaged the group in some long drawn out process with him wanting money from them.

So, the one adult came around and talked to him.  I went right up to the booth where not one single one of them acknowledged me after 4 minutes.  (No so good customer service skills)

One of the adults gave the drunk man cash and said "go get yourself some food in that grocery store"

well guess what folks!  that grocery store doubles as a liquor store where i'm sure he got some more booze.

Anyhow, I hadn't planned on buying cookies, I had planned on telling them how much I liked the thin mint flavored coffee creamers which is a partnership with coffee mate, but I never did get to tell them, and the police were called about the drunk man, (drunks are seemingly everywhere here)

"Weak stomach don't read this"

On Saturday, Groundhog day, I woke up with the most terrifying and paralyzing back pain that I can recall ever experiencing.  I was afraid to call for an ambulance based on my last experience which is under "Untold stories of the e.r."

I called a friend but she didn't have time.  I feare calling a taxi, what if I passed out in the cab.  A cab came in 10 minutes and she had her shirt pulled up over her mouth.  She said "you aren't going to get me sick are you?"

"It's my back" I said.

She dramatically pulled the collar of her sweater down.  I said "You know if you are afraid of getting sick, you take that risk everytime you pick up a customer.  And I take the risk ever time I ride a public bus"

She said "Well, I guess you are right about that"

When we got to the hospital she swiped my card 8x, then manually entered it.  It said "card declined"  I said "I can assure that my paycheck went in to that account yesterday there is no reason on earth it should say card declined.

I told her I would figure out a way to get her the money.  I ended up mailing her a money order.

Anywho, despite the fact that about 6 or more hospital workers asked me why I was there, my discharge papers were incorrect and said "abdominal pain"

While it is true that I was having excruc. abdom. pain that is not why I was there.

They did the x rays that was supposed to be getting the next day of the ab. area.  Now I assumed they also x rayed my back. (but they did not)

After hooking up an i.v., doing the blood work and the x rays they said "we have no idea what's wroung with you.  So, they discharged me literally 15 minutes after putting in the i.v.!

On  Feb. 4th which was Monday

I woke up with migraine and nausea.  I took my usual meds but repeatedly vomited them up and couldn't even drink liquids.

I have only been eating like an average of once every 48 hours..........................................I feel terrified but as you know the gastro dr. had cancelled my emergency appointment due to my owing 31 dollars.

The next day I was too weak to leave the house................................................