Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"Another pressing reason to leave La Pew immediately"

I think I already told you this, didn't I? But ever since I bought my car in the 3rd week of Oct, someone has been regularly coming by to vandalize it. Approximately every couple of days (even though I don't any longer use my parking space) someone comes by with a key or a bat and bashes in part of my car. They must live in my bldg. I interpret the vandalism this way: "Move out of La Pew before we turn your car into smithereens"

A few days ago I noticed that they took a bat to the roof of the car and bashed part of it in. I believe this is reverse racism, similar to the intimidation they use when they break into my apt. There are definitely other people in the bldg. who are being robbed who are not white, but I haven't heard of anyone who has been robbed as frequently as me. Turns out that even the black men in my bldg. don't feel safe and many are packing a weapon for "protection"

With the little bit of strength I have, I seek housing as if I am a battered woman who is homeless, but it makes no sense for me to take shelter anywhere else in the city. The car is a ticket to a better life but I don't even have a safe place to park it.......................................I have to try to keep the location of my car a secret until I can move out.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

"Why have Elana's posts decreased so much?"

Sometimes I'm awake for 5 or 6 days straight. The noise level in my bldg. is so excruciating that I'm lucky to sleep a few minutes a night. This has been going on for months and months and it is really taking a toll on me. I still spend many hours per week seeking a safer, normal place to live. Calling the cops on my neighbors for noise pollution has borne no fruit.

I really don't enjoy blogging at the public libraries to tell you the truth. Groups of kids hover around you and there isn't any privacy. I liked the Towson University library but now that I have a car there is nowhere for me to park on that campus. The vandalism to my car has continued so I can't park my car in my own assigned space. I've been putting most of my focus on moving out of state.

Anyone else out there ever experienced severe sleep deprivation? It is absolutely a form of torture.