Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hair - Black boys + White boys

These harmonies are as tasty as oreo cookies! (Many of you know I performed in the college version of Hair in 1989)

"The Many Uses of an Umbrella"

Today my umbrella's primary use is as a cane. I have many days where I am very weak. One of the hallmarks of fibromyalgia is exercise intolerance and "they" recommend you not exercise more then a few min a day when you have this condition. But there are many days where I have no choice but to walk a minimum of 2 miles since I no longer have a car. I am swerving like a drunk today when I walk. I have heard this complaint from other girls with fm (fibromyalgia) my umbrella is a little too short to use as a proper cane, and some recommend I just buy a walking stick.

I can recall seeing advertisements for the "jazzy" power wheelchair and wishing I had one, but at the same time knowing that in "Mountain Town" it'd be practically useless since in many places there are either no sidewalks, or torn up sidewalks with no curb cuts.

Just because you see a person with fm dance a little on one day, doesn't mean they are faking it the next. Our abilities varie with the day, month, season, etc.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Motel Families: The Invisible Homeless

I hope to enlighten my readers in posting these videos, and I also hope to increase compassion for these singles and families.

HBO Documentary Films Homeless The Motel Kids of Orange County (Trailer)...


Preschool in Motels

Although I had some awareness of long term homeless in motels (as I did it myself between 09 and 11) I didn't fully become aware of the severity of the situation until I moved here to Mountain Town" 6 months ago today.

When I was living at the "Dye Inn" from June 3 to July 20; one of the tenants as well as a cop told me that I was the ONLY person livingthere who had no criminal hx.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ohio Players "Love Rollercoaster"

"My life is like a roller coaster baby baby....75 was the year my parents lost their house and we downgraded to an apt.............i was rockin out to the ohio players and had "fire" on 45.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

"Psychic Phenomena"

As I told you, I have endured a series of hate crimes and violent acts then went on for a very very long time. 

  Those included many death threats.

 In 95 I asked Rick* my psychic acquaintance from high school if I was going to be murdered. He hesitated for a moment and he said "are u sure u want to know the answer" I said "yes"

He replied "You won't be murdered but what will happen is the following......."

(I can't fill that in for you but his prediction did come true.)

About 2 months ago I was on the bus and I said to this random woman "Oh Hi Leilani"

She replied "How did you know my name?"

"I said "Is it on your work nametag?"

  She showed me that there was no nametag on her work uniform.

  We were both incredulous.

  I said "Well, you have a clear purse, let's look at both sides, your name has got to be somewhere"

She examined everything she owned. She said "I 100% do not have my name anywhere!"

  I said very quietly:  "I am clairvoyant"


I've heard that's it common to inherit these abilities, but since I don't know most of my bio family, I don't know who I could have inherited from!