Friday, September 16, 2016

Poverty is serious ongoing crisis

For 70% of the year as an example 2/3 of each month I am in fight or flight mode trying to figure out how to live on $3 a day for everything. The biggest thing that puts you in fight or flight mode is Crisis food crisis

All of my burners as well as my oven have very very bad and everything is turned on no it's not gas but it's electric.

I tried calling the maintenance man in here I actually have a long list of things that need to be repaired, he was stupid enough to bust my water heater even though I told him that there was a risk that could happen and to be very very careful he flooded nearly all of my apartment so I simply do not trust him and hear it

So the combination of situation with the stove as well as the oven  is a serious ongoing crisis it makes it very very difficult to function at all/im always mentally in fight or flight as I try to problem solve

If I sell the car I could finally go down and spend some time in Sedona as well as have a few weeks with extra food so obviously that's not a long-term solution even if I did use mountain lift due to the bad ice here  you have to pay out of pocket and it's pretty expensive!

UC events you want to participate in true meet up but you don't have financial means to do any of them

I'd like to go back and visit The free thinkers at their meeting place people bring their dogs but I do not patronize business that allow non service dogs into their establishment so that's really not an option....

The car is drivable but I don't want to run it into the ground even though the repair would be affordable to most people it's not affordable to me. As you know trying to run more than one errand in a day on this is absolutely exhausting and requires a great deal of walking.

Been watching a lot of Soul Train Dance videos a lot of concerts a lot of which is everything to do with music and concerts!

When my head is completely surrounded with music then I typically feel over the moon happy/but its a distraction nit a solution.

The overwhelming majority of the time I don't like unsolicited advice from anybody but especially not rich people because they have no clue and no business giving advice when they never had to live through any of this. But if you're not a millionaire and you want to give me advice especially if you've gone through poverty and you want to give me advice and I'm open-minded.

I could set up a go fund me account but the bottom line is just sick to death of living like this

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