Thursday, January 12, 2017

Keep your heart open for love

I can choose to be so bitter regarding the life I've had; as to never trust anybody, shut off my heart completely or I can open my heart just a sliver let the blessings in.

A man in my local fb group that has 30k people; offered to diagnose my car problem at no cost.

He came here I gave him my car key, he did a partial dx. And is coming back again at no cost.

I'm just saying that, based on the life I've had I can choose to believe he just wants to steal cars, no human can b trusted.

Or I.e. love is only for the slender, healthy, wealthy and beautiful.

Or, I can choose to open my heaRt; just a sliver!

After all, even Baltimore has kind people somewhere!

(Since ive come to flag, I estimate ive given out my phone number about 600 times to people I feel a special connection with or to people I volunteer for/homeless, etc.)

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