Thursday, June 22, 2017


based on what I've read on the internet I'm diagnosing myself with fatal familial insomnia

I am not going for a sleep study because I have heard that they're torturous and I know that having wires hooked all over me will also make it impossible to fall asleep I just taking it upon myself to switch my medications on my own

The walk-in emergency clinic turn me away and the earliest they can see me is in two more weeks and I just feel like I can't stand the idea of being awake for another 2 weeks. I don't know anyone else like me who can stay awake for more than a month at a time other than Michael Jackson sounds like propofol might be a good idea for me but I'll bet doctors are hesitant to prescribe it even though the severe insomnia can kill you

It would be extremely difficult to get to my own doctor because everything in Flagstaff is a long hilly difficult and where Rocky walk from the bus stop to wherever it is that you need to go and I'm simply too weak to truly walk anymore

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