Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Why Is Society Being Dumbed Down? www.mercola.com

 I find most people so exhausting to interact with, and I always wonder, what the HELL is going on?    Please go back and read some of my customer service blogs for example and you'll see why most all human interaction is absolutely exhausting for me.

Today, I needed just a little bit of food to hold me over until I could get to the restaurant. I was at one of those 24 hour stores with a subway in it. I don't like alot of heavily processed junk food and that wasn't really what I wanted. I asked the Subway clerk if I could buy just 2 slices of cheese?

The girl wrapped up ONE SLICE OF CHEESE!

I said I need two slices of cheese! She took one slice of cheese cut it in half then tried to charge for for 2. I said, I'm sorry, but in the REAL world that is ONE slice of cheese! She said: "You know? Your right!"

About a year ago, I was considering eating at The Olive Grove in Pikesville; so I called and asked:

"What is the average price of a meal" 

"What chu mean average?"  she asked.

"You don't know what AVERAGE MEANS?!"  I said.

She said: "Chu mean da highest?" or "da lowest?"

I thought "there is no way I'm eating there!"  I hope I've sparked your curiousity too on "The dumbing down of America" and got you thinking about your own day to day interactions with store clerks and the like!

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