Saturday, November 6, 2010

Yesterday's Highlights

So Manager told me that if I want my locks changed it would have to be done before 4 p.m. because locksmiths DON'T WORK AFTER 4 P.M. Excuse me but do I look like I was born yesterday? (Locksmith will charge landlord more after 4 p.m.)

So, I'm waiting on the locksmith to get me out of the apt that I'm trapped in. I've got the window open which I have to do anyway because the second hand smoke makes it impossible to breathe. I hear voices outside the window. Hellow Hellow I say I feel scared and I have to leave I have 3 appts. Nobody acknowledges me or comforts me in any way even tho' they know I'm trapped. In fact this is what I hear:

A male voice says: "So, how have you been?"

WTF I think? HOw have I been what the fuck? How have I been?

How long wil it take you to get me out of here I ask, I have 3 appts? And I need a key for later?

"Take out the window screen" He shouts at me. He's out there with the manager. I peruse the lving room window screen but the clips for the screen are under the double windows there is no human way possible for me to do this! I'd hav to just take a knife and slice the window screens out!

Why is he instructing me to do this?

He says nothing else to me and he and the manager are discussing what they think the door issues are instead of asking me when I'm the one who knows exactly what the vandal does to the door and the 2 locks! They are pretty much acting like I'm invisible. So I said let me show you what's going on with the door knob. I put my hand on the door knob to show how it's come complete loose. He yelled GET OUT OF MY WAY AND LET ME DO MY JOB!

I was so enraged that I forgot that I had put a pot on for coffee. I gathered up all my stuff and left for my days appts! I started my car. I have not slept for months. I can't find my wallet. I went back in and did not find the wallet, saw the pot of water boiling down to practically nothing (of course turned it off but said nothing) and thought about what it would have been like to spend the rest of the winter in the cold weather homeless shelter in Westminster MD. I am basically a Smoky the Bear like person who is anal about fire safety and NEVER EVER EVER EVER makes mistakes like this. As a child a rele. was staying with us who was drunk and fell asleep smoking and nearly burned our house down...............

So, I go to a Dr's appt. with a specialist who I have never been to before and my initial first few seconds intuition is this guy is bad news. Appts over and I'm reporting him and he's probably going to lose his license.

Go to wegmans.

Try to go home.

Dept. of Road works has closed off Fall road just after sundown. I literally know no other way home but to drive back into the city then west on northern parkway and north on reisterstown road.

I'm in literal terror over the detour sign and think to myself a detour to where? How can they possibly detour us if they don't know what our destination is? This is a losing battle because the roads are pitch black and rural with no street lights or street signs. This is a rare scenario where i find a rural store that is open. Other cars are pulling in and turning around. I speak to anyone who will speak to me. One man says "I'd help you but it would be going out of my way" (Oh dear lord and god forbid we go out of our way for a stranger) I spend a good 40 minutes tryiing to get directions from people) One elderly woman is also panicked and her nose is so high in the air she's got to have a terrible ache in the neck. Richer then the queen of England. Said she has no cell becuse she lent it to her son. I said I'd let you borrow my second cell but it isnot charged. And if you like we can create a caravan for safety............(she bows out)

The clerk sends me on a route that sounds like bad news and was. It was like mountain roads with switchbacks that looked like they were undiscovered. when i called 911 to say where i was he said are you sure it's in baltimore?!

me: "it's dover road going north, house # 123"

cop what road

me dover road

what road

dover road

what road again

dover road

can't you WRITE IT DOWN?

so your going west the cop asked? i'm looking it up on google

I come to the terrifying notion that if you needed a cop to come and get you after you've been shot you'd probably die waiting. Well he's dickin' me around so I stop the car get out, ask the woman behind me if i'm heading in right direction she says you are fairly close

I say, I'll pay you to take me there. she said you can follow me. I said to cop, some one is going to let me follow them

I said to woman thaink you because look i'm going to fall asleep behind whell if i don't get home soon

i get into car and start up engine and she has left me

So I keep driving and i dead end into some unmarked road. I study for houses that appear to have a light on. I eventually find a side road called arcadia, i remember there is an arcadia md that feeds into 30 i pray it's the right one.

Does DPW realize how deadly these detours can be? Shouldn't DPW be required to have men stationed all along the detour to be providing help and directions. This is


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