Tuesday, July 8, 2014

"Peaceful conflict resolution"

Polka dot people=a particular ethnic group in Baltimore I found did not respond well to peaceful conflict resolution.

Now to the story.  I stopped using my conflict resolution skills with the polka dot people in Baltimore because overall I found they were not receptive to that.

But, in nearly ever single apt I have lived in (as well as group houses) I have become very sick from smokers in the building.

Where I live now people are not allowed to smoke.  But why does my apt. always smell foul.  Why is my nose closing off and why do I need to use my inhaler so often?

I tried something that I did not expect to bare fruit.  I tried using my conflict resolution skills.

Larry* was inside his apt. with the front door open.  I called in and asked him if he could come out just for a moment.

(We have had only one conversation in 15 months)

He said: "Sure I'll b right there"

me-"I was wondering Larry, is there any chance that u smoke inside?"

him-"Sometimes I do" he said.

(i'm thinking since he is home all day, "sometimes" could be one out of every 3 cigarettes!")

Before I could say an thing he said: "Why, are you smelling smoke up there?"

me_"Well, I'm not going to blame you, but I am having trouble breathing and my place smells bad.  We do after all share the same building"

him-"Consider it DONE!" "I promise to never smoke again indoors!"

me-"I never want to approach anyone with a "spirit of blame!"

Reader, I'm telling you my apt. smells fresh and clean, I don't have to use my inhaler as often, and I probably will not get as many disabling headaches.


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