Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Full time job June 2005 until 2015

I was forced to act as my own detective after moving into subsidized housing in June 2005.  In addition to the full time job of abject poverty and poor health I was forced to begin spending many hours per week gathering evidence for the police and trying to solve the following crimes. (I quickly realized that the cops weren't going to help me so I've documented my evidence in journals and through photography, I've even saved the foreign hairs and other items left behind my the people who did the home invasions, such as the fact that they would urinate and defecate on my clothing)  When I dropped the clothing off to the officer he was furious with me and did not care.

I can't say that I'm out of the woods in terms of the identity theft and cyber stalking but I am just beginning to feel safe.

The crimes all occurred concurrently and my only break was between June 09 and Jan. 2010 when my stalker/stalkers were unable to find me.

some of the crimes were:

nearly daily vandalism of my auto after 10/08
nearly daily home invasions
credit card fraud
looting and vandalism of every environment I stayed in up until april 2013. (Although I have been broken into about 3 times in the last 2 years between 4/13 and 3/15)
I've been in about 50 environments since june 2005
The people who were stalking me as well as the other hood rats would steal my food, my utensils , burn my clothes, take a box cutter to all of my furniture, pop my tires, take box cutter to my car, poison my food, destroy my cars such as cutting the brake lines.

I collected foreign hairs from my environments, I brought all contaminated items to the forensics lab for processing as I was instructed to do but they turned me away.  Luckily Steve a prof. photographer came and helped me photograph everything before I was forced to flee to Arizona.......

The only law enforcement who ever treated me with respect was the carroll county sheriff as well as the flagstaff police.

Criminals would urinate in my water bottle,  would leave food on the floor such as burritos then they would step in it and track it through the apt. They've left me dead rats and penthouse magazines on the floor. They would blow their nose on my toothbrush,

they would always find my nanny money no matter where I hid it. But since I was unsafe at home, each day (after I got a car)  I'd have to load the car with as many clothes etc as I could since I knew that everytime I'm out, they steal whatever they can from my home. Once a friend gave me cash so I could repair my car (about 2 or 300) but it was stolen before I could even use it.

My stalker would always break into my car and cut up the upholstery on the roof, the visors and broke the locks, including the ignition switch.  One days I fould his footprint in the snow (a day I was lucky enough to have film)  I took the cup of coffee from the car (which he blew his nose in) and I poured the cup of coffee into the footprint in the snow, (the stalkers footprint) this gave more detail to the picture.

I learned yesterday on Ice Cold Killers that you need red paint, (plaster of paris or something like it) bees wax to be able to make a mold of the footprints at the crime scene.  In Dec. 2010 I walked right ujp to the car of my stalker (he was in the park lot of the motel)  when I walked up to the driver's side he put a mag in front of his face so that I wouldn't b able to i.d. him.  This would have been an ideal time to make an arrest but I knew there was no cop I could call for help.  I have make and model of his car but he backed against the forest so I couldn't see and record his license plate.

I also learned from detective Kenda yesterday on HOmicide Hunter that simply photographing the print is good enough in many cases.  As he told his employee "great job on that photo we are going to need this down the line"

For most people watching true crime takes their mind off of their own lives but for me it always makes me relive the various crimes I've been though.

It's much worse then what I have recorded on the blog, I have to save details for the book, the movie, the documentary, and when I get chosen to be on I.D. true crime channel.

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