Saturday, January 30, 2016

Life journaling recording your life and your health symptoms

I can't reitterate enough how important it has been for me to maintain a life and health/symptoms diary over the last 30 years! ( Started as a little girl, picked it back up at 18 but did not maintain a daily journal until 1994 when I had what I considered to b my first homeless episode)

For example I thought that my major hearing loss in my left ear was a very recent phenomena, but discovered a written record where I complained about  going totally deaf for a couple of minutes back in the late nineties!

The only reason I know about having 3 to 5 dozen disease diagnoses is because of journals and saved medical records

Certainly for anyone who has ever dreamed about writing their autobiography or dreamed of having someone else write their biography it is certainly critical to record your life in notebooks or online or both!

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