Saturday, March 19, 2016

The adoptive Family, biological family, no family

It can take a long time to make connections when you've got such a strange family story like I do. And I just made some connections tonight mental connections that is that I would like to share with you

My adoptive father died in October 1992 but I did not know the date until just now when I looked it up on Google. All of my searching has to be done with no money so that's definitely an extra challenge but I'm most grateful for all that I'm learning on the internet. It turns out that his actual date of death was October 15th 1992 and I assumed it was at Johns Hopkins Hospital but I'll look into that later.

I had been estranged from my entire family since 1990 comma mother did not want me to come too father's funeral and she ensured that would be the case because I did not have the money to fly back to Maryland even if I did want to go to his funeral and most certainly No One In My adoptive family was going to pay to make sure that I could go to the funeral

In 2002 when I figured out which cemetery Arnold was at my friend Leslie drove me there the veterans cemetery in Owings Mills Maryland. This is so Bittersweet so poignant that I should have to walk around looking for his grave we did find it

And even more poignant is the fact that I recently found out by searching on Google the date of my biological mother's burial. She was buried in a family plot that my birth mother does not want me to know even exists. Okay this just keeps getting crazier and crazier it turns out that she was also buried essentially right down the street from Arnold oh within days or weeks of his burial! Did you get all that?

How do you think you would feel if you knew that your own birth mother does not want you to know about a family burial plot and most certainly is going to make sure that you don't get to be buried there when you die. On my feelings are my feelings hurt? No no I learned how to bury my feelings at a very young age

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