Friday, March 25, 2016

Since turning 50

For the majority of my adult life I did not have a television and even when I did I was usually too busy to watch TV.

But now that I have cable and I'm disabled I watch an inordinate amount of television I think I'm going to change that very soon

I was just looking up some information about my high school Randallstown Senior High School class of 81

And I'm reading about notable Randallstown High School alumni. One is singer songwriter, and one was executed on death row. By the way I'm an ID addict that means I watch a lot of True Crime. When I read the story about murderer Steven Oken I knew immediately that the story has been told on ID and I do remember that story very well. One of the women he killed he dumped her on White Marsh Boulevard. Lucky for me I had moved away to College Park just four months earlier. College Park Maryland that is. So I can't remember the names of both of the women that he murdered but one of the women that he murdered was Patricia hurt and like I said one of the women that he murdered he abandon on White Marsh Boulevard

There's an entry in one of my older journals about my having found a dead body around White Marsh on the highway however this journal entry was made after 1995...

Steven Oken would probably look familiar to me I think I'm going to go ahead and Google His image, because he is only one year older than me and graduated from Randallstown Senior High in 1980

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