Saturday, December 31, 2016

they've been wanting me to start physical therapy

The obstacles are no different than they were when I started the blog 10 years ago and no different than they were when I entered abject poverty 23 years ago.

number one the car is not safe to drive

number two I cannot afford to repair it.

  number 3 I cannot get around, walk and balance on 6 to 8 inches of ice that will not melt until the end of May beginning of June.

Number 4 Dont have means to move to California for example.

Number 5

Even if I sold the car I would be forced to use taxi cabs which would burn through any money I would get from selling the car extremely rapidly.

The chances of my qualifying for a car repair loan are slim since my credit is poor, and I have a very slim chance of being able to hold down a part-time job since I'm wracked with bodywide excruciating pain and devastating weakness.

I continue to have no choices in life.

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