Saturday, May 26, 2007

"i wonder, is this bus stop a crime scene?"


Saturday 3 p.m.

It's broad daylight. I walk to the bus stop nearest to my home on the city/county line. I step in chewing gum. Is that a dead body under the bus bench? There's dried up blood on the street below my feet. I take a closer look under the bus bench. Filthy dirty khaki overalls, covered with blood stains. A bottle of antibiotic lotion that is opened and on the ground. A used bandage. About 75 of those free atm envelopes that you can get at any atm. Was he the bank robber? Is there money in the coveralls? Was he standing by innocently when the bank got robbed? Do I call the police? Channel 2's new's car just drove by. The crime tips phone # is painted on the side of the car. I feel like a frickin' detective!


David said...

Scary! Did you call the police?

becky624 said...