Saturday, June 2, 2007

"Theories on the subject of suicide"

I called up the chatline and I asked people to share their theories on the topic of suicide with me. Here were some of the replies:

1. suicide is a cop out
2. "god" gave you the gift of life and you should receive it gladly (this theory assumes we all believe in god)
3. if you commit suicide you will go to hell
4. suicide is selfish
5. suicide is a permanent fix to a temporary problem

One of the men on the chatline made an attempt, was caught in the middle and his life was saved. Another man is a widower whose wife commited suicide 2 years ago.

My thoughts on the topic:

I don't think it's selfish. If a person's pain whether that be physical or emotional far outweighs their joy of living, then I think suicide is  a logical choice. My friend sherry commited suicide in '03. By no means was I her best friend, but I was the only person who knew she had been considering it.

I have no religious background from childhood so I come at this issue as a self proclaimed humanist and atheist.   I think if a person really wants to die they'll "do it right" the first time. I think assisted suicide is one dignified solution.

Antidepressants. Do they work? I don't think they can change a very bad situation. All they can accomplish at best, is to flatline your moods. I don't know if they actually prevent people from commiting suicide, although one claim about the drug lithium is that it does prevent suicides.  I don't know.......................

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