Thursday, March 13, 2008

"Betcha don't know I'm a classic rocker!"

I have thousands of fave songs. here are some of them and the corresponding you tube videos that I saw today

MEATLOAF-"Paradise by the Dashboard Light"
CHEAP TRICK-"I want you to want me"
STYX-"Too much time on my hands"
"Come Sail Away"
KANSAS-"Dust in the Wind"
"Carry on my Wayward Son"

(Tried to find some video of another one of my fave groups "Queen" but had no luck with that)

"Beast of Burden"

You Tube is amazing, and quite the education for me. Because I might know the words of a song from the radio, but can't always identify who did it. Or I might be able to pull the group name out of my head and not have any idea what they look like. You Tube ends that mystery for me.


Ghosty said...

This should help your Queen void:

Anonymous said...

waiting impatiently for you to update.

Serves me right for not calling often enough I guess. Karma?????

I'm teasing.......


becky624 said...

That did help my queen void! thank you ghosty