Tuesday, March 25, 2008

"I'm Still Alive!"

and I've been busy "working." No, I haven't made any money yet, but as I indicated in October's Urbanite article, I spend 7 days a week, "working." I try everything from the mainstream to the "way outside the box" to try to get out of poverty. Some of what I try you'd approve of, and some you wouldn't. Like I know you'd approve of the fact that I am interviewing as a live in nanny. I had about 4 telephone interviews this month and 2 face to face interviews. As far as the nanny thing goes, there is only one parent that I like! She lives in Northern CA. It's a 56 hour a week position!

It's a big leap for a 44 year old to move in with strangers, but my quality of life is EXTREMELY low here so I have to keep trying stuff until hopefully I succeed at something.

An example of some of the out of the box stuff I try, would be, last week I answered an ad for "companion" for an elderly man. I knew it was a bit risky to approach it in the way I did, (I asked if there was a car I could share, otherwise I couldn't live in that safe area) but if you want a better life you have to take risks. I'm going to remain a bit "detached" as I describe the situation to you, until after I do or do not get the offer.

The man lives in a very safe section of Balto. County. He is 74, and uses a walker. I knew I couldn't take the job unless they had a car they could share with me. So I told them I was in need of a car to share and that I would share the expenses.

The t.v. is on literally 24 hours a day, just like it was in my parents home. He sleeps in the living room in front of the t.v. instead of going to bed. The master bedroom is gorgeous and big, but cold, the heat doesn't reach that room even though these condos are fairly new. I'd have to make sure that he eats brekkie everyday and I'd have to prepare a very simple dinner. I'd be allowed to work and use his car, which of course would hopefully become a tool to get re-employed. He keeps his door unlocked, and visitors just walk in on him so he doesn't have to go to the trouble of getting up to let them in! (I'm intentionally leaving my opinion out of this piece while I wait to hear back on whether or not I get the "offer.")

A maid comes once a week, the condo is immaculate. (I am very chemically sensitive, and use few chemicals in my own apt. For example there is a cleaner called "Simply Green" which smells really nice and does not bother my respiratory system.) His shower is off my master bedroom, there is no bathtub off my bedroom (I'm more of a bath person largely because I'm in chronic pain with this fibromyalgia and tailbone injury)

I'll let you know if they offer me the"position". In the meantime, as you can tell from my resource list a few months ago, I'm always trying something new, and I am not to proud to ask for financial help (even though I haven't gotten it!)

The university's spring break is over and the library is nooooiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssyyyy! I can't wait to live in a safe enough situation to own my own computer. Then I'll blog every day! And check the craigs list jobs openings more frequently. (Don't cha just love craig's list?)

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