Tuesday, March 4, 2008

"Getting There/Job Interview" 2/08

___The interview for preschool teacher______________

12:50- Sherry picks me up for job interview. The interview is about 11 to 12 miles from my house and off of the bus line. We arrive 35 minutes early. I've filled out the app. which takes 1/2 hour. I'm looking forward to meeting the interviewer as she was lovely over the phone. Another employee, F. says that the interviewer left half hour ago on an emergency! Oh no, I think. She tells me not to worry, as she will interview me.

The waistband of her slacks is down at her pubic bone and a huge naked pot belly is hanging out of her sweater and over her slacks! I've seen men with huge pot bellies hanging out, but NEVER a woman, especially an interviewer.

For the first 5 minutes or so she read my app. This is one of the hardest interviews I've ever had. She leaned into a desk to read the interview questions. I struggled to hear, reading her lips and continuously asking her to repeat the questions. I had long silent delays, really preferring to answer: "I don't know, I don't know."

Here are some of the questions she asked:

1. What would you do if an 18 month old was biting another child in your class. How about a 4 year old? (wait, i thought this was an interview on being a 4 year old teacher, i think)

2. What would you do if you were alone in a classroom with a 2 year old who collapses and his eyes roll back in his head?!" (Oh, that happened just last week! wink wink)

3. Walk me through your class day schedule wise. (I haven't been in a classroom in 6 yrs. so I feel
unprepared for these questions)

4. What kind of science lesson would you create?

5. How would you handle an irate parent?

6. Do you have a reliable means of transportation? (I will if you hire me, I said)

(She kept getting interrupted by the phone. I didn't mind at all given how poorly I was doing. Surprisingly, she has called me back for a second interview)

When the interview was over with @ 2:30 I debated........ should I call L. and see if she can take me home? but she doesn't get off til 3, I think to myself. I can't hitchike with a parent, cuz they'll tattle on me for hitching, then I won't get the job. I'll walk to the front of the building where there is a fitness center and see if any patrons are leaving. No, just people working out.

Should I walk the 1 to 2 miles to the light rail? Better not, I don't see sidewalks, so that's not going to be an option. I start walking through the business park which takes up 1 to 2 blocks, looking for an office worker who might be driving south.


E-"Miss, do you happen to be driving south?"

Miss 1-"Yes, but I'm in a huge hurry, so I can't take you. I'm goin to a drs. appt."

E-(I'm thinking, well if you're going my way , why wouldn't you take me?)

E to Miss 2-"Miss, do you happen to be driving South?"

Miss 2-"Actually, I'm not driving anywhere."

(I see some work trucks and work men inside. Wonder if they'll be finishing up soon? Wonder if they'll take hitchikers? Should I call a cab, I wonder? Better not, I'm running low on $. There's a man getting into his car, I run over.

E-"Sir, do you happen to be driving South?"


E-"Because I'm trying to get as close to my home as possible."

Sir-"Where is that?"

E-"Towson Circle" (that's not my home, but it is my destination)

Sir-"I can only get you to Hunt Valley"

E-"That's fine"

(He's a professor at a local college it turns out, so he's pretty unlikely to kill me. I RARELY ride with men)

E-"Can you get me to light rail?"

Sir-"Sure. Sorry I can't do more."

There's no one at light rail so I do not feel safe. Maybe it would be safer to walk over to the mall and hitch to Towson Circle from there? I think. But it's soo cold. I'l go ahead and buy a ticket just in case. I fiddle with the machine for 5 to 10 minutes, but it is not working. If I get on the train without a ticket I'll get fined. I'm beginning to panic. An elderly woman approaches. She tries the machine for me but also has no luck. She suggests trying the other machine.

E-"I want to go South. Where should I stand?" (it's not clearly marked at all)

She does not give a clear answer.

Finally I ask if she is going South? "Yes" she says.

So, I'll just follow her , I think. It's brutally cold and windy. The bench is too cold for my butt, so I opt to stand. Thank goodness we only wait 10 to 15 minutes. I want to go to Towson Circle but I might as well forget it since light rail doesn't go near there.

on the train and feel isolated, unsafe. Initially, it's just me and one homeless man. I wasn't sure where to get off. Which one of the 3 stops is Bangles Books? Is it the Timonium stop? the timonium business park stop or the Lutherville stop? (For those of you who aren't from baltimore, Timonium and Lutherville kind of melt together with unclear boundaries) Maybe I should get off at Mt. Wash? No, cuz then I'd have to hitch home from Whole Foods and the one controlling employee there isn't going to let me.

E-(Turning to a group of 3, hoping they don't lie just to be mean. I've had that happen on more than one occasion.) Does anyone know which stop is Bangles?

Man 1-I think it's Lutherville, but I'm not sure.

About 1/2 hour later we arrive at the Lutherville stop. The man was right. This turns out to be the right stop. I walk the 5 blocks to Bangles to get a hot cocoa. Then I attempt to hitch to Towson circle with a female bangles customer who might be going my way. I discreetly stand at the exit, asking every female who exits the store if she is going my way. I do this for about 15 minutes. They all say they aren't.

Defeatedly, I walk the 5 blocks to the bus stop, where I normally feel very endangered. This time I don't feel endangered because the two people waiting with me don't give me a "dangerous" vibe.

Normally, the ride south isn't too oppressive 'til we get near the mall. At that point many people board with a boatload of shopping bags that they always hit you with or swing in front of your face. It's not unusual for me to feel like I'm suffocating.

The entire ride home took 1 hour and 50 minutes. That covered 12 miles. Normally a trip like that would take much longer..................................................

(I decided not to accept the position I interviewed for. Trying to go back to work full time is too ambitious for right now, so I'm focusing on 1/2 time positions. And as you know, I have excellent health insurance. Going to work full time might jeopardize my insurance, ironically)


Ghosty said...

Not to mention that hitching to work isn't very reliable ... or safe. I hope you find something soon ...

becky624 said...

hitching to work is not reliable. I'm normally a selective hitcher only hitching from grocery stores with little old ladies for example! (when i try to reply to you from my email account it always says "failed delivery")