Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"Job Hunting=Torture/"Meet the old boss, same as the old boss!"

Everything reminds me of a song, and after I stopped in person to a temp. agency today, I couldn't help but to be reminded of the fabulous classic rock song "Meet the old boss, same as the old boss." I didn't know who sang it, so when I came to the library I googled it on you tube and watched it. Pete Townsend of The Who. Awesome video, he smashes his guitar at the end of the video, which seems like a perfect thing to do after a day of job hunting!

It really does feel like I'm interviewing with the same people over and over again. Today I stopped by this temp agency, unplanned on my way to the library because I saw a sign for it. For years now I've wanted to learn word and excel and it's been impossible because of my focus on survival. The fact that I have a medical secretary certificate from 1981 is virtually useless unless I can keep my computer skills up to date. You need a reliable car and decent computer skills with few gaps in your resume as well as a fixed safe place to live if you want these temp agencies to keep you busy.

It doesn't seem to matter that you're motivated and professional. I walk in there and this receptionist is far more interested in taking phone calls then talking to me. She is barely coherent and I quickly realize that if I want a straight answer I'll have to call the agency and ask for a manager because she isn't going to give me a straight answer. But the first thing she said is that: "we don't take walk ins"

In the old days, I was the sort of person who always made the best impression in a face to face interview as opposed to with a resume. That was my strong suit. Interviewing. That was where I shined. And now, with my resume gaps, to just send in a resume, well, I feel I'll be overlooked. The other thing that I find maddening about job hunting , especially with office work, is that many/most, want you to fax the resume. It costs about one dollar to fax a resume. If you don't have car, you have to take a bus to a place like kinkos and spend one dollar on each resume. Again, if you have resume gaps, no employer is going to notice your resume.

I asked the receptionist if I can snail mail my resume. "You'll have to go on-line." she replied. (Well, that's not a clear yes, or no I think. There's no guarantee that the website will have an email address on it)

Me-"May I have your email address?"

Recep-"Well, each employee has a different email address so it would depend on the position of the person"

Me-(Boy this is really feeling not worth it anymore)

Me-"May I have a business card please"

There are the business cards.

I see about 8 business cards. Each one has a different email address on it. I say to her, that was what I was trying to get you to tell me...............................



o.k. this job is 2 hours a day and would require about a 36 mile a day commute. But if she pays mileage and 18 dollars an hour or so, it might be worth it, right? It's for a nanny job. Again, I've probably had some version of this conversation hundreds of times.

Mother-"Are you working now"


Mother-"Are you looking for full time work?"

(That's a trick question. The right answer is no. They don't want you to look for other work. They won't hire you if they think you might leave them.)


Mother-"How long has it been since your last job"

Me-"2 years"

Mother-"why so long"

Me-"I didn't have a car, so no one would hire me"

Mother-"But you aren't going to be able to keep your car"

Me-"I'm planning to keep my car"

Mother-"But you won't be able to afford to keep your car one what we pay you"

Me-"What do you pay"

Mother_"10 an hour"

Me-"Do you pay mileage"

Mother-"5 dollars a day for gas"

Mother-"I don't want to hire you if there is a chance you are going to take a better paying job.....................................

(you've gotta check out pete townsend's "meet the old boss video on you tube")

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