Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"Family" are the ones you run into at the mall"

Crazy isn't it. That the only way you learn about "family" is if you happen to run into them at the grocery store or the mall. Remember the piece i did over a year ago? "Yellow rose for friendship , red rose for love?" Well, I ran into my cousin at the mall today, (my adoptive mother had instructed her (my cousin) not to tell me of her (my mother's) "exact"whereabouts) and I asked about that aunt (Lil) that I wrote about on my blog. And what do you know? She passed away this past September. You can see my name referred to in an obituary ( that I didn't even know existed......................just go to and put in quotes "Lillian Werden" then click on obituary. Apparently my aunt was an actress, but I don't recall my parents going to, or taking me to any of her shows as a child, which I think is a real shame and not real supportive is it? Anyhow, needless to say, I was not invited to the funeral.

By the way, I asked my cousin if my adoptive mother was at the funeral and I was told no. I asked if she still lives in Illinois. No. She moved from Illinois, to Nevada, and now lives in Pennsylvania. But I don't know her new last name because shes remarried. When I was having this reunion with my cousin at the mall today, ironically enough, the song that was playing in the mall loudspeaker overhead was:

"I'LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS, IF ONLY IN MY DREAMS!"...........................................

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