Saturday, May 22, 2010

"Hampstead Day"

Initially when I drove past I was very impressed because it took up so much of main st. Maybe at least a mile I'd say in both directions. Unfortunately for me they did not close down Main St. The reason I say "unfortunately" is because I spent 1/2 my time with my fingers plugged in my ears. Most Carroll County'ians own either motorcycles or souped up deafening 4 x 4 type trucks. So the noise pollution is insane.

The fest. was very commercially oriented-more then 1/2 were selling junk, the other half were sellling goods that they created, very pretty. There was a "dunk the boy for cancer research" tank. A 5 y.o. boy with amazing strength and perfect aim did indeed dunk the boy.

I caught the last rock song (live band) thank goodness it was one of my faves "teenage wasteland" it was deafening so I was surprised that parents allowed their toddlers inside!

What else. All I bought was a soda because what's the use in buying anything else as long as I'm dealing with robberies?

Remember my first post about how I can use the power of my mind to win contests? I did a spin the wheel thing and I did indeed win, but I won cookies! I said "you mean you aren't sending me on a cruise?!"

My feet are killing me. There was one stand where to win a walking stick you had to listen to a 3 minutes shpiel. The guy preached and then asked me if I wanted to get saved. I said no. They offered me walking stick but it didn't look like a very good one so I didn't take it.

Too bad festivals end so early. This one ended at 4. I think that's when alot of folks are starting their days!

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