Sunday, May 16, 2010

Review of Hotel 2

Everything is on the same level. I notice washers and dryers. I asked a staffer if people actually live here? He gave an odd, unprofessional answer! He said, "Yes, and for quickies!"

There is an outdoor pool, no lifeguard. Initially when you walk into your room the decor is nice. But the frig isn't cold enough. There is dried blood spatter on the bathroom door. The boxspring is immersed with dried blood. I wonder if there are bedbugs. All evening and all night is screaming, banging doors and car alarms.

No continental breakfast. The sheet that describes the ameneties is gross, filthy covered with bloody fingerprints!

There are many many channels on the cable t.v.

(One of those investigative journalism shows reviewed hotels by putting secret cams in them. They found all sorts of shocking and upsetting stuff!)

I would not stay at this hotel again

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