Monday, November 12, 2012

Breaking Amish/I feel connected

Wow, i tuned in for what i expected to be a 2 hour finale, but i tuned in at 7 and it still wasn't over at 11:20!

I'm proud of the 5 of them for taking the risk that they took.

So wonderful that Kate is finding success as a model and a fine one she is.

Boy this show is a tearjerker.

I cried during Abe's proposal and cried during the wedding.  Abe and Rebecca are PERFECT for each other.  But holding back that she was married before and has a daughter is alot to hold back!

Wow, Sabrina met her bio father, at the same age that I met my biological parents. I thnk my adoptive parents told me my birthmother was in VA, but acutally she was in Baltimore.  I know my adoptive parents were not planning to disclose that I was adopted but ended up disclosing it.  Not surprised that S. adoptive parents lied to her.  My adoptive parents kept numerous secrets from me.

I could not tell my adoptive mother about the reunion because she refused to hear about it.

I was surprised at S. biofather appearance.  Deep dark circles looks very unhealthy.

When B. Amish started as a series it is assumed all thse kids are virgins but far fom it!

I was shocked when the kids said they hail from Punxy!  I thought, did they just say Punxy?!  that is where my relatives are on my adoptive mother's side, and that is where i celebrated my last family like holiday in 1988.

I really hurt for these kids when they had to choose between their original families and the English life.  How painful to be shunned.  who knew the Amish religion has so much cruelty!


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