Tuesday, November 6, 2012

"Just another day in Paradise/retail hell"

So, it's another typical day.  I went to the bathroom and 830.  Flushed the toilet, and my motel room rapidly floods.  I have to get dressed, get all items off floor (there is no desk or flat surface to put anything) and figure out whether all items need to be moved outside or to a higher level, the bed.

I called 911 but they told me that floods aren't their issue.  I tried to call the desk, but my cell has been deactivated.  Unusually, the landline in the room, i discover actually works.  I call desk and there is no answer.

I am afraid to abandon my items to walk to the office.  I call 911 back, then i see a delivery man I ask him to tell the clerk i need maintenance.  She knows very little english and has proved unreliable and unprofessional thus far.

She comes to my room, assesses the bathroom and tells me in unintelligible english that it is my fault, and if i had not blah blah blah it would have never happened.

I tell her i want a different room, she said not now.

I wait 20 min. and still no maint man has come.  I go to the front to tell her that i'm switching to a different motel if she doesn't get me another room.

She switches my room but wags her finger and says "You are not switching rooms again!"

There is a tub but no stopper,  i ask the housekeeper for astopper she says she'll be right back but never comes back.

I got to the grocery store to buy a paper.  The debit card reader won't read my card.  The clerk tells me "just press enter just press enter"  I said, "I did, 3x."  I said why don't you just enter it manually.  He doesn't like that idea, so he takes my card to the other end of the store, then comes back and says "Here now swipe it covered with this plastic bag"

I said "Forget it i don't want the paper"

I forgot to mention that he also said:


I replied, as i have to every other cashier who has asked over the weeks and months,

"I AM the needy!"

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