Saturday, November 16, 2013

"Yes, I'm "alive"

I haven't so much as even been to the library since 11/2 when I came for a special event about Turkey. It was semi interesting however, the shindig focused on Turkish ruins and history whereas I am more interested in what real life is like for modern day Turks.  ;)

I wish I could tell u the biggest things that are going on, but it would be somewhat politically incorrect to share on social media.

I have been 2x to pain management and 1x to occupational therapy.  I have been largely homebound by pain weakness headaches and the vomiting that goes with it.

Nonetheless, something doesn't feel right about the pain management stuff.  The doc is highly intelligent but a little condescending.  As I told you, her husband who is her medical assistant supposedly comes into the room to "take notes"  however he constantly interrupts and talks about whatever comes to his mind!  It's particularly ironic because the actual doc does not want me to talk just to listen.

She is perm itting me to be on a small dose of oxycontin, but i'll tell you it does not make much of a difference.

She recommended some neck exercises and really has given me a boatload of homework.

You know for the most part I hate unsolicited advice, and with a n.p., an o.t., a p.t. and a pain management doc there are simply too many cooks in the kitchen and too many people telling me what to do!

It is also largely true that another big thing that makes it hard to leave the house is that nothing in society works, perhaps unless one is rich, so I pretty much know that my day is going to always be largely grueling.  The walking, waiting, transferring and riding buses is so emotionaly, mentally physically exhausting that there is no energy to do anything else.

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