Wednesday, April 23, 2014

"First time at the orthopedist"

Never fell asleep last night.  Miranda downstairs banged around so much it sounded like she broke into m apt.  Overall, however, I still have to say this is my best living situation in 2 decades.  I slept well the previous 3 nights.

So, I've arrived and thank goodness it's not too far from a bus stop.

Greeter: "Name?"

me-"elana r Snyder"

greeter-date of birth? (i'm uncertain whether or not she really understands English)

me-june blobbidy blob

after about 4 minutes of staring at her screen

greeter-"spell your name please"

"what's that date of birth?"

Greeter-"YOu aren't in our system"

me-"Well, that's not my fault"

greeter-"what date did you set up the appt.?"

me (are you fucking kidding me?) My appt. is today

she incoherently mentioned something about my email and how she can get me in with a different doc!

me-"You can't get me in today?"  "I'd like to speak to a manager."

greeter-"I got you in today"

The paperwork makes no sense and I ask her if anyone is avail to help me.  She said she would send over an m.a. to help me.  25 minutes have passed and she never sent anyone.  (do u c y I don't trust anybody anymore?)

She sends me over to some window where the second greeter scans the form in without having helped me with what I needed.

All total I was at the office for 3 long ass hours.

The doc was intelligent, but I might as well been speaking French, she just did not at all understand my pain descriptions, so she made me say the same thing over and over.

You are only allowed to present with 2 pain issues in one day.  So I said I want to know why my right shoulder and neck and arm hurt so bad and why the tailbone hurts so bad.

She said the neck is arthritic with denenrative disc disease and bone spurs.  At some point she may try injections with me.  She said I'll have to buy a ring to sit on.  I told her that the pain is still too severe to hold even part time work.

She is sending me to physical therapy.  I will keep you informed.

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