Wednesday, April 23, 2014

"Looking back at babysit job of 4/2006"

Dan told me that once I win disability I have to quit the job I love.  I was a sub at a waldorf home school.  On the one hand it brought me a lot of joy, on the other hand the lyme disease made me very very sick and very weak.

Starting in 03 I began an aggressive search for part time work.  It took me 3 years to find this baby sit job.  Shortly after
 beginning the job, I realized that a man/men were breaking into my apt. and stealing my earnings out of my dresser drawers.  As soon as it looked like things were looking up some cruel person is stealing from me................................................


Today I was with mia for 3.5 hours.  In the first 45 minutes she was irritable.  (she was about 7 months if I remember correctly)

I changed her diaper and gave her a bottle and she was so much happier.  We cuddle a lot and I play and talk with her.  I really love to rock her in the rock chair just like I did with James back in 01/02, when I would sing him to sleep.

Around 6 she got real tired.  No matter what I tried she just wasn't able to fall asleep.  I tried rocking, playing feeding, her bouncer, toys, and I tried twice to put her in her crib.  After 15 min. in the crib if she was still miserable I would pick her up again.  I put her in her swing.  That didn't help.

I rocked and fed her more and she slept lightly in my arms.  After about 15 minutes I put her in her crib again and she fell into a deep sleep.  Her swing is still rocking and I can't get it to stop!   I can't get her diaper pail open either!

Her father, Fernando, said that she usually does fall asleep around 6 p.m.  She fell asleep 6:30.  Dad walks in the door at 8.  He has very poor English speaking skills and I'm not fluent in Spanish.

He announces "I HAVE VERY BAD NEWS!"

(boy if I only had a penny for how many thousands of times people have said this to me i'd b rich)

My heart skipped a beat.....................

"What's the bad news?" I asked

We're not going to need you on Sat. or Sun. as we originally had planned! 

(He has just told me a few hours a go that he will be needing me!)

This is very disappointing but I try to view it as a temp job so I won't get so upset about the hit in my earnings.

Geez I needed to get a land line, shelter, and a car just to land a job where I'm lucky if I make 100 a week!  WELCOME TO AMERICA!

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