Monday, April 21, 2014

"Health Care Debaucle" 3/17/2004

Looking back at 3/17/2004.  I'm staying somewhere in Lafayette, Indiana.

Day 5 debilitating headache.  Feared carbon monoxide poisoning, yet again.

Couldn't go to Tippecanoe Clinic because the triage nurse who takes care of emergencies was so blatantly rude the last time.

Went to Arnett urgent care, they said they are not permitted to take me on because of the fact t hat I have the Medicare and the Medicaid.  They attempted to explain that they would see me if I am ONLY Medicare!

So, I'm forced to stuff up the emergency room.  I went to Ste. Elizabeth hospital and much to my amazement the Doctor is checking my blood pressure and temperature while at the same time a medical assistant is grilling me on how I'll pay for the visit!

I told her: Did it ever occur to you that making a patient discuss finances while having bp taken can actually RAISE the patient's blood pressure?

She said "I see here that you have Medicare, but you DO NOT have Medicaid!

(the welfare office told me my Medicaid already kicked in and is active!)

when I explained this to the m.a. she said: MAYBE OUR SYSTEM IS DOWN!


I was then rolled into a room with multiple beds.  The doc closed the curtain so that I could put my gown on.  The curtain had blood stains on it!

I opened the curtain so as to alert them that I'm ready.  I see a clock and a crucifix directly in my line of sight while lying down.  How cheery!

A doc named Wesley tried to find veins in my left arm but had no luck.  Lots of painful sticking and fishing around.  He said "you have bad veins"

He brought in an i.v. bag and asked what it was for.  His response was anything but sensitive.  He said "we're giving you medicine, do you honestly mean to tell me you have never had an i.v.?

After the i.v. bag was only half full, they put an automatic bp cuff on me that he said would measure my bp every 15 minutes.  It seemed more like every 15 seconds though. 

A nurse came in to borrow my visitor chair sayin "Doesn't look like you'll be needing this will you?"

I asked about the results of my blood tests.  Interestingly, I was told that I do have elevated levels of carbon monoxide but not enough to concern them!  She said "it doesn't appear that you have been poisoned"

(my instinct is that I have)

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