Monday, August 25, 2014

"health update"

Having to take imitrex daily for the severe headaches.  Been very weak, very tired.  Bummer because if I want a decent qol I have to work part time.  However unless I took cash work, The Department of Education is going to garnish my wages regarding the student loans.

I read for over an hour today, stories on the internet horror stories about heaps of folks who are suicidal because the student loans have destroyed their lives.

If My disability check were "as high as!" 750, then the doe would b garnishing me!  Incredible how many disincentives there are to better one's situation.

The girl downstairs is chain smoking and turns out I have a lot of legal rights (as I do re her barking dog also) but thse battles will take a lot of time and most ly energy that I do not have.

Sadly, the doc will not increase my pain meds and they aren't giving me near enough to obliterate most of the pain.

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