Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Robin Williams' Final Hours

I'd b lying if I said I was a devout fan, because for most of my adult life I have not had t.v. and this is the first time in my life with cable.  I have had cable for a year, and synchronistically you can find various r.w. movies playing at the same time on diff. channel.  so ive seen doubtfire 2x in the last year, and I loved r.v.  watched mork and mindy as a kid and for years I greetied folks with na new na new.  when I first heard the news it felt like someone punched me in the gut.  But I told u that I made 6 suicide attempts in 3 years so if that's what he needed to do to get out of pain then good for him.  probably hwever since he did have a loving family if there were adequate meds for the bi polar he may not have felt a need to do this.  it surproses me that folks do this in their homes when they know that their loved ones will have the trauma of finding their bodies.  well, it's not about living long it's about making a difference while you're here and he sure did that!

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